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: I feel like his ult To eloborate in my opinion i decided to look up on some jarvan skins to find what feels off compared to them. I think i got it. * Theres little to none effect on his ult in terms of particles and such. * Walls look rather thin and weak.
I will second this comment. The rest looks really well made, his ult however doesnt feel right. Instead of a box like cage, why not a spinning void style like oris ult on the floor and the walls be this rolling mist. I would also suggest this theme for camile as you can do the same with her ult and turn her legs into something like what riot did with dark star kahzix claws.
: Skin Vitkor Death Sworn
Not fan. Skin feels a bit bland. animations look cool but not sure why {{champion:112}} would have a spectral type of skin.
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