: You don't need to flame. You just calmly tell them, that they did something wrong, if they did.. No need to say this when your jungler badly ganks you: "OMG WTF WAS THAT GANK?"; Also you are crying here for being banned but you don't show the chat log :applause:
my team feed beyond and i try to talk but they start talk sht so i say report lucian and mid..and bum 14day
: Dude, balance has nothing to do with what you say, you must have done something bad ( I'm making reference to flaming) , and riot saw your bad move, and u were punished. As it has to happen, to everyone who does that. They can't see everyone's flaming, because they can't overdo it, by spying players, they have more important things to do, so you got caught, it was your unlucky day ! You flame, if you are unlucky, u get punished. Just control yourself, stop whining, it's just a game. Learn that they way you talk here, and that you are punished in-game, can happen the same, but worse in real life, if u have such a big mouth. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
only bad thing i say it was report lucian and mid liner i guess....and those who curse family and others they went well....but when ban pass of ill be diffrend and who ever talks to me i wont do nthg just report so they got no evidence cuz i wont flame others ill just report what ever they say
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