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: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Freljord Taliyah!
I really like the hair colour on this skin and the overall colour palate for the skin as a whole. I will like the ends of the arm cloth should be white/light blue because on her base skin those are stones and it also relates to her dance control the stones or in this case ice. I think the pale skin better fits the hair and clothing and the increased contrast created by darkining the skin would put me of the skin.
: Thanks for the feedback! The idea behind the skin was that she was Freljordian, as opposed to just visiting the Freljord. We've seen several comments regarding the skin tone and are in the process of discussing it!
I feel her skin tone is appropriate because in shurima skin would tan from the sun while in freljordnit would not taj as much. I feel the tone better fits the white hair and would like strange with a dark skin tone.
: Harvesters of Sorrow (W) is not castable without an ally champion present. If you are alone as Mordekaiser, you'll have to do without it unless an ally ganks/roams for you. As others mentioned, Morde is still able to solo lane/jungle in our testing, but doesn't shine as brightly as he does in a duo lane. I'm comfortable with that mainly because I do not think that Mordekaiser can ever be a marquee example of a healthy solo lane champion given how stark his strengths and weakness profile is -- An excessive number of his lane matchups are determined either at champion select or through jungler intervention, not through the relative skill of Mordekaiser and his lane opponent. As I began to work on his mechanics though, the thing that stood out was how defined Mordekaiser was by those stark strengths and weaknesses. To round out his kit would have been to compromise him as a champion.
Honestly as someone who has played a lot of mordekaiser I am unhappy with these changes. Being forced into bot lane on a melee is not fun to play as you will likely get harassed out of lane by the ranged carrys and have difficultly fighting back without the engage of a support like leona. thought it may have created win or lose situations against certain champions the same will occur in bot lane. long range high poke damage champions like ezreal, caitlyn, and lux will almost always win the bot lane match up for similar reasons but there will not be any situations where morde will have a high probability of winning in lane. Having to depend on a support to prevent you from being kited just so you can fight is ridiculous because the enemy support whose main role and purpose his to help the adc be able to kite just nullifies your ability to fight back in lane. Passive - the change to his passive reduces his early shield numbers untill get items with health which i feel is a fair trade off for the ability to retain 25% of the maximum shield amount. the reduced generation numbers are also acceptable because of the potential higher maximum shield along which its drain being based on maximum health. The constant drain that continues to happen in combat makes him feel weak and the shield you spent resources to gain feel wasted this makes it feel like a waste to use your abilitys to push the wave as you already had to trade safety in lane to gain the shield Q - the change to his q while interesting is dysfunctional. It is difficult to get more than 2 auto-attacks off against a target with them escaping especially against ranged targets, the short duration makes it useless to pre-auto minions and then attack a champion for burst damage this is worsened by how slow he is now, the q lost its aoe component which maded him the farming machine he was and reduced his wave clear abilitys, the q change also reduced his immediate burst which was used to punish assassins or engages. W - the w reactivate change is cool but need an ally to be in range makes in useless for solo lanes. removing his current w's functionality not only removed mid lane viability but also his utility which gave him and his target resistances to help him survive since he is easily kited. E - Honestly im fine with the e change as it is only an early damage reduction on an ability which had no counter play. though i as cool as the new animation is i feel it devalues the nking of clubs skin that came out because it will no longer be changed its e animation which was honestly one of the coolist parts o the skin and contributed greatly to me purchasing it. R - the new dragon effect is cool and supports the idea of being bot lane to help with dragons. I dont like the change thought because it means part of his power budget is spent on a win-more ability. His kit already had a very feast of famine play style and this change both worsens that play style and place him in a position in which he will experience the famine more often than not. Over all while I strongly dislike the kit changes to the point that if they make him completely nonviable like the Olaf nerfs did back in the day I'll just quit the game because of how much i enjoyed the champions both in play style and thematically I do have some suggestions to make him feel better to play. 1. Making it so his shield no longer drains during combat. 2. Increasing the duration on his Q this will make it more likely he will get to use all 3 of his auto attack buffs and add strategic depth by allowing a play to pre-use charges on minions before fighting to increase his burst.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Playing Card Skins!
In regards to the Ezreal skin i like the model for the most part i feel his hair is a little large. his jaw line, cheek bones,and eyes in combination make him look very feminine. I quite like the design of his gloves, jacket and boots but in colour and in structure. i don't really have any strong opinions toward syndra's skin. I really enjoy the design of shaco especially his face and hair. i feel the colors are well suited to him. a change to his dagger throw would be nice but i seen a reply saying it would happen. i liked the old design for his daggers far more than the new design i seen , what i liked about the old design whas the the way the daggers looked like 2 joined pieces of metal as well as the fact it does not have the odd coloured edge the new one has now another reason i like the first one is because it reminded me of the scissor blade from kill la kill in a way. i liked the box model. i feel the plate greaves were a nice creative touch to the model. Now mordekaiser is the one i have the most to say about mainly because he is my favorite champion to play and second favorite stylistically only behind aatrox. It like the gold-grey colour combo. I like the cape a lot one reason is the full length which was not present in the lord mordekaiser skin. i like the subtlety present within the capes colors not make it over prominent and draw to may not much attention but still not feeling empty. though i would make the gray circles on the bottom of the cape more noticeable with ether a brighter shade of gray of colours like red of blue to appear like small gems .His mace looks wonderful. i like how the plates on his boots look thick and layered. i like his gauntlets but i feel the finger joints look much lower resolution and grainy. the fur on the cape encircling his head looks great and really brings of the feel that his is a king adding black spots to the fur which was a sign of royalty but be a good touch to add but may not look great his his colour scheme. while feel his head looks same especially from behind i would rather the size be retained his an increase would remove the feel the fur adds. I feel the crown should be made more prominent in some way maybe larger spikes on it would work which could also help remove the feeling that his head is to small. i think the cross buttons on the cape are a nice but important touch. I read about the change to his e and seen it now it is quite an improvement. i feel that his e and q particle metal shards class because they don't match his color scheme
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: Ascension Bug Report Thread
Galactic azir has a bug where he becomes permanently translucent after his teleport to a platform in ascension
: Azir Bug Report Thread
Galactic azir has a bug where he becomes permanently translucent after his teleport to a platform in ascension


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