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: Zoe 10/272017 change feedback/request
I totally agree with you here! Especially with the monsters refund, I wanted to post this too! ^^
: Thanks! I'm sure you're right, but in the short term, there are some small things we can do to help folks adjust quicker like tweaking the size and colors a bit.
Hey, my problem is that it is really hard to see the current HP of someone who is in stasis (e.g. Zhonyas).
: Health Bar Update Bugs
Hey, it is not a bug but feedback to specific situations from my side: It is about champions who go in Stasis (e.g. Zhonyas) For me it is too hard to see how much health they got if they are in stasis, if u would color the current health more clearly it would be much better! Thank you!
: Yeah, i also thought that would refresh to. Guess i will have to buy champs with RP to buy skins for them i guess.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: Doom Bots available for testing!
Hi, aren't the summoner spells in doom bots supposed to have lower cd's? I feel like they're even increased ! Watch on this please. Best wishes

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