: [CHAMPION SELECT] Draft champion select so laggy it forced me to dodge
The PBE client isn't optimized yet. Uppon release riots says that the overall performance should increase compared to the old client. Windows 10 means nothing, the actual specs of your laptop are what is important.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Dark Star Varus!
can it be possible for varus' ult to have gravitational waves in his ult ? It would so sweet easter egg for the recent discovery of gravitational waves.
: Its implementation includes Nearsight. It should remove those effects, though I imagine Graves' just reapplies because it's in a zone.
The cc immunity should stay for about 1 second so that ccs like Graves' is somewhat counterable.
: The only thing that I don't like about this is that it really feels like her W and Passive are the same ability. In terms of actives they both do the exact same thing in basically the same way. I just just feel like if you're going to be changing her passive to seed generation there's better things you could do wit W.
They could make the w a little more interesting. For example if you press w on top of another seed that seeds explodes after a short delay. That would give a reason to max out w and keeps her identity as a ground control mage.
: Unfortunately, we're limited by tech here. It's something we've looked into many times -- we can do something like Lulu/Orianna's offset indicator for one object, but nothing that conditionally toggles on and off for multiple objects as you move the reticle around. We also tried things like showing a glow where the spell would spawn plants, but that ended up doing more harm than good--it made the spell itself really noisy and look a fair bit worse. Certainly open to any solution we can discover, but at the moment not aware of any that we can do with current tech.
A range indicator like karma's e would be more than enough. C:
: cooldown increase does nothing cause Righteous glory has a 60 sec cooldown, you would have to tone back power elsewhere Zed has zero risk and only reward in his kit, also super overloaded, he has waveclear, poke, escape, all in, gets to run in and kill and get away scot free or attempt to kill and get away scot free. There is no counter play against Zed, you just hope he is bad and try to stall the game out to group and teamfight. Zed and all mobile assassins need a massive rework and one where you focus HEAVILY on counterplay against them and if the counterplay is a success then you can buff them later.
Yes, I agree. We need more abilities with grounded debuff like cass' new w to counter high mobility champions like zed , yasuo, etc.
: Soraka is (almost) the only support i play, and i enjoy her( i didn't believe that too xD, for someone that doesn't play support enjoying playing the PURE HEALER support of LoLis not so common probably :D ), she is actually the second best support overall(first is Trundle if i'm not wrong, or at least, was in last patch, they have to re-calculate datas for the 9.8), and the support with highest win rate, so maybe changing GW is the best way to give her a good and reliable counterplay, without having to nerf her every couple of patches. If she get hit too hard they can buff her in the future ;) Edit: Okay,i didn't saw the nerfs...that make no much sense, you make an indirect (but quite good) nerf on Soraka, and then you also NERF her directly? They should just wait to see if the changes on GW are enough, anyway, maybe they are testing some hard changes and they are going to revert some of those , so we will see ;)
I enjoy soraka too. And I am in favor of griveous wounds returning as it was the only solid counter against healers but, they should at least reverse the rework they recently did. That q has unnecessary power in it and her ult would feel useless against gw. Not to mention that mortal reminder will be impossible to counter. They already made qss remove cc only. I mean come on... That's a nerf after nerf to soraka despite her reworked kit being in the pbe for over 2 patches.
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: MYMU - Zyra discussion
Can we have a better indicator on her q and e, showing the range these abilities can activate the seeds?
: TF Nerf Discussion
Yup, I totally agree. I love TF in fact he was one of the first champions I bought and played. I don't know why he needed a change anyway, he was pretty fine. My guess is that AD TF with the new items went rampage, but nerfing his q and ult seems stupid as the problem isn't him, but the items.
: why replace the passive with instead of chance, add him crit damage? and just buy crit chance to enhance damage. its the same but, utility oriented when it comes down to items.
Because that would create more problems. You can get 100% crit chance with every ad champ in the game at some point. Yasuo having more critical damage would be an even bigger problem as he already is a very powerful champion damage wise.
: Faction Affinity possiblity?
And get cool skins related to this. Like Noxus' Executioner Draven, King of Shurima Azir, etc or at least some icons representing "your faction". Or it could be combined with the new crafting system.
: Yasuo vs Zyra
E is pretty bugged itself. Sometimes it activates plants that outside of it's reach.
: It's not even double -- his criticals do far less than 250% AD when he crits with IE, and his Q does even less.
His critical damage is 180% and with infinity it goes to 230%. Since IE is pretty much a core item in every build of yasuo assuming you get it at mid game as an advanced item the average of critical damage goes to 180+230=410 => 410/2= 205% average critical damage throughout the game.
: The masterie Warlord's Bloodlust is nerfed, she proc only on ennemies champions, so that's an indirect little nerf of yasuo.
I don't think that it is going to solve much of the problem. Indeed it is an indirect nerf to yasuo and trynda, but at least yasuo's passive needs to be revised at some point as the new items already provide a lot of critical strike, and him being able to double his basic attack damage indefinetely is very frustating.
: Yeah, the fog of war should appear immediately after being "blinded". Also see how Sivir runs automatically towards Quinn when blinded. The auto attack command does not stop even if you lose vision of her. I hope this is not intended.
The same goes for any loss of vision. If you attack a champion and he gets in stealth you will follow him until you get a chance to hit him. Tested it and it works every time on live.
: From what I've played, they have a much weaker early game and scale slower, but much harder in the late game. I've always gone by the mentality that "AD has the better early game while APs have the late" due to how the mechanics work. Especially now, AD falls off pretty hard given that there's really not really that much in the way of damage anymore and most of the items are based on Critical Strike where AP mages have the new Dark Seal which looks like a reworked Mejai's. That being said, I definitely felt like I needed to play harder and smarter in lane, especially against Yasuo. I've had difficulties, sure, due to his windwall and passive, now he just needs to whittle me down in lane by forcing engages so I have to run cooldowns and mana making me back.
Why do I feel that Mejai's has been nerfed? I don't know why but it feels that way.
: PBE is to find bugs. Not to evaluate balance. They want to see if game problems happen. They aren't wanting our advice on what to do with a champion/item. They are going to put out the item they have and see what happens balance wise. They only care about unintended bugs.
PBE is to test new content. This includes balance feedback, bug feedback, suggestion feedback, any kind of feedback.
: Can the new braum skin get a lion shaped passive indicator?
well, technically changing the passive indicator is an effect change...
: I would be happier if there were either a few other versions of Sightstone with a variety of stats to choose from or if Sightstone provided no stats at all and had an appropriately lower cost.
If sightstone was reworked to provide stats for each role in the game then it would be pretty cool. If it had no stats and had a lower cost, it wouldn't be worth it, as an inventory slot is uselessly used. Instead it would be better if trinket had an upgrade to be sightstone. 250 or 400 gold it would still be more worth than it currently is.
: I think it's the new champ select, it will be a 4th option, which is why people think it's a gamemode. Sig probably stands for something... But yeah there's definitely a new champ select coming November 3rd.
Sick-In-Game mode?
: Jungler also can get wards with a Tracking Knife. Gold income / Sightstone hybrid items, while primarily meant for supports, can also be useful in other positions in the early game and then sold to make room for a 6th item if the game drags on to that point. Of course, Soraka does not want the bonus hp that comes from Sightstone....
Well, I don't expect an assassin, or an apc to buy sightstone. It's just too expensive for an item that only provides vision. As a midder on the first couple of recalls I would buy a couple of wards to ward the bushes around mid lane. Now the only thing I have is a crappy broken vision ward aka the trinket.
: Not being able to upgrade the yellow trinket feels awful.
Riot took the whole "warding isn't a support only job" idea and threw it out of the window, by making sightstone the only item (besides trinket) to be able to throw wards. Besides, sightstone feels kind of stupid thing to buy, It's expensive and doesn't provide any good stats for the other non-support roles.
: Yeah,i agree with you. Since ever ,Riot was only upgrading client and added new stuff. But they never actualy reworked it, like making new client. So adding chat into the loading screen might take alot of work but its not imposible since Riot is trying everything to make communication better. They might add it soon so it will work well in season 6
Unless we want load screens to be even longer and fps worse, we should probably wait for a better client. Also, don't forget the toasters. I have a pretty decent PC able to play LoL and I guess most of the playerbase has, but there are also the potato PCs out there.
: How about chat in loading screen?
Since LoL has a crappy client , this is probably gonna take a long time. Also in the loading screen I have the max 10 fps, and an average of ~3-4 fps. In game I have ~200 fps on very high setting with Inking and anti-aliasing on. So they first need to rework the client. It is said that it is being worked on. Let's all hope that the new client brings a) faster loading, b) chat on loading.
: I'm talking about AP ezreal, which is very similar to Lux.
Oh, my bad. But again if ez is able to hit his ult while playing ap, he hurts. And he hurts a lot.
: Ezreal, Lucian and Varus kind of get the short end of the stick. Ezreal specifically also has issues with his ulti, which is global, yes, but it's quite slow, has a really long casting time, loses damage for hitting multiple units which makes optimal use extremely hard (need to account for casting time, travel time AND avoid hitting anything before the target), and its scaling is crappy. Lux, in comparison, has: * Significantly less casting time * Instant travel time * Lower CD without needing to spam Qs * No damage falloff, can hit everyone with it without losing damage * More damage than Trueshot Barrage on Illuminated targets (and fleeing targets more often than not ARE illuminated). Not to mention she can setup her own ult with her Q and E. Ezreal's ulti needs to be fixed, at least for the AP playstyle that basically relies on it.
How does lux's ult compare to ez's ult anyway? You could compare Ashe's ult to Ezreal's. Lux has a ranged ult which doesn't even have that great range anyway. Lux is a caster, Ez is a marksman, which means if lux has her spells on cd she is pretty much done for it. Ezreal on the other hand (besides the short cds he has on his q) he can also deal damage using his basic attacks. Also, Ezreal has high mobility and a built-in attack speed steroid. He pays these powers with his lackluster ult.
: But old Executioner worked in similar way
No. Old executioner worked only on basic attacks (at least thats what wiki says) and applied only 1.5 seconds of grievous wounds. Mortal Reminder works on every physical damage proc for 5 seconds.
: The passive grievous wounds are too much. But if Riot is planning to make all sustain super broken then so be it we must have this item.
Yeah, but all the other grievous wounds debuffs aren't instant. Morellonomicon has a health cap of 40%, ignite has a long cooldown, etc. This item says that every time you damage an enemy with physical damage, you apply grievous wounds for 5 seconds.
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: Morgana Shield lost part of its functionality
I think you should probably also post it on the Live boards for it to get much more feedback. Nevertheless, You are right. If it is a pbe bug then my post is probably useless and waste of your time so you would have stopped reading by now. If it isn't then ... hi.
: I thinked that this system is for shown your level with a certain champ, and now you appeal more "pro" with a champion in three games with luck than with your favorite champ in ten badluck matches
Being good with a champion doesn't necessary mean it is also your favorite, and vice versa. Luck is another variable that is to taken into consideration from riot, but because luck is unpredictable, it is quite difficult to implement it. So the system is good as it is.
: More champion points in defeats
I think many people have seen it as another ranking system and so they would be quite harsh about increasing the points in defeat. Some already criticized it because it doesn't lose points on defeat! ***Mind farts***
: Does it really need a backfire? It's only a 80 range increase at 11, 160 range increase at level 16. Other champions will get leaps and bounds and get like 300-500 per ult upgrade ;) but I see your point.
As I told, if it is a very small buff on range then they would rather not do it at all. It would be a waste of power that could be applied to other part of her kit.
: Ward bug out river
Crab, you drunk, go home.
: I don't want to pur water in to the wine, but i think those changes would make Lux OP. As her main problem currently is staying out of range (when facing high mobility enemies), Riot could turn up her movement speed once again. This number has been used to adjust Lux in the past, and it is a good lever to tame her.
I actually agree with you. She is in a quite fine place, just above the average. But her kit after a while seems boring repeatedly throw all your spells with a hope you kill someone. That's not a kit LoL is being evolved to. Some of the changes this post suggested embrace other lux's builds (for example AD support) and make her open to more strategies than the SniperLux we have now.
: The range is just a little increase at later levels, beyond the laning phase, she currently has 3340 range on it. Continuously, yeah, probably too strong. Not sure about the explosives, I do like how it can ignite her passive. Originally, I was going to simply leave the ult with no changes. then i thought of champs who upgrade an ability to get increased range.
> [{quoted}](name=JemiloII,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=5F96WEGM,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2015-04-12T13:14:24.426+0000) > > The range is just a little increase at later levels, beyond the laning phase, she currently has 3340 range on it. Continuously, yeah, probably too strong. Not sure about the explosives, I do like how it can ignite her passive. Originally, I was going to simply leave the ult with no changes. then i thought of champs who upgrade an ability to get increased range. Increasing her range would require some backfire. In other words, if they increased her ult's range they would probably reduce some damage or increase cooldown to balance things out. Lux's Ult is already pretty safe to use from a distance and so it would be a useless waste of power that could be used on other part of her kit. The explosions part I suggested would be a projectile that goes slowly after her ult with a slower speed so as to finish any careless enemies by **igniting** or **applying** illumination without damaging anything or anyone. More like a finishing move of some kind.
: The two seconds comes from how her ability currently is. 2 seconds on the first hit root, 1 second on second hit. If we change the first to a stun, it'll be nice if the second hit root stayed for the same duration, but just as a root, i see it as, half the power of a stun.
> [{quoted}](name=JemiloII,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=5F96WEGM,comment-id=00010001,timestamp=2015-04-12T13:21:58.741+0000) > > The two seconds comes from how her ability currently is. 2 seconds on the first hit root, 1 second on second hit. If we change the first to a stun, it'll be nice if the second hit root stayed for the same duration, but just as a root, i see it as, half the power of a stun. The problem with stunning isn't so much about the duration(even though 2 seconds is among the highest of the game). The problem lies with how reliable this spell would be, and the cooperation with the rest of her kit. Stunning + rooting + damaging **2** enemies is a bit too much. Usually when a Lux lands her q she throws all her spells at once. So if q was a stun we would leave the enemy with no other option than to wait to be crushed by the rest of her damaging spells. As a spell alone it's fine. But as a kit on a whole this change would be devastating to her.
: I think he originally meant, that the hitbox of Darius' E (pull) is not proper. There used to be a lot of hitbox issues, mostly on skillshots like Morgana's Q, Dark Bind. It seems like you dodge it and you ARE out of his range by just simply walking pass , but you are still within the hitbox so you actually get hit. Hitbox is larger than the animation, so you get deceived when trying to dodge it. Imo this SHOULD be fixed if it's a real hitbox problem.
yeah its the same as blitz's q. Even though the particle is clearly not hitting the champion model, you are being pulled whatsoever.
: [Bug]Darius E over Range
Welcome to LoL. It isn't a 'bug'. Once cast and you are in range of his e. Even if you somehow teleport out of the map he will still pull you. It's the same as Blitz's Q and E.
: Could we help Lux out?
Overall, I love your suggestions even though they would be tweaked in some way. Passive : Agree on everything, it fits her both thematically and could help her later on the game. Q : Your suggestion on Q makes it a very powerful and reliable spell. Especially the stun. 2 seconds stun is very long, especially for lux who already has a slow and a shield. Maybe instead of a stun apply a slow debuff that gradually diminishes. W: LOVE IT! If everything else doesn't make it to live but only this suggestion I would be happy. It's awesome! E: Apply once when thrown. Not continuously. Your suggestion on W and your suggestion on E would make it a VERY reliable damage output without having to do anything else than throw e, w and hit the enemy all the time. R: No her ult seems fine the way it is. Her Ult's range is fine, I wouldn't like her destroy my minion wave before she is even in lane. The ult could have a different more interactive to the rest of the kit change rather than just ignite the passive. The ult could have explosions after the cast (like Viktor's upgraded E) that applies illumination or ignites it.
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