: [Planned - 6.9] Mana x MP/5 x AP x MR Item Pass [Updated - 4/11/2016]
Just a note, Manamune and Muramana already have a Unique Passive called Awe, so having the refund also called that would be quite confusing. Aside from that, I'm worried about giving AP assassins and even tanks more mobility than they already have. It certainly does not look like a mage item; 300 units won't stop a Fizz or Diana from getting to you.
: 3% lifesteal gives you 3 health on hit. Do you think Riot just randomly chose 3% for no reason? It's universal across all ADCs. Just test it in game if you don't believe me. Even if it didn't, on Kog maw, later on he would buy AD and it would give more than Cull. Even then the difference is literally 1-2 HP on hit and wouldn't even matter much outside of passive laning.
> [{quoted}](name=Euphoem,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=ycriGlUH,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2015-11-02T01:13:26.255+0000) > > 3% lifesteal gives you 3 health on hit. Do you think Riot just randomly chose 3% for no reason? It's universal across all ADCs. Just test it in game if you don't believe me. Even if it didn't, on Kog maw, later on he would buy AD and it would give more than Cull. Even then the difference is literally 1-2 HP on hit and wouldn't even matter much outside of passive laning. You need to deal 100 physical (or in Corki's case, split) damage per attack excluding on-hit damage not named Blade of the Ruined King for 3% lifesteal to match +3 health on hit. Most champions will not get that much AD until first (or, for tanks, even later) back, even factoring in the extra AD Doran's Blade gives, and much later for champion damage. And a Kog'Maw attacking with his W active will need 167 AD for 3% lifesteal to give +3 health per hit. (Also, Kog'Maw wants a Gunblade or Blade of the Ruined King for his main sustain tool - lifesteal has limited uses on him.) I'm not saying that Cull is balanced by any means -- I think its stats or gold generation could use a serious buff. I'm just pointing out that for the early stages of the game, Cull will give more sustain than a Doran's Blade on certain champions.
: Cull is an inefficient purchase compared to Doran's Blade
Cull is actually slightly better sustain for some champions, since it's +3 hp on hit rather than just 3% lifesteal. Kog'Maw is a primary example. But yeah, Cull is currently a bit too weak to warrant purchasing. Not having any health makes it impractical for most mid- and top-lane matchups. Perhaps increase its sell-back price upon using all stacks of the gold generation effect? Would make it worth more as a high-risk, high-reward item, but might punish passive laners too much.
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: [Mordekaiser] Q shows no AA animation (Possibly just Lord Morde)
Might I add, this doesn't always happen. The animation only fails to play if you activate Q while in the animation for a normal autoattack.
: The wrong direction of Zac buffs and what needs to be prioritized by Challenger Zac player
Cooldown reduction is a bit much, I'd say. 0/5/10% is probably enough to make up for the fact that other tanks/bruisers build either Frozen Heart or Black Cleaver, but rarely both. Not too many tanks end up with 40% CDR either. There's also the fact that Zac would be effectively killing himself during teamfights with that high CDR, since good luck finding blobs in the chaos of the fight.
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: @Riot, could we rename the Titanic Hydra?
Atma's Impaler makes perfect sense for an item that cleaves a cone behind the enemy. The item icon might be a stretch though.
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: "Pause" is a terrible plan in its current form
Just limit the amount of times a player can pause to something like once per couple of minutes. That lowers the ability for a single player to troll a game by repeatedly pausing. Fun fact. DotA 2 uses a single-player pause system with a limit on pausing, and it usually isn't too much of a disturbance to the game.
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: [Client] Unexpected Platform Error when viewing profile.
Seems like it happens by clicking on the profile button from anywhere on the client; main menu, shop, "Play" screen and profile tested.
: Unexpecter Platform Error (after login, not getting kicked out) and another bug
I get 3 "Unexpected Platform Error"s every time I open my profile page (from anywhere; main screen, "Play" screen and shop tested). The game never kicks me out after one, however.
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: Janna has always had very good AP scaling, I have seen players successfully play AP Janna in solo lanes and have you ever heard of Zekent? The damage of the uncharged tornado and her birdy slow has been reduced a bit but the monstrous healing from AP Janna's ultimate and her 0.9 ap scaling shield remain at a level that will probably be far too strong later in the game. In addition she now has bonus ad on her shield based off her AP. While really cool (it's probably the strongest utility ratio added this patch, I wish my favorite supports would get something that cool) it scales extremely high on an ADC with a crit build and while I haven't seen it yet it may make certain AD casters into an armored nuclear bomb. Let's not forget with AP this is a champion that can safely solo clear minions waves approaching a tower with a charged tornado (is this now stronger to compensate the instant cast nerf?)
I believe the tornado needs to be near fully charged to actually be stronger, but it eventually does get slightly stronger than the old full charge.
: New Support Items
I'd rather have each gold generation item have a completely linear build path (similarly to Executioner's Emblem -> Martyr's Call), building on recipe costs rather than other item components, then have Shurelia's, Twin Shadows, etc. be built from non-gold generation items. That way, you can buy that Shurelia's and still have a gold generation item with decent to good midgame stats/active.
: @Riot, Trinket short key, please change
You can change the key binding on the options menu; it should be beside Item 6.
: Patch seems to always freeze
If it stalls at 33%, try running it as an admin (if possible). Right-click the launcher, and select Open as Administrator, or open the admin-only launcher
: Bug Splat: Game crashes after fights.
I've also had teammates (and enemies) crash. For reference, the teams were: Pantheon, Tryndamere, Skarner, Draven, Lulu Riven, Nunu, Kennen, Thresh, Ezreal Seems like everyone but Tryndamere, Draven and Riven crashed ~10 minutes into the game, apparently to bugsplats. Interestingly, even though Lulu disconnected she didn't try to walk back to the base.
: Pantheon HSS (E) glitch
Confirmed on HA on minions, usually hit twice (though played the sound effect for three strikes) but sometimes hit three times.
: How does the new Kage's work with AoE supports?
You can only proc it once per 10 seconds, so chances are you'll just get one proc off of an AoE skill.
: [Bug] [Game] Warding Totem doesn't place any wards
Thirded; doesn't work on bushes at least
: New PBE & Community site suggestions
A way to upload images on the site would also help, as bug reports are often accompanied by screenshots. If possible, something to allow editing of previous parts of a post without sending the cursor down to the bottom would be very nice. Not sure about the timeanddate.com links, as people might be skeptical about the validity of the link. Maybe just list the most common timezones with GMT-/+x values.
: Tower item descriptions overlapping
http://tinypic.com/m/hv2des/2 - First item http://tinypic.com/m/hv2det/2 - Second item http://i40.tinypic.com/29e28ae.jpg - Third item (Can't upload images anymore. D:) Happens in 5v5 normals and 1v0 custom; don't think the champ nor the mode matters.
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