: Jhin Balance Feedback!
He might have too much mana, or not have high enough mana costs. I say this because I spam spells like crazy (that's just how I play) and I rarely feel like I'm OOM on Jhin.
: Blue trinket procs Jhins E
It's happening for {{item:3340}} too, regardless of which was set first. You'll know there's a ward in that bush if your trap instantly blows up, and you'll detonate the trap if you place a ward on it.
: Jhin Bug Report Thread
Jhins E (Captive Audience) can be detonated by an enemy ward. More details: It doesn't seem to matter which was placed first, the trap or the ward. This means that you can figure out a ward is there with a trap, or you can disarm a trap you know is there with a ward.
: 1-Reloading: The reloading feels good! My only gripe is that it feels like it takes too long to automatically happen before emptying the magazine. 2-Traps: I likes using traps to protect myself from ganks, alternatively, I found that placing them in spots i thought the enemy would walk when going to ward worked well! 3-Zoom: Zoom-out did not disorient me too badly, but I always found it wierd to zoom in onto where I was shooting and not my character. I think switching to zoom in on Jhin himself might be a good idea. Extra: That 4th shot of both ult and autoattacks... FEELS.. SO.. GOOD. I have no other marksman that I enjoy as much as I enjoyed Jhin, maybe excepting Ezreal? Good work RITO
> [{quoted}](name=Spaceman5pff,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=RBjsA1kO,comment-id=0044,timestamp=2016-01-15T15:25:53.566+0000) > > 1-Reloading: The reloading feels good! My only gripe is that it feels like it takes too long to automatically happen before emptying the magazine. I think that's needed for Jhin to try and set up ambushes, but I'll agree it's a tossup. There are times when I want to start reloading right away (nothing left to hit) and there are times when I want to hold that last shot (if they step a hair closer they'll die from the crit). > Extra: That 4th shot of both ult and autoattacks... FEELS.. SO.. GOOD. I have no other marksman that I enjoy as much as I enjoyed Jhin, maybe excepting Ezreal? Good work RITO I also really enjoy Ezreal and Jhin. I wonder if it's that both are engaging AD Casters to play.
: Exactly..that's why the movement speed is something that can be removed to add something else (i suggested bonus AA range since he should be long distance marksman)
The movement speed thematically fits with the fourth auto, running away while you reload.
: Jhin Gameplay & Feel Feedback!
The Zoom In after the ultimate is the part that clashes the most. I expect to have my view returned to where it was prior to activating the ultimate. If I was unlocked and looking at my target area, I want my view to go there. If I was dead center of the camera, I want the camera back to dead center. If I was off to the side, I want to be off to the side once more. Zooming Out I haven't noticed being a problem most of the time, although I do think it would be slightly better if as it zoomed out it kept Jhin in the same portion of the screen for a little bit longer before panning over to cover the needed range. I will second that the delay between hitting your ultimate and being able to fire the first round feels a hair long right now. I don't think it should be removed completely, since the enemy does need time to process "I should start dancing now," but I feel like the perfect shot that I saw open more often than not closes before I can finish the animation. ----- I *love* the versatility of the Lotus Traps. Waveclear, vision, and the slow feel satisfying. It does seem odd that it's so rare to hit an enemy champion, even one without boots, with the damage, but I suspect more mastery of the traps could help with that. ---- One thing I'd like is more clarity on the W. Often times, especially in a crowd, I have no idea who I hit with it or if they even got rooted. Some sort of updated visual, maybe flower pedals raining down on them, or a flash of light, or something, would help with that. ----- Reloading hasn't seemed odd to me, but I'll admit I'm a mage main and am use to not being able to attack every time I press a button (cooldowns OP). **Edit:** There was one time when Reloading felt odd. 1v1, Jhin vs {{item:2043}} There's something about standing on top of a pink ward you've gotten down to 1 hp, being unable to finish it off, that makes you feel like you're playing the game wrong. Mages: able to kill wards faster than Jhin. A possible remedy (although it would need testing) would be for crits to deal 2 hp damage to wards and other objects with hp counter bars. That might be too much of a buff to every AD champion though. Maybe 4th auto deals 2hp damage? ------ **Edit 2:** It feels odd not having the speed boost on the fourth auto when using it on towers. You at least get a "pitty crit" when attacking Wards, could a similar thing happen for towers?
: Do you hear yourself? Play blind if you don't want him banned.
Don't play on the PBE if you're against testing? New champions / items and their reworks need the most testing, removing them from play doesn't make sense.
: And pre-selecting a champ is kinda just the same as saying "Please don't ban x/Going to plax x" in normal ranked queue.
Yes it is. And if we don't have first pick, and av teammate says "please don't ban the most OP champion of the patch! I want to play them!" I'm going to say "sorry" and keep my enemies from getting the most OP champion of the patch. There's nothing rude, selfish, or negative about it, it's making the best call for the team.
: Banning an allies preferred champion in the new Draft Pick champion select.
I don't think that would be wise. Lets assume some champion gets changed in a patch and suddenly has a 65% win rate. In ranked, everyone wants to play said champion, but no one wants to let said champion fall into the enemy teams hands. If your team isn't first pick or can't pick them first, then you're going to need to ban that champion, regardless of if a teammate wants them. That's not being rude, selfish, or negative, that's being smart.
: cant cast abilities when reloading on jihn?
I've been able to cast abilities while reloading, however there is a separate bug that prevents you from being able to use abilities until you reload. I wonder if you somehow triggered both at once.
: Sometimes i can't use Jhin spells
I believe it's a bug that's known to exist, the question is how to duplicate it. You can fix it by reloading.
: After Jhin's ulti ends can we make it so the camera returns back to Jihn and not where we were aimin
Agree fully! This was one of the most disorienting things about playing Jhin. I'd request that it goes back to the view you previously had, rather than arbitrarily centering on Jhin. This would make it similar to a cut scene in other types of games, and would minimize the time the player spends re-adjusting their view.
: Jihn's (R) Camera effect for Xerath
They've mentioned on the main boards that this isn't going to happen because Jhin already pushes the game to its limits with his zoom out and Xerath would require twice that zoom out. From my one game playing Jhin, I would not recommend the system for Xerath. It felt like champions lagged while firing, and it was extremely disorienting coming back in from being zoomed out.
Considering it was lagging out when there is a team fight going on and I was shooting, I would not want this on Xerath. And yes, my computer is far beyond the recommended specs for League.
: Negative RP
Log out and log back in, that should fix it. This is an issue that's been on live for a long time now.
: "Snowdown Shop" Skin placement bug
Additionally, purchasing content here did not work.
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