: Certainly Took you long enough to post a single update {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
No worries, glad you found it helpful!
: but it's just a one-time event.
We've went ahead and set the Champions to 1 BE. Also, as new things come onto PBE they also come with a 1 BE price tag. We'll be looking at other content in the future (champion update skins) to make sure those also have a 1 BE price.
: Hey man, thanks for the update, will try to adjust messages accordingly. If possible, it would be cool to pin/stick this discussion to increase its visibility in the long term and unpin the other older update for clarity purposes.
Yep, we'll work to get this message pinned shortly. Thanks for helping out here!
: A tad late. This has been an issue for a bit. Though I'm really curious how long did troubleshooting last to make you realize what broke it. Until you fix this, you really need to make sure things relevant are switched to BE. For example, I couldn't test anything to do with Nunu because reworked skins already exist, so they don't have a BE price, and I'm stuck with 105 RP. So make sure you update Ezreal's skins to BE soon before his PBE patch, and the Angel sisters' skins.
Thanks for calling those out, we'll flag the relevant content to get the BE pricing. Thanks again!
: so the lower BE prices are a temporary fix and riot will implement a new RP system some time in the future? i really hope RP will find its way back to PBE. its not only the champs and skins, its all the content obtainable in the store thats up for testing. we for example discovered some bugs with those cursed capsules which didnt open e.g.. regards
The team is still working toward a fix for RP, however, we don't have an exact timing as to when they'll be done. This is a temporary fix that can unblock most players to ensure they can test the champion interactions, most skins and other content types.
: I need RP
Made a posting here: https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/client-new-features-feedback/dM75EUEY-pbe-and-rp
Made an update here: https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/client-new-features-feedback/dM75EUEY-pbe-and-rp
: Not enough RP
Made an posting on this here: https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/client-new-features-feedback/dM75EUEY-pbe-and-rp
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: Two main questions: 1- do we need to buy the skin and the original ward during the event to unlock these chromas ? 2- do we need to buy a bundle with RP to unlock the missions ?
1. You'll be able to unlock and use the ward skin without owning the other ward skin. You'll be able to unlock BUT NOT USE the chroma unless you own the skin. However, if you unlock it and get the skin later, then you can use both. 2. Up to you. You can either get the pass and complete the missions for tokens, or get tokens from hextech chests.
: Why is every other CS skin 975 rp but this one 1350 rp? I feel like you should keep the 975 rp trend for CS skins.
Hi /u/Hellserver1 thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts with us. The conversation around the 1350 skin line is an ongoing one that we're working on providing more clarity around skins creation and how we look at discounting in the upcoming weeks. We spoke briefly about this earlier today in this thread on [Reddit](https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/6vr1bz/til_this_year_51_skins_were_released_only_8_were/). Keep an eye out in the upcoming weeks for more information around this from SuperCakes and myself.
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: [STORE] Bundle Purchase Notification Error
Thanks for calling this out, we'll see what the issue is.
: [Shop] A bunch of Icons placed off center
: Problem with new buttons in shop
: New Store: Name Change
There is an accounts section that has the person and the gear. This section houses all the elements that deal with your account - including purchase history.
: Personal impressions on the VU Store: -Finally Hextech Chests and Keys takes place in the store. Before when I try to buy chests it not seems clear where to buy them. -I like how looks the store for runes. Great too for champions. gj Riot. -There's a bug in my shop skins: I get the image of Olaf to buy the champion. I don't know if it is a bug for having all skins you can buy. If you ordered by champions is listed as NULL and not in the category O for Olaf. Edit: I don't own Olaf. -Not tested: RP button. Obviously in the PBE we can't buy RPs. In my client I can't see the three icons: Rps, gifts and account. Maybe because I use LoL in wine under linux and not a native Windows OS. -Does "Snowdown Shop" will follow the side of the "orange" store like used in the image? I just ask about design because Hextech + Snowndown Shop, the classic orange Store button is so tiny. -Refresh Store: By buying more than one item the store is still refreshes and makes me loosing sorts like LIVE servers. I imagine that is because it only changes the visual appearance but the engine still works the same. I don't know if is for security reasons but it is quite annoying for users. -RIP Dancing Katarina? xD I know, is not important but it's funny after all these years using the shop. Anyway, I repeat I use the client under wine and I never charged some assets from the shop correctly. (Sorry if I have any errors writing. English is not my native language.)
Ricardo - I'll be updating this thread in the future with the adjustments we're making. However, before that, I wanted to thank you for this feedback. The details here are really helpful and not in a "hey thanks for writing, I won't read it" but in a "OMG REALLY USEFUL FEEDBACK SQUEE!!!!" so yeah, thanks.
: you have a bug i believe with wards in the shop...clicking them sends you to a particular champion's page as opposed to enabling a ward anyone else experiencing this ? for example clicking the Hextech ward skin goes to Katarina, Harpseeker is Malphite, Rising Dawn is Blitzcrank ect...
good find. Thanks for pointing this out!
: improved performance or just a VU?
: omg this. rito please answer this! the refresh has been annoying me forever..
We're looking to tackle this from a few different angles.
: the store refresh is the thing i dont like
We're going to be optimizing this in upcoming weeks. Thanks for calling it out!
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: Snowdown shop error
Thanks for helping all - we found the issue and are working on resolving it! Super helpful feedback!{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: It's been a week ;; but I guess i'll wait for riot to respond again
: same here i can't buy{{champion:32}}
Is this still an issue and is this with all the skins that you were offered?
: I did. will try it later on the day again.
Please let me know if it's still like this when you log back in.
: Snowdown shop error
Is this error only occurring with Championship Shyvanna or all the skins?
: After i changed both summoner spells lock button grayed out then in a sec it worked ;p ps:this happened to me once i ranked i couldnt lock so i had to wait the timer -_-
It happened in ranked?! Oh no! was it a full 10 person queue?
: I've tried it a multitude of times, and the lock-in button hasn't grayed out
Thanks I Main Ao Shin! I really appreciate you looking into it!
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: I love your name, dude!
: Would be really nice.
: Well, multiple reasons I can think of. 1. **Oversight** - They didn't think to remove it / wasn't on their mind or high priority 1. **Bug** - It shouldn't be an option (they put code in for it to not be an option) but is for some reason 1. **Future Feature** - Wards may become part of ARAM at some point But only a Red can confirm which one!
Number 2. We found the bug (fingers crossed we found ALL of them related to this), should be solved tomorrow. :)
: "We’re also aware that the ward selection module is showing up in the post-game lobby if you didn’t close it out in champ select, so we're working on fixing that." That Bug has been there forever with Masteries and Summoner Spell modules.. will that be fixed as well? But cool feature though.
We're going to see if our fix for the Ward Skin module will work with the Masteries/Summoner Spell module
: Finally. Thanks. Shouldn't it be 'Ward Skin' and not 'Ward Skins' though? You know, since you're only picking one...
: Ward Skin Select Option during Champion Select Idea
Just wanted to let the thread know that we just launched something that may address this for you: http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/client-new-features-feedback/6z3Zuqok-ward-selection-in-champ-select
: Yes. Bump.
Bump Back: http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/client-new-features-feedback/6z3Zuqok-ward-selection-in-champ-select
: How to buy and test ward skins? RP problem
@SomaCruz - I'll talk with the team to see how we can fix this in the near future. We should definitely enable you to test ward skins!
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