: Aatrox's Joke
Yea I have been asking about this for some time now to
: Aatrox Rework: Any changes?
Why do people keep saying he is a new Riven? I get he has dash and 3 combo Q, but they feel nothing alike when you playing them...
: I REALLY hated the banner wings. They were badly animated, looked incapable of flight and made Aatrox look more like a towel rack instead of a demon of war. I think that the true demonic/angelic wings are much, much better looking and more intimidating instead of two useless flaps. The wings can be permanent as many people want that, but at least make them as they are now, just folded instead of open. A skilled warrior wouild never wear two useless capes attacked to sticks on his back, even though "I WEAR BANNERS ON MY BACK SO I AM A WARLORD" _could_ make sense as a notion, but not thematically.
Well he can't fly, his old Q was him jumping up and then crashing his face into the ground
: Champion reroll pool shouldnt be in ARURF
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: I really would not compare him to Rhaast, sure both their voices sound similar, but they are both Darkin after all. Even the things he says especially outside of battle are barely comparable to Rhaast. Rhaast: (movement quotes) "My plan, wrath! Simple, messy, delicious..." "Which to wreak first? Carnage, havoc or mayhem? I just can't decide" "How I missed this!" "Let's go make some corpses!" Aatrox: (movement quotes) "This cursed form... This crude decaying flesh! I loathe it!" (he hates it, rhaast loves it) "I march to death... Though I wish it was my own..." "March toward vengeance... Drown this world in blood!" (clear motiviation, Rhaast just wants carnage) (long movement) "I have no goodness left, it was taken from me, stolen! I... am the nemesis of life." "To war Aatrox! They shall not rob us of our nobility! We shall stand, and spit venom at our tormentors for eternity!" "We march to battle... Let me carve flesh, let me cloak myself in the slaughter. Hide me in their carnage... Hide me from this suffering..." "I touched the stars... And saw the glorious light of a thousand suns... Now, blinded by this elegence, how could my purpose be anything... but dark..." (Aatrox does not enjoy any of this, but he he can't do anything else besides slaughtering and taking his revenge, he has only that 1 purpose left. He also still remembers his former glory not accepting his current form as his) really just check the wiki, you cannot compare them to each other and while you can't sympathise with Rhaast, you definetely can with Aatrox. Imagine being betrayed and having your real body taken from you unable to return to your former glory.
I see your point, I was probably still thinking a bit about old Aatrox since he really seemed to love what he was doing, I really want to see his lore and the new darkin lore in general, there must be reason why they just start killing everyone when they get a form. Since you can hear that they are not simple demons or something like that anymore
: Aatrox Rework Detailed Feedback
You are the first person I have seen that like his new VO ''A. Voice - Aatrox has lived for a very long time. He has experienced battle countless times and loves the thrill of it.'' I honestly thought you was descripting his old VO, which i think was the best in the entire game. His old VO was very inspiring to listen to and kinda made you want to fight people. He didn't have any hatred or anger in his old voice since it wasn't part of his old lore, So if they just made a more bitter or angry version of his old VO, would I have been very happy. New aatrox sound like a very angry Slav/Russian/German/something dude with very few philosophical moments, and not a god of war that has spend most of his live fighting, he does sound very totured, which makes sence I guess. But there is some points I like about his new VO, you can really hate his hatred for the Targonians, much more than aurelion sol, Rhaast and Varus even if it was kinda the same thing that happend to them. He sounds more like Rhaast than Aatrox now, for me Idk, this maybe just a big soft spot for me, since as i said he had/have my favourite VO in the entire game, so it makes me very sad to see it go, when you feel powerless to do anything to keep it.
: Aatrox Bug Thread
If you use the Mehca Aatrox, and taunt, his wings don't come out. :D
: Aatrox rework in a nutshel.
Gaemplay seems okay for the most, but I do agree he feels unfinished, Hope riot reads feedback
: Seahunter Aatrox Discussion
: Aatrox Feedback
> [{quoted}](name=LadyVash,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=Wo6aWYa1,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-06-13T01:17:43.325+0000) > His W needs to activate off of Cannon minions Care to explain why? I don't see it, being helpfull in anyway
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