: Ryze Ult in Doombots
For me, the Ryze ults are fine, but it's more of the indicator that flashes the screen blue a bit that are causing my FPS drops. I noticed this because I would see my FPS is fine when watching teamates get surrounded by the Ryze ults, but I lose FPS when the Ryze ult indicator flashes near me.
: Ashe Update Feedback Thread
Hey theres, I am an all time favorite of Ashe for a long time and I was wondering, is there a way if we can have some sort of damage ad ratio buff/scaling to Ashe's R as having it have a 100% AP Scaling on a normally AD built champ (unless occasional troll or on URF for full ap nuke build). It would feel like it would have more impact when getting people instead of just stunning.
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: Just saw this as a bug. Mundo's portrait is not in the right place.
I just played a game on live server and i saw the exact same bug after when our team yi gotten a quadra kill, his portrait in the title is like smack in the middle of the "quadra kill" note.
: > I like this look, but I personally would like to find Red post in special areas. Let say I'm in the Bug area and I want to find just Red post there. I want a way to select the Red Post/Bugs or Red Post/ Champions, Ect. Not just Red post and all of them spread out all over the forums. Filtering for the red tracker system would be great!
Yes I totally agree with this because I usually go around looking through red posts and reading the comments and what riot says to them and it is just tedious for me to keep clicking the arrows in the "Rioter Comments" each time I want to read one.
: Newest Sona Update!
In my opinion, after playing Sona for so long and seeing her e cd go up, I would like to see if it is possible to increase her e range to be a bit bigger because i see it more like a "movement boost" zone that Sona should be able to create but not be too close to the action because I got caught out while trying to speed my allies from enemies on Summoner's Rift.
: Expand Sona's VO
I totally agree with this and that even though she is mute, I can picture her playing some sort of song or melody towards certain champs as a joke or taunt and communicating to the players when she buys a specific item, either it is a support item or mage.
: I agree with this entirely. Naturally Sona's rework was just released so of course it's gonna be wonky, though with tweaks I can see it becoming utilized well. I don't really like the 10 second cooldowns honestly, and I'm not sure why all of her abilities have the same cooldowns in the first place? Her Q could be lowered to 6 seconds again, W could remain the same (from my testing it was fine where it was), E maybe 6-8 seconds? Ranges for auras have *got* to be changed, too. Having to constantly stay in melee range was obnoxious and didn't help when you trailed behind. The range could be buffed to 500-600 in my personal opinion. I'm not sure why they have to be "snuggle zones" to begin with. I guess it's about proper positioning but there's so many situations where you can't afford to be that close to someone, and this isn't a game where we should encourage snuggling when champions like Amumu, and hell even Sona, run amok who punish you for staying too close together.
I agree with this and that what Sona is unique is that the extra power boost she gives from her abilities when casting and that she has to be up close to the team to give them the power boost but far enough to not get killed up front in a teamfight. The new Sona "auras" feel like she have to act like a Jarvan flag but with different power ups for the team otherwise she will have not much of an impact on the teamfight. I would like to see some extra range on her abilities and possibly some cd changes because they are too long such as her q and e.
: [Here is a picture of the tooltip in the shop](http://gyazo.com/0f4ef0ca1a4804d88a608337280ad535)
Yea I am currently playing a game right now and tears is just not stacking and it says "0/0" mana charged and the tooltip is bugged when viewing it in the shop.
: One For All - Champion Select
I love this idea, but however wheat happens when all the summoners choose completely different champs, like each of them all have a different character chosen, and none are the same. Is the system going to do random pick? If so, is it going to be out of the champs chosen or out of all of the champs in the game?
: Unable to see Endgame Stats affecting Reporting
I am also experiencing this, while I may not have any toxic players so far (hopefully not anytime soon), I have just found a really nice friend who we can play together in a recent match to find bugs and provide feedback on items, but I couldn't find him/her because the endless "waiting for stats" menu for some reason my recently played list is empty, and I did not log out :(.
: panth ult bug
I can agree and approve of that. I had an enemy panth who could keep ganking us with his ult the minuet he reached 6.
: New Health Bar! (10/31/2013)
This health bar could have been modified in maybe the shades or the display of the "boxes" that show every 100 hp a champ have, in my opinion.
: The issue is that it's really difficult to describe all the reasons a champion would join this league of arena battling for random reasons where you can fight your own allies, in one small blurb. When you read about the rest of the stuff, it ties the champions to other champions and to parts of Runeterra. That should give you a clue as to who they might be fighting for/against. Ie. Lucian is probably in the league to get to Thresh. Rengar and Khazix are together due to their battle. Same with Malz/Kass fued. It doesn't make total sense, because the gameplay itself is often lorebreaking anyways (Garen vs Lux = lulz). Therefore, rather than trying to make a reason for why they are participating in this arena, which will never truly make perfect sense given the nature of the gameplay, it's better to just tell a really good story about the characters and who they are.
So, even some champions like lux and garen who are there because they are to prove them selves or something, they are not really like enemies but just siblings. But I still kind think that if they implanted the reasons of the champion's entree of the league.
: Actually, another thing could be to have a slideshow of their splash arts + pick quote. Like for the last 25 seconds, each champions shows up for 25s. If the champion get changed during that time, too bad for him, he missed the call.
yea i like that idea of having a champion splash art being randomized until you see what u got.
: I think they started leaving it out because it became harder and harder to think up reasons why someone would join the League and not make it sound silly. They probably prefer establishing the world of Runeterra instead, since that makes it easier to create connections and stories between champions.
But I sometimes think that knowing their reason for joining the leagues adds a bit of a sense of purpose like they want to prove their strengths, become a symbol of some sort, and/or getting stronger like Morgana's lore states that she joins the league to become stronger to beat Kayle or something like that and Teemo is there to represent Bandle City. In my opinion it adds a touch to the feeling when using the champions but that is how I see it.
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