: Kindred Official Feedback Thread
Hi, I have a question for RiotWrekz and Kindreds R. I've been watching people play kindred and see that most people use the R in team fights near the end to tank damage and prolong the overall fight (as I'm sure it's intended to do) but if the enemy team already had the upper hand at the start, most likely the heal at the end helps the enemy more than you're team. So it got me thinking. What if the ult ONLY gave the heal to ALLIES & ENEMIES that hit the 10% health mark? That way anybody who enters the fight after the fact with high HP won't be getting a free heal besides those who need it. Also it would allow some neat counter play for say a low ally to tank the enemy hits and bring them low enough to deny them the heal but still getting the boost of health at the end to give them the upper hand, changing the whole dynamic of the fight. I think it would be cool to see some clutch saves and turnaround plays while still keeping the intent of the ult in place. Anyways just an idea. Love the concept of Kindred and can't wait to play her on live. :)

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