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: Sona PBE Update
I don't know if I was the only one to see this happen. But, I just played a game with sona and her sound was mute the whole game. I could hear " Welcome to Summoners Rift " and the other bots fighting along with the creep gold when I last hit. Everything else was mute. I don't know if it was just me or her sounds where muted.
: Is the PBE server down
even typed " thereisnourfmode " and it still won't let me in.
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: [Resolved] PBE Level 30 Auto Level Up Failing!
xD Exgeniar, if you need some help man.. just ask lol I wouldn't mind helping you level them up so you guys could work on other things.
: Not levelling up
Guys, just be patient. They're a little bit slammed with the new SR coming out, the new game mode coming out, the intro bots coming out, and the new Doom game mode. Just give rito some time!
: Grieta del invocador
Qué no cuando atacan?
: RIP Dr. Mundo
Don't start with your W first with mundo. Each second that ability is active, it chomps away at your health bar ALONG side getting hit by creeps. Start with your E first to get the boost of attack damage and attack speed. That'll help you clear faster without hindering your health constantly.
: I messed up - RP
Don't worry! If you want to continue trying out the new skins that come out, just purchase them with IP. :D Save your RP for things like ward skins, icons ect.
: 2 days and no level 30
Just give them another day and a half. With the new game mode coming up and the changes to SR. They're a little slammed with things. But, rest assured, you will get your level!
: Individuals that don't belong on PBE
Jesus.. I've heard of messing around and giving them " a few " kills to joke around. But, that's overkill and it kills the aura of a proper gaming experience and people like this should be exiled from the PBE if they're going to joke around like that.
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: RIOT help me!
You have to open the client from inside the folder that you extracted from the .zip file. It's the only way the PBE client can pull information from the folders. Don't know why it has to be like that, but, it does.
: [Planned 4.10] Item Changes (Attack Damage / Attack Speed / Warden's Mail / Support Itemization)
Don't you think adding a shield to Bloodthirster is a little bit over kill? Someone like {{champion:222}} could use that shield to her advantage via or attack speed boost from pow pow. That's like having URF mode and being able to pop barrier every few seconds if needed. And why I say it's like popping barrier every few moments is because as stated " **The shield will scale depending on your characters level being able to block 410 damage.** " That's more than {{champion:157}} shield at level 18. On second thought, it would make any fed ADC a problem. -shrugs- we'll just see how it plays out.
: Translation team plz
Diskofieber means Disco Fever
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: [Suggestion] Tribunal update
And along with these great ideas, I kinda want to get rated for the work I've put into the tribunal. I'm not one to be begging for a thing like that. But, after waiting a long time and getting above the " minimal " requirement for a rating.. I'd like to rated. I think the pre and post game chat would be great because I've been in matches where people are completely quiet and then the post game hits and they just flame and become toxic as ever.
: Spammer (dont know where else to report this)
Just flag the chat of the people that do that and let Riot take care of that problem. ^^
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: All PBE users are invited to help on trying TB. You just probably weren't online during its testing phase. You may also have mixed up the time in the timezones thinking it was online while it would start later or had already ended.
But I live in that time zone lol
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: Question about rp on PBE
Hello there! I'll be able to answer that question. Riot was able to answer that question for us. " To discourage IP/RP hoarding, the PBE also replenishes low tester IP/RP balances late each Sunday night. Active testers (who have completed at least one match on the PBE in the previous week) with less than 10,000 IP and/or 4,000 RP balance will be automatically credited an additional 20,000 IP and 8,000 RP. This change can also take a while to process, so this stipend will appear early Monday morning for players in some time zones. " Hope this helps!
: A little lost...
Welcome to PBE! There are many ways you can know where to look when you sign into the website. When you come to the community PBE forums you'll see a nice wall of threads all the way down. Just click on the one that suits you best, you play {{champion:12}} or {{champion:9}} and you see something wrong/different with them. Then once you read and look at the new changes, if there current any, you go play with everyone on PBE just like normal live servers! If you encounter a bug on the PBE server it's probably going to be needed to be squished before it's live. To go to this website, find the big button " Start a thread " and then follow all of the Do's and Don'ts on the right side (more information the better) Hope that helped you!
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: I was just about to mention something like this! While I understand that the current system works well to prevent trolls from switching roles or picking champions that shouldn't be doing what they're doing (I know you can technically play ADC Ahri, but please), however, like you said, compatibility is important. Maybe allow the team captain (who already has a lot of choice power) to approve requests from other players to change champions after joining a team? That seems like a good compromise to me.
Not trying to shun away that great idea. But, what if they get trolls as team captains? How would the system know which is a troll and which is not?
: Please stop taking games seriously to the point of flaming.
Riot stated earlier if you see someone like that, that you need to report them in the post game and they will be either banned forever or removed from PBE.
: there is a big bug!!!! about ahri
I'm going to say what exactly what the people from Riot are going to say; " Do you know what exact time this happened? Does anything come up when the game crashes? " ect
: Was this around the time you posted, or yesterday/some other time? Thanks, Fei
When I posted that it was just a few moments after it happened. We managed to finish the game and then I came here to report it. It was 17:10 EST when the game finished. I stayed around the PBE client for a little while longer than I started up another game with a random who was doing 1v1 mids only and I had to completely leave the PBE client because it carried over there as well.
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: no i don't. every person new to pbe that i have had a chat with told me they applied to get to play things before they came out (like many others) but with the reason that they could piss off others by knowing how to play them perfectly at purchase time and brag about how others using em are complete noobs
That's still running on assumptions.. Majority of the people ON the PBE server like the riot and or league enough they want to expand and explore more into what they might do. I'm not saying that they don't brag a little bit because I would be lying through my teeth if I said I didn't because I did tell a couple of people that I made the beta and that the stuff coming up is pretty cool.. that's just normal human behavior. Saying that the mass majority are in it to " brag about how others using them are complete noobs. " that's normal league talk.. 'nough said.
: Update: there seems to be a bug with the script on the server. go and see this, you might have to report and wait until monday to get rp though. 'When PBE accounts are created, they are automatically leveled up to 30 and credited with 100,000 IP and 40,000 RP. These changes can take up to an hour to process and new testers may have to restart their clients in order to see the updates.' You could buy enough champs using them. and you could also buy a champion Bundle inc.16 champs(Ashe Nunu Anivia karthus kassadin....) for only 10 RP. You see, 40000 RP is more than that.
Thanks for the information, Zhash.
: you know they never do :P they only apply to be able to brag to their friends
Well, that's a vague assumption don't you think?
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: 2014 Season Start PBE Test
I've got a quick question. You stated that we were encouraged to play a few ranked games and for us to give you guys some feed back over the next bit of time. Well, we're all level 30 in here but we cannot do ranked without 16 champions that we've bought. And without IP or RP.. we can't play ranked. So, I guess the question is this.. are we going to be able to play ranked with the free weekers and have you guys unlock it for us.. or is enough currency going to be dumped into our " accounts " for us to buy some champions?


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