: Mastery 6&7
You need to have a lv 5 mastery on a champ and on that champ you need to get an s- or higher to get tokens. two of those will let you craft lv 6 mastery. Then you'll need to get s or higher to get tokens, you'll need 3 this time. Then you craft for lv 7
: Taliyah's Texture Bug
Could you circle it so it's easier to find?
: Taliyah's W should be able to work on herself
why not just make it a boost, like the ramp the w makes stays and if taliyah gets on the ramp she gains a boost of speed. Like in the racing games where you get a boost by going on a pad.
: Oh passive, Q I agree I LOVE the idea of giving her passive all the time when she is on Worked Ground. Allows for a reason to even stand on them (the small small small % bonus movement is nothing in a trade) My thoughts were to make the last Stone do bonus 50% damage. So if you miss all but the last shot you do 150%. If you hit all shots you do 100%+50%x3+100% if you are on Worked Ground you do 150% making it not totally worthless. That or with the 1/2 mana cost also make the CD 1/2 when on worked ground. Her W is nice but also not nice. The area is sooooooooooo small. The knockup delay is too long for the size. Only way to get hit by it is to not even see it (from huge minion wave, team fight). The click twice is stupid. It needs to be a smart cast drag to get the direction. 99% of the time Im not wanting to knock them UP. Im wanting to knock then over there. E is ok but too many champs can get through it with no damage at all. Olaf, Yi, Ez, Signed can all go through it with their movement boosts and not trigger the traps. Its because they are not dashes (though flash does trip it but EZ 's TP does not). I say change it to any bonus movement (speed boost, TP, Dash, Jump) The Delay on it is soooo long too. 4s is for ever. Minions waves can walk in and out before it goes off. Her Ult is bad. You hurt your team more then help. I have had 3 uses out of 10 matches where ulting into or while in combat that helped the team. Players can see where the wall is going and enemies get to the right side and allies are stupid and get knocked up. (FYI Enemy Yasuo gets free ults off YOUR ult on your team) For a champ that has a worthless Passive and a Ult that does ZERO damage, her other abilities do very low damage and she has no sustain or Defs. Very underwhelming champ.
Her 5 q is really strong and her 1 q is really weak, buffing the damage on the last rock might make it op. I think it might work better if you increase the damage of individual rocks while increasing the damage reduction on multiple rocks, That way, your 5 q doesn't feel to punishing to the enemy and your 1 q doesn't feel useless. Maybe give her q on worked ground a piercing effect or large aoe since she's supposed to push the lane and that'd help. The w is okay, it just takes some practice until it feels right. It's actually easier to get the hang of this version than a drag version. The w is just like a vel,koz e with less damage and more utility. her e has tons of damage and since it applies a slow you can easily combo it with w. It does stink that it can't really stop champs with move speed, but you already gain move speed inside worked ground and usually build {{item:3116}} so it'd be kind of unfair if people couldn't reach you. It's too easy to use and does too much damage for it to stop move speed buffs. The delay lets it do a bunch more damage and is meant to be combo'd with your w and so that there's more outplay potential. The biggest problem is that it stinks against minions and Taliyah's supposed to push lane too roam. i'd say increasing damage against minions or make it so that minions take damage when going over the stones so that she'd have some more waveclear. r is actually really strong just fine you just need to practice with it, like anivia's wall, trundle's wall, bard's ult and journey, tahm kench's ult and devour, kindred's ult, and other champs you need to learn how to use it or it can hurt you and your team. You can use the ult to escape a chase- you need to get away from the enemy first-, you can use it to catch up to people, gank, wall people off from objectives and other things. Also, you can get rid of the wall by pressing r again once you get off if the wall is blocking you or your team. she's a really strong champion, and outputs alot of damage, you just need to practice with her since she has a high skill ceiling.
: What if Taliyah could propel herself with her W?
I had that same thought, since her w creates a ramp you could make the w stay on the field longer and if Taliyah goes on at the angle of the slope she'd gain a speed boost. It'd be even cooler if she could have her board out in combat and/or worked ground so she could surf.
: The worked ground thing feels off to me. My understanding of it is that she is supposed to be familiar with the terrain and gain strength from that but at the moment it feels like she creates zones of weakness for herself. The 5 stone Q feels pretty good but the 1 stone Q feels so punishingly bad that I never want to risk casting a 'unworked' Q. Losing 2/3rds of my Q's damage doesn't seem like a good trade off for a 50% mana refund. The main culprit to me is that the AP ratio stays at the same low level which makes her spent gold feel less impactful. Right now she gets a 1.2 ratio on the full Q blast but only a 0.4 when she is tossing a single stone. My other main feedback is that her waveclear doesn't seem adequate to allowing her roam like her role was described. Either you burn all your mana comboing down the wave and no longer have the mana to do anything in another lane or you can't push out well.
The idea behind worked ground is that she "worked" the ground, meaning she's used the majority of the resources in it so she needs to wait for the ground to recharge. the 5 q is really strong if you hit them
: I've gained an eye for the worked ground indicator after my first time playing her. My only issue is that it can be hard to see them when you aren't inside of them, so you may walk into one while you aren't looking, and were planning to cast Q. Then it seems like a dud, and, oh, wait, you walked into one without noticing because it wasn't highlighted until you were already on it. Oops. For me personally that hasn't been all that prevalent, but I also took to the W casting paradigm immediately, without any hesitation, so maybe I'm just a quick learner with her. It's worth noting I live in LA and have a 25 ms ping on PBE, so it's also just a bit easier in that way. A problem I think a lot of us are having is that her Q is just really bad in worked ground. It'd be more forgiving if it also refunded half of the cooldown, or did slightly more damage. That way it'd be a useful tool for a little bit of poke, or csing in lane. (where you'll be choked in by areas of worked ground.) I also, personally, think her normal Q is way too strong. 420+120% AP damage on a 4 second cooldown is really difficult to deal with as an opponent, especially when she's kiting away and can just keep casting the strong version over and over, and especially so if she has Rylai's. Good luck catching her as a melee character without burning flash. And even if you do get close enough, you'll inevitably have to give in and dash over some traps to dream of catching her. When it works, and you can't dash without the risk of dying. But sometimes you can just dash anyway and kill her, without caring about the damage. And I think that's a part of why when Taliyah gets fed she spirals out of control, and when she gets behind, she's almost completely useless. So, when the threat of damage from using a dash isn't enough, she struggles (which leads to more struggling). Just a thought. Her passive is also a bit weak, but very very fun. It'd be more interesting if it could be used sooner after combat, or even if only taking damage disabled it. Being able to throw rocks at your enemies while surfing along a wall would be amazing. I also wish that when you transitioned between walls she'd sort of kickflip the stone surfboard in the air, instead of it just disappearing and reappearing at her feet. Does her E really potentially deal 720+160% AP damage if you land the cast, detonate four traps, and have the cone explode? The wiki seems to say so, but in practice it doesn't seem that ridiculously high. But, in general, I do get the feeling that her potential damage is a bit on the strong side. Another big problem I've been having with her is her character seems flat. From listening to her lines and the themes in her kit, she can't decide if she's a surfer girl, timid student, or staunch traditionalist. It all clashes for me, and I have a hard time buying into her character fantasy because of it. I wish she had a stronger personality, on the same level as Illaoi or Jhin. It would help if her joke actually told a joke. Right now, at least for me, it's just her getting wrapped up in her scarf. Is that intended? I posted a thread where I kind of splurged every last thought I had about her, if you want to read that. But it's basically just what I've said here. Thanks for reading, I hope this doesn't all fall into the "Bad feedback" category, since it's everything I've got.
what kind of irks me about the worked ground is that there's a clear outline on the enemy Taliyah's ground so at times it feels like the enemy can see my ground better than Myself. It'd also be nice If i could tell how long a worked area has until it disappears- inihibitors have an animation that tells how long it has till it respawns, maybe something like that? Her q damage does seem too strong and a lot of people have been complaining about it being too weak on worked ground. Maybe there's a way to equalize these two parts? Maybe increasing both the damage reduction on multiple hits and he damage of single hits? Her e does do a lot of damage and and hitting the explosion damage is as easy as timing your w correctly. Also, It works decently against enemies with dashes but doesn't do much against enemies that can just run at you like voli or udyr. In my opinion, I like her personality, it's three-dimensional and relatable. The problem is that she hasn't figured out who she is, which is probably why she feels like she lacks a strong, definite personality. She's a teenager, raised by a society of survivors of an empire that founded upon slavery and wiped off the face of the earth for some mysterious reason, she was a prisoner, a soldier against her will, spent some time with Noxians and their way of life, ran away and stumbled upon yasuo who then begins to teach her his ways and ideologies, she's morally conflicted with using her powers to harm others, and now this slave empire from the past appears out of nowhere. In other words, she has no idea what the heck is going on, what's the wrong way, the right way. All she knows is that she needs answers.
: You're the first person ive seen on the boards with positives to say about her Q and R, its interesting and it could just boil down to practice on the champ and maybe she just doesn't fit my play style. All in all i need to get more games in as/against her, these were just my first impressions.
Yah she's kind of confusing at first , but after a couple of games she feels a lot smoother.
: I made a post yesterday here http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-feedback/m9L8fOZs-taliyah-feedbackfirst-impression and admittedly I fell for the "Bad Feedback" style but i can summarize my feelings. 1. Her passive felt boring and blase, there was no wow factor (maybe there shouldn't be?). 2. Her Q felt like i was fighting against myself more than the opponent because the single shot felt like a punishment for using my Q earlier and i very quickly ran out of ground space to get the 5 shots off. 3. Her ult never felt worth it, i think i cast it maybe 3 times the whole game, i can see where it can be powerful (around jungle objectives and such) but ultimately it felt useless for the entirety of laning phase and most of game. Instinctively i tried many times to use it as an escape which obviously does not work but i still found myself trying. Some pros: I really like the synergy between her E and W really fun to use and rewarding to land. Her whole theme and character design is awesome, loved the story and the video really help give her good personality.
1. somewhat agree 2. her 5 shot q is very strong and I think it's fair trade off for having significantly reduced power but gain movespeed. The worked ground lets her chase and kite and emphasizes her need to move around to deal damage. 3. Her ult is incredibly strong, I've used it constantly in games. You can use it to catch up to someone, cut someone off, gank, run away if you manage to get away for a short period. She's designed to be a roaming laner who ganks lanes, kind of like what tf does. all her skills make it easier for her to get around and makes you want to move around to maximize her kit.
: Taliyah feedback thread
Her passive doesn't feel like a significant part of her kit. It only ever shows up when you're traveling and it feels a bit awkward to keep getting on and off the board while your moving to another wall. edit: I might as well post my thread. Yay for gloryhoring. http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-feedback/Tg4c8ZMV-feedback-on-taliyah
: What if, and just hear me out here, Taliyah gained the benefits of her passive on Worked Ground? Worked Ground is created by her Q.
she gains half of the passive move speed on worked ground
: Taliyah Passive's Potential
The problem is that she'd still need to be near a wall to gain that speed making it easier for the enemy to cut her off. It might help to also give her passive a decay when you leave the wall so that she can make better use of it.
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: Custom Game
this happened to me after a regular game ended, I'm still stuck . From what I can find from old posts, it should fix itself in 2 or so hours. But i'm not sure.
: I think that Devourer's wolf should ride Wolf.
"There are no wolves like me!" the problem is that i'd never want to upgrade devourer
: New Champion Quote
Wolf: tell me again little lamb what is mine to take? Lamb: all things dear wolf. Agreed, the original quote provided much more atmosphere.
: Kindred... Wolf isn't as important as Lamb is between the two... I'm just abusing Wolf for Q resets.
the lamb is knowledge and the wold is Feeling Brains and Brawn you fight with you brain fueled by emotion thus you fight as a brain who becomes empowered by the brawn.
: Kindreds' Existential Crisis (Any rioter's response is welcome)
: So you get 1.25% per stack, at the begging i thought that you take the 1.25% of an enemy healths as permanent damage....now i see...but does this mean that if you manage to hit 100% you can one shot them? or it has a limit you can reach?
i'm not sure if there's a limit or not but i'd assume that there's one.
: Can someone explain the part of the passive with the 1.25%
: Enable Team Builder only mode for the day a new Champion hits the PBE
The problem is that most everyone will want to play the new champ making ques long.
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