: Thanks for the report! We're getting the display issues cleaned up. To be 100% clear, if your base AD is 100, each Sterak's that you buy should add 25 - three Sterak's Gages should get your base AD to 175. I'll take a look at Sheen - that's probably a case where the tooltip doesn't actually update all that often because it never needed to before, so it just stayed out of date for an oddly long time.
What about the "stacking additively not multiplicatively" part? Are you going to take a look into that as well? Because after all, they DO add to your base AD, so the second one should stack off of the first one (following that very foolish, faulty logic). Additionally, are you going to leave the "bonus base ad part" a normal passive, or turn it into a unique one? I'm seeing serious abuse potential here on certain champs (yes Rengo, looking at you).
: Quick question, does Titanic Hydra active apply on Gangplank's Q. And I mean Crescent and not Cleave. Also, does using abilities with health cost like Aatrox and Olaf E activate the Gage's primal rage?
From what I've seen so far today, health cost does not trigger primal rage. Tried it with Zac (for reference). I think that's due to it being seen as "cost" for the ability that you could avoid, and not damage (which you can NOT avoid - most of the time).
: New Items - Sterak's Gage and Titanic Hydra
Today I tried out the new item, Sterak's Gage. And the first thing I noticed, was that the "bonus base ad" portion is NOT a unique passive. As a responsible beta tester, I wanted to try out the abusage potential of this item, and decided to try and stack the item on Rengar (going for the oneshot on the Q with a Triforce). The first one of the items went all well, everything was fine up to that point. I didn't bother to check, whether the second Item was working properly, but I think it was. With the third item however, my AD was not displayed properly anymore. The Championinformation said I had 126 AD, where as hovering over the display showed me that I had 193 AD (which was total AD). Also it was displayed that I had no bonus AD (the number was white, not yellow/orange) although I ran full scaling AD runes. Further more, the Items now displayed that I had 33 Bonus Base AD - but the all only added 25 AD (i had 100 base AD @ lvl 15). The item seemed to THINK it scaled off of one another, but did not actually do that. Also I think that the way the item is designed now, it implies that if you have 4 of them, you can go for infinite stacking (since each grants 25% bonus base AD and one could be supposed to read the bonus of the others as well) - especially with that display bug that it shows more than it actually adds. I'm quite a fan of this item, but I think that the way this item works is very confusing. In order to fix that last part, I would suggest that somewhere on the item description it says, that these items stack additively, not multiplicatively (for the sake of clarity) - that is if it is intended for this item to stack at all. Another issue I noticed, was that the game itself did not detect my bonus-base AD correctly for a while, as my sheen-proc displayed a different value than my base AD was. Eventually that fixed itself (about 15 seconds after I bought my fourth Sterak's Gage), but still it was very confusing at first. I sincerely hope that I could help improving this item, simply because it seems like such a cool and innovative design change and addition to the game. Waiting to see the issue being fixed before release.
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