: Teamfight Tactics is coming to PBE for testing!
Here is my feedback from the first few games I played. I have never played an auto battler before so some of this may be coming from lack of understanding, but here it is anyway. The most important issue I feel is how much RNG seems to play a role in deciding the games. I understand that a certain amount of randomness has to exist in order for the game to not only feel fresh and exciting, but also eliminate "solving" of the game so that certain strategies aren't chosen in every game. However, it just feels like there's too much of it currently, particularly in the item system. In some games, I noticed that some players managed to obtain significantly more completed items than others. I don't think this should happen, items seem to be extremely strong and so if a player gets to have an extra one or two full items over all the other players, that can significantly skew their win probability, especially since it's totally random as to which items and how many you get from monster drops. The same thing exists as well to some extent in the champ shop, some games you can find multiple copies of your units and get a really quick level 3 champ, and other games you'll be stuck unable to find that last champ you need to upgrade, which can be very frustrating. This is even worse as the game progresses and the higher rarities get dumped into the pool, further reducing the chance that you get the unit you need. I feel that some sort of system where the game looks at your current roster and slightly skews the RNG in favor of that would help alleviate a lot of this frustration. The final thing I'd like to touch on is the carousel mechanic. Not only are the champs really close together on the carousel, but it seems like you can get shoved/pushed by other players while trying to grab what you want, even if it's accidental. I think that either the champs should be spaced out further, or the system where you touch to pick up should be changed to more of a hover and click while within proximity. I don't believe that the game should test your skill with maneuvering around the ring when the whole rest of the game is not based on mechanical accuracy at all.
: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: K/DA Prestige Edition!
It looks like someone urinated on this skin. Seems fitting though, considering how piss-poor this Prestige Token pricing model is.
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: Introducing Variants: Pajama Guardians & Solar and Lunar Eclipse Leona
The variants for the SG skins should cost 750 if you already own the original skin, not ~900. If you already own the original, you purchased the particles. So the variant is just a different model, which is worth 750 usually. Idk who thought you could get away with those prices, tbh. I don't give a fuck about SG, but I hope in the future that a skinline that I enjoy isn't ruined by this cash grab shit.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Praetorian Graves
I'd just like to leave a suggestion here for the Praetorian skins, I think it'd be nice if there was a toggle between the beeps and boops, and the regular VO lines (if that's possible). They don't even necessarily need to have a filter to fit with the skin as well, since that'd probably be too much extra work at this point. I personally am interested in the beeps, but feel that it'd lose its charm pretty quickly especially if you're attached to the regular VO lines (as I am and I know many others are). By default, have the beeps, but give the option to go back to normal voice.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Count Kledula!
First of all, really like the skin, the model itself and pretty much all of the VFX and SFX are awesome. I do have a couple of issues with the Q (bear trap on a rope) though. First, the pumpkin that attaches to the enemies is much larger than the hook on default Kled, which I don't like. When attached to an enemy it seems to cover up a whole lot of their model. Second, the tether itself doesn't really match the colors on the rest of the skin and the stripes don't look very good in my opinion. Maybe orange could be replaced with a purple similar to Skaarl's shade, and the stripes could be made a little bit thinner, or removed altogether. I think those changes would make the ability seem more in line with how the skin looks and not look so out of place.
: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Mecha Aurelion Sol!
Leaving aside everything about theme etc, let's talk more generally about what it can improve upon IMO. The major thing that bugs me is the ships orbiting him as stars. I understand the fantasy of this, like Sol has a fleet of ships defending him and moving with him. But in game it just comes across as weird. A ship wouldn't ram into an enemy champion to do damage to them, and it also wouldn't pass through them, so it just feels off in that regard. I suggest using something more like the lightning/energy balls that he holds in his hands, as that's much more consistent with his base skin and feels more natural. Something else that I'm not the biggest fan of is the color scheme. I think the main green looks good, and is unique from all the other mecha skins, but the yellow especially on his tail and wings looks sorta gross and I don't think it fits. I feel like a more orangey color, and slightly darker, would fit better. Maybe even use the same red that's on his back for those features. About the VFX, I think they all look good, except the Q which is pointed out in the post that it's a bit too hard to see. The SFX I have a couple problems with though, the VO filter feels like a bit too much. If it could be lessened even a little bit I think it would help pull through a bit more of that default Aurelion that so many players love. The Q, when used with E, also just seems overly loud and almost grating on the ears, so if the volume could be reduced on that it'd be nice.
: Akali Bug Thread
Heya, Not exactly sure if this could be considered a bug but her model seems to float slightly compared to every other champ, as in her feet don't appear to touch the ground. It looks very weird when you pay attention to it.
: Aatrox Bug Thread
Is it intended that he has no homeguard animation? Not sure if it's still an animation you guys are ironing out or if he just doesn't have one. Also, I can't necessarily say for 100% that this is a bug, but his Q hitboxes (particularly the small ones that knockup) seem like they are smaller than what is indicated. Thanks!
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Hail of Blades
I don't really see how this keystone is meant to be used in lane (as example you mentioned Darius). To reset the cooldown you have to give up 5 seconds of pressure/poke on your opponent by backing away to drop out of minion aggro and stay away from enemy abilities which would keep you in combat. Am I supposed to give up minions and pressure to get another use of my keystone? That doesn't feel right to me. It also seems like all this condition does is inject an artificial cooldown to the keystone, where in most lanes the only time you'll get to safely exit combat without losing anything is when you can shove the wave very hard and you have a small window between waves. But what if I want to harass the enemy while they're trying to clear my minion wave? I lose the ability to refresh the keystone. Most of the time you will not be able to realistically proc this every 5 seconds, so why give it a short cooldown like this and this condition? Did you ever experiment with a longer base cooldown and having it reset during combat with non-champions, or eliminating the combat condition altogether? Right now it seems like the only champs that will make use of this are junglers and roaming assassins who don't care about the in combat cooldown, which upsets me because I'd like to use it in lane, but it seems very limited there. If I'm a PtA user, for instance, I can proc that in a similar way to HoB and likely have similar damage output but without the condition of totally removing myself from combat after I've used it. Right now the design just seems wonky and not worth it on a majority of users.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Pulsefire Shen
Personally I think his non-empowered sword is a bit too wide, its proportions don't match with any of his other skins and it looks very weird with his auto attack animations.
: Kai'Sa Bug PBE Bug Thread
CTRL+5 works for toggling the mask on, but doesn't work to toggle the mask off
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Lunar Guardian Warwick!
Hi Katey, I hope I'm not too late to leave feedback. Overall I really do like the skin, but there are a few things that either stick out to me in a negative way or I think could just be improved a bit to make the skin really live up to the fantasy. Also sorry that this list is fairly long, I spent quite a while looking at the skin in game trying to decide what things I liked and didn't like. I'm aware a lot of these suggestions may be impossible to do at this stage, but I figured that even if one of them improves then that'll be great, right? The first thing I'd like to mention is his recall. Because Warwick plays VO lines on his recall, and because they're really noisy, it can be hard to appreciate the sound that comes with the recall. Pulling up the gate is especially hard to hear. With Nasus' skin, he doesn't have any VO lines to play on recall so you can hear all the cool sounds of him swinging his weapon and closing the gate. His recall feels much nicer because of that. Doing something like raising the volume a little on WW's gate sounds, or even removing his backing lines, since they're kind of out of place anyway (Zaun? What's that, this is the Lunar Kingdom :P) would do a lot to make his recall really stand out, because right now it feels like default WW with a gate behind him. Maybe you could even add a little bit of his hunt music to it, if that doesn't hurt gameplay clarity. His model has a few things that I think could be improved as well. As others have mentioned, his snout feels kinda smushed in. This makes him look more like an eastern dragon, and less like a Warwick. Additionally, his tail feels really bland compared to the rest of his skin. He has all kinds of spikes, gold rings, and other adornment on his torso, head, and legs, but when it comes to the tail it looks almost exactly like a copy/paste from Tundra Hunter. Adding some colored streaks or symbols of gold, teal, or the darker blue on his arms could be really nice. Also, you could add a tassel hanging off the end of the tail or a gold ring around it. Anything to make it feel less plain, really. In terms of ability effects, I think the're really well done for the most part. His E is great and really fits the skin, especially the color change from gold to teal. I also have no real problems with his R. His W music is amazing as well. It still keeps the feel of the default WW music, but adds a little bit of Asian flare to it (excuse my ignorance, idk what the instruments are, but the ringing noises are a great replacement to the heavy metallic chunking of default) I think the VFX on Q are great as well, but I will say that personally the sound feels a bit off. With Base WW, you get a really 'meaty' sounding bite. On this skin, the effect seems much crisper, which fits the thematic, but I think it's clipped a bit too much. I believe there is also a metallic sound effect that plays towards the end of the bite, but you can barely hear it. If the SFX could be raised a bit in terms of volume and allow that metallic sound to ring a bit more, I think it could really sound more satisfying. Now to my biggest complaint: his W effects. To start simply, his blood trail is pretty hard to see. This could be some form of color blindness, or my monitor, or any number of things really. But I think adding a faint red trail around the gold would help outline it more and make it easier to see. I believe this is what's done with Tundra Hunter's blue trail as well, and it definitely helps with that skin. In addition, when he activates W and Warwick starts to glow, I think the colors could be improved a bit. The bright yellow around the edge of his tail is incredibly punchy, to the point of almost being distracting, especially when contrasted to the light blue of the tail originally and the darker, more muted tones of his body. It would be nice if the color could be muted or darkened a little bit. For example, perhaps a color a bit more like the gold or light brown that he has on his arm spikes and gauntlet could be used instead. Or even a teal, like what's in his chemtech machinery. Moving away from the tail, his head area suffers from an similar problem IMO. Since he has so much gold already in that area (the chemtech housings, gold band around his head, gold face adornment) the bright yellow color sort of overpowers all his adornment and makes his head look like a big yellow ball. So to me what it looks like with the W particle is a giant yellow tail attached to a yellow ball of a head with a bit of darker colors underneath (his body). Again, changing the color to something a bit darker or a teal could make his tail less shocking and his head a bit more clear at the same time. Like I said overall I really love this skin,these are just my thoughts and suggestions that I decided to share. Happy hunting! {{champion:19}}
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Lunar Guardian Nasus!
Nasus' hair clips through the golden band around his head when he moves and attacks
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Sweetheart Rakan!
First of all I really like the cloak of Rakan. The colors are nice. But there are some issues with the skin. First of all the hairstyle and haircolor look not good on him. Maybe spike the hair up in front a little bit and make him blonde (or get him the same hairstyle as HS Varus has) also get rid of that Heart on his head please it looks off place. Also the heart on his chest should only have one color (doesnt matter if purple or red). Also the poofy shoulders shouldnt be there either. Apart of that the combined recall is a bit tooooooo slow and should be sped up a bit. Thanks <3
: Honor Season 2018 on PBE!
So, a couple of things I'd like to ask. First, about Grey Warwick and Medieval Twitch, I get that the skins are supposed to be super rare but as someone who's been level 5 honor for months and has opened about 10 honor capsules and has not received either skin, it feels bad when you see others who get the skins on their first capsule at level 3 because of RNG. Is there going to be anything put in place such that after opening a certain amount of capsules, something rare like that is guaranteed? Feels kinda bad to be screwed by RNG. Second, are the new rewards going to be scaled up appropriately with the new BE system? Right now on live you wait 3 weeks or so for an honor capsule and end up getting two 450 BE champs a lo of the time. This was fine when BE was loot based only, but now that IP and BE merged, it feels poor to wait so long for a really small reward. Thanks for sticking around and answering questions.


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