: The bugs that appeared on Tuesday were due to HBs being partially in, and partially not. This caused a few weird issues (as a few have pointed out). When Wednesday PBE comes up, the new health bars will be fully on (barring issues), so you won't need to do anything to access them.
I think the new health bar is overall great, but sometimes i find the color to be too shinny and too colorfull, also mini krugs health bar is hard to read too.
: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Mecha Rengar!
**_Bugs_** **Title**: [Rengar] Grey health on W showing throughout the game **Body:** I have this error the whole match after using the first W of the game. It won't dissapear even though you are full health **Retro Step: ** 1. Level up W ( 1 point) 2. Take damage from Red 3. Grey health show and was healed 4. Grey health remain throughout the game, scale with HP ( like Kled and Skarrrl) **Link:** https://imgur.com/a/sAnV3
: Please revert the newly updated healthbars
It is gonna be updated and modified soon, so give them feedback instead of being a nosiy baby and "giving me back the old one" That would help more than sitting here opening a survey
: Getting into games without Runes
Can you make all of the old runes to be only 1 rp so we can buy and wait for new runes to comback? I don't have any old runes to play and they are so expensive to buy with 0 BE to spend because of 8000rp limit/ day
The background music when you are waitting to go into game is kinda annoying, it keeps playing nonstop. I hope it will get fixed soon! Thank you Rioter!
: PBE Sign-Ups are OPEN
I have a problem with PBE, that is I'm not able to purchase anything from the store beside chest. I tried to buy a champion, it said i had made the transaction succesfully, but that champion isn't show in my collection! Thank you


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