: More PBE changes coming at you for tomorrow (2/27) Buffs + a METRIC TON of feel improvements and bug fixes. Specific callout to the change that makes the Q attack able to be canceled. PLEASE GO TEST AND TELL ME HOW IT FEELS. > **Buffs:** > P > Ferocity falloff timer:: 6 >>> 8 > > Q > Q damage:: 20/50/80/110/140 (+1.1 TAD) >>> 30/60/90/120/150 (+1/1.05/1.1/1.15/1.2 TAD) > Emp Q ratio:: 1.3 TAD >>> 1.4 TAD > > R > Rengar's true vision now linger for .5 seconds after the spell ends. > > **Bug fixes and feel improvements:** > Lockout duration on gaining full ferocity for E and Q reduced to .1 seconds (from .25) > Only the spell used to gain full ferocity is locked out > > Q attacks can now be canceled (like a normal basic attack) > > If Rengar presses Q or W during the E cast time he will now buffer those spells and cast them when the E completes. > ---------Previously movement orders would eat the input and you'd have to press Q and W again. This should make his Leap - E - W - Q combo feel a lot smoother. > > Fixed a bug where tiamat could sometimes cause Rengar's basic attacks to become the Q animation > Fixed a bug where Emp Q's attack frame was slightly faster than base Q > > Still hunting down the bug where he sometimes drops aggro on his target when casting E and W. We think we have a fix, but we're not sure. It's weird... **Thoughts:** Overall Rango is looking to be a tad weak on live so we're throwing in some buffs. The Q changes I made pre-release seemed good to go back on. Guess is that his overall damage is simply too low at the moment. Additionally, increased the time Rengar has before losing ferocity out of combat to compensate for the fact that the new Q makes it harder to generate and keep up ferocity. Finally, letting the truesight on R linger a bit after he leaps in. Was weird to see an enemy over a wall, right click on them to jump, and then lose vision the second you start your leap. Should now lose vision a tad after the leap ends. I expect he may need even more after this, but I'm staying on the conservative side due to the multitude of feel improvements that we're also trying to ship out (they should raise his power in more subtle ways). If he remains weak after 8.5 we'll give him another bump in 8.6 (with special consideration for the possible dusk blade nerfs). On the bug fixing/feel side, you guys were right. The ferocity lockout felt bad, especially with new Q, so we're reducing it/removing it as much as possible. It's still important to have a brief lockout on the spell you used to get to max to prevent double casts, but that doesn't mean the other spells need to be locked out as well. Letting people cancel the Q animation for maximum BM. Expect this makes him feel smoother and have less instances of getting accidentally locked into attacking something you didn't want to. It's also a smol nerf however, as making the attack cancelable means enemies that flash out of vision will cause it to not complete. I think one of the many reasons Rengar players seem to dislike the E cast time is that it can cause you to lose your inputs on W and Q if cast during the E. Creates a feeling of "wait I thought I pushed that button." Added some spell buffering to help remedy this, now W and Q should cast automatically at the end of E should you push the buttons during its cast time (provided you aren't CC'd of course). Can't repro the de-aggro bug on internal environments, which makes me hope that we fixed it...If anyone has reliable repro steps pls let me know. Thanks a ton, feedback appreciated. > Bonus point: > If you play {{champion:79}} , we noticed that he had a similar bug to Rengar, where attacking with his W just as the buff expired would cause it to fizzle. Should be fixed now on PBE.
I don't think Rengar need's anymore damage mid game. His Q is already insane with {{item:3142}} and {{item:3071}}. The way I play Rengar is Critgar + Pen(think Ghostblade + Dusk then IE and Phantom). You can consistently rip through any carry with a {{item:3026}} or {{item:3157}}, but adding more ratio to his Q is only going to make his one shotting capability within a 0.5 seconds even worse. I honestly think his Q should be toned down more. 1.3 AD is insane, 1.15 is pretty fair. I don't want to kill Rengar because I love the way he is now(skill set wise) but his current balancing on his Q is fucked. It deals too much and if you get 5 kills on Bonetooth quickly then you're essentially unstoppable mid game and you can freely kill anyone but a tank with Bramble. tl;dr rango is super scary past 6 and his mid game is nuts with rank 5 q, q should be nerfed and maybe tweak bone too, upgraded jungle item makes no sense on rango
: Unable to connect
I too also can't connect to a game I just started on SR Normal Draft. edit: went into a second game, still can't connect. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ https://chie.club/files/images/st/d535867f-4ced-430e-bd57-aaac9e7fa6b0.png
: Unable to queue for ranked
You can try queuing now. Seems to be working. https://chie.club/files/images/st/3abf8c44-653e-425f-a6f4-e5721e7ff1fe.png
: Game lobby breaks when he is selected. The game will freeze and will not start. This is also happening in customs apparently.
Actually scratch this. I'm now stuck in a custom lobby and I picked Jhin. Not Aurelion. Are the servers not on fire Riot?
: Aurelion Sol Bug Report Thread
Game lobby breaks when he is selected. The game will freeze and will not start. This is also happening in customs apparently.
: game wont start with aurelion sol
Send immediate help. I am stuck also. [Help.....](https://chie.club/files/images/st/863cb5ef-4acf-4d82-8020-ddf9c739095c.png)
: I think he is talking about Client Store, not in-game shop. Game settings have nothing to do with this.
In fact case my point still stands. I would still love to see it be smaller.
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: Low Resolution Shop
Taken from the PBE Client files in CONFIG/GAME.CFG ItemShopPrevY=20 ItemShopPrevX=241 ItemShopResizeHeight=0 ItemShopResizeWidth=260 ItemShopPrevResizeHeight=900 ItemShopPrevResizeWidth=1600 You can make the shop smaller but it won't ever stick as far as I know. IT HAS scaling options but the game regardless of what you do to change these options will just automatically scale it to your resolution you are playing at(I've already tried making it read only and making sure my user account had 0 access to the file through windows security options). I had this issue waaaaaay back when I was stuck running this game at 1024x768 and I would of loved scaling options then and I still want scaling options now so I'm with you in this.
: Ranked queues.
I have to agree as well. Dynamic queue takes WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY too long, we can't actually test anything or even play, and I don't even think normal draft is even played since I have to wait exactly the same time as ranked Dynamic queue. I even started up my queue for ranked Dynamic and I'm at 12:36 with top and jungle as the roles selected. I could even have fill and it would be the same effect.
: Not a bug. Old ranked doesn't need any testing and since its not on live we don't need it either. Now that everyone is forced into one ranked queue, the queue should be a little faster.
Even during prime time I can't even get a game despite leaving it for a good 30~ minutes. edit I even left it run longer the other day during prime time. [95 minute yo](https://chie.club/files/images/st/51e09ef1-743f-4a68-b9a4-4d22d16c4f2a.png)
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