: Weird, I'm showing that it does. Can you give me any more information about where you saw this?
In a custom game, me + 4 beginner AIs vs 5 beginner AIs, I couldn't cast q level 5 with 80 energy, and it does spend 100 energy. https://imgur.com/a/uG51x3l
: Concerned for AP based champs.
Well, tbh AP midlaners are too strong on live. They have damage, utility and are versatile on top of that. On the other end, assassins are also too weak, they're just not that useful in a good team comp., so overall I agree with the changes. It's also incorrect to state that AP midlaners don't have enough mana on PBE. They have traditionally dominated assassins in lane and Doran's Ring provides even more mana now (most mages have 6 or more mana regen per 5 at level 1) and AFAIK midlaners don't usually purchase mana pots, at least not at the very start of the game. However, I agree that the crit keystone talent is ridiculously broken on certain champs. It needs a nerf, badly. Overall, I agree with the changes on the PBE, but it's too early to say if AP midlaners might've been overnerfed. Right now they still do what they used to do, just slightly worse and I think that's enough to keep them viable.
: Just read the patch notes on surrender@20, that's what we all do~
I linked the sur@20 thread, and I read it. I'm saying we need context, but you're right, I'll make it clearer in my post.
Rioter Comments
: > and is pretty much an autopick if you need a bursty mobile lane dominant AD caster This right here... It's okay to be unique but that doesn't mean that they should all have extremely different playstyles. Assassin's would go in and kill their target. Now you are basically stuck with a suboptimal "best" ADC at a playstyle and forced once again onto Riots new builds. Also did you see Graves change? I don't know what riot was smoking but he sounds extremly unfun and useless. Reloading for 4 seconds when you are out of attacks. What the actual fuck. GL farming and/or harrassing. GL with late game teamfighting. You are basically forced onto Lucian now because he is the only option left and he isn't even that good. And with that new build I expect his late game to suffer tremendously but unlike for Graves I have to wait and see how he plays out and test him because he is my favourite ADC. Graves is pretty much dead to me. I will probably try to play 1 game with him without completely losing my shit but we'll see... Even that would be too much and too soon.
RestTarRr, we still haven't seen the majority of the item changes for the ADCs, which will no doubt affect power levels considerably, and we're haven't even playtested them yet. Please don't emit judgements about what will be good and bad when you haven't seen the half of it, and please don't ignore the fact that Lucian expects buffs due to the new items. Nobody was expecting juggernauts to be so OP before their release and you may very well be suprised by Lucian and Graves. Reserve your opinion at least until you can play a few games with them, and even then it's likely nobody will have figured out the best builds and playstyles, so they may still seem UP.
: Unplayable! It changes with game time, but reloading takes a bit over 2 seconds early in the game. To answer your question. If you right click someone when you have no ammo, you just stand there (unless they leave your AA range, in which case you chase them). This is similar to how your champion works whenever their basic attack is on cooldown.
This is definitely very weird. Do you mind going in-depth as to how Graves' lane play pattern is supposed to be?
: I think they are all buffs for draven. The attacks work just as fast, but they "move" slower just so you can catch them on a more... smooth way? The important thing is that the Autos will complete at the same time, but you have more time to move to catch them. So you don't really have to make small steps to keep the axes up. The changes to Vayne are nice. She will be much stronger at killing tanks, but won't be so broken at killing squishes. Which, let's be frank, she never needed help with. And sure, Rockets are nerfed, but now Hurricane is a crit item. Now that troll Hurricane build for her? It's perfectly viable and 3 rockets bursting into the face of an enemy for tons of damage? Well, that's a thing now. Don't take these changes at face value, they are part of something bigger that is pre-season, and I'm pretty sure that with the item changes every single adc will be much stronger than they are right now. My only concern is Twitch (and maybe Corki)
No, I don't think the Draven changes are buffs for those who play him well. It's a best use case nerf and average use case buff. Basically, he'll be throwing less Qs around optimally, but most of the user base will have less trouble trying to juggle the axes. It's pretty fair imo considering how hard it is to play Draven and how hard he can wreck you if he's played well.
: Am I the only one that feels that Lucian was left out? Everyone recieved some cool changes meanwhile Lucian got ultimate rebalanced. He builds crit item which gives him AS anyways so it's not like the ult was buffed by a lot. Yes you get more shots but that's not the buff he needed. He has only 1 damaging ability before he levels his ultimate and that 1 damaging ability can be "dodged" without even trying. It was stated by a rioter a long while back that you need 420 movespeed to dodge the spell with only walking and no dashing or speeding up. Well tell that to the countless people dodging it with 300 speed. And, because this is your only damaging ability if this random "dodge" happens on lvl 3 all in you can lose the game sololy because of that bug. Lucian heavily requires snowballing and keeping his opponent at bay. I feel like this change is somewhat insignificant and considering how he is not the strongest at the moment (lowest winrate out of all ADCs played even with 125+ games on the champion) and he recieved the most insignificant buff out of everyone. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Last season his range got nerfed and some of his abilities buffed. Everything after that has been NERFS after NERFS. He had EVERYTHING nerfed - passive, Q, W, E and R. Do you really think he'd be in a healthy spot if even before the changes he is struggling a lot?
I think some rioters have already answered this. It boils down to two points. One : there are many new items in the preseason which are extremely good on AD casters, and those will provide a huge buff to Lucian. Two : Graves, the ADC which is most similar to Lucian has been massively changed, so now Lucian is far more unique and is pretty much an autopick if you need a bursty mobile lane dominant AD caster cause there aren't really other choices now.
: Making unique characteristics on champions would be necessary as well as great. However, I believe champs in the same category, Marksmen, should have something in common as well. With this update, I would find much less ... It's just too complicated imo. Can you make them balanced?? I think it's almost impossible to see the true effect of some specific changes because items/champs change a lot in the same time. I think I got too old to play this game.....haha It's time to leave, Old generations! Sorry for poor wording.
Perhaps you'll have to wait until you can play with the changes, then you'll be able to properly understand the changes. I'm sure that if you understand League well, you'll have no issues getting used to these changes.
: The new ER might push Ez too far if his W is also buffed. We'll have to see how the new ER works with Ez but I do agree W still feels really crappy and is in need of a change.
Riot did state they wanted to get rid of Ez's current W, if memory serves.
: Great question. I think the jury is out there on what exactly is optimal to build on Corki with these changes. Our intent is that he is a champion who builds primarily AD items (Trinity Force among that) but we're hopefully leaving the door open for alternate builds to thrive. In terms of Penetration, buying Sorc Shoes (and potentially Haunting Guise) will be an even bigger boon for Corki. We want to push him to be even more of a mid-game power spike champion who falls off in power relative to the other hyper-carry Marksmen. % Penetration will be somewhat awkward for him to itemize as his primary option here is Void Staff, but this helps reinforce that if you're picking Corki, it's definitely not to go late into the game and shred apart super tanks.
Thank you for your answer, and I hope he doesn't fall off too badly late game. There is such a thing as overspecialization. This is kinda off subject, but do you expect pro teams to ever pick up Corki ADC if he isn't OP, but just a good pick? I wonder about that, because I don't see him fitting in well-rounded comps very well, considering as of yet there are no viable late game physical damage carries in lanes other than bot. Do you fear that picking Corki ADC might force your team into having to win by mid game, else the enemy team can itemize too well against you?
: Smaller 5.22 Marksmen Changes PBE Feedback Thread
Wow, the preseason changes look exciting! Firstly, I think it'd be helpful to note if certain changes are supposed to buffs or nerfs, because seeing your character changed for the worse when it's not explicitly said so ties the nerf to the change, thereby making the change seem undesirable. (Don't know if you catch my drift on this one, but it's just ensuring people don't say it's a bad change cause it's a nerf.) Secondly, it seems to me that you didn't make all changes very explicit. For example, aren't Draven's changes also supposed to reduce his late game damage output by reducing his AS and lowering the max DPS case by slowing down the axes? Thirdly, what the hell is happening with Jinx's passive? Is it something like (sorry for the formatting) : * P - Get Excited! * Additionally grants 15% total attack speed which does not decay. This attack speed bonus stacks if you proc it in quick succession (and the stacks are refreshed upon proccing the passive?) * Duration increased 4 >>> 6
: Caitlyn Gameplay Update Feedback Megathread
How exactly did you modify her base stats, apart from her AS scaling? Are they better or worse now?
: Corki PBE Feedback Thread
AFAIK, Corki's already half split between magic and physical right now, I expect your changes to push that split towards magic damage that much further. Have you made sure that Corki can opt into magic penetration now that he's mostly magic damage? Or perhaps you expect him to become more of a mage? EDIT : I accidentally a word.
: 2 minutes. TP cooldown is also going up in preseason.
Thank you for your timely answer. Follow-up : about how hard is it to kill the Rift Herald? Am I right to suspect somewhere inbetween a buff camp and drake?
: Rift Herald PBE Feedback Thread
How long does the buff last? Also hurray for top lane being relevant without TP! Are there also changes planned to TP to support top lane being more centered on itself?


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