: Thats irrelevant, he was made 7 years ago, both him and the game have evolved since then and hes a decent jungler now.
Riot didn't intend him to become a jungler. Take the short-lived Ezreal jungle for instance. Riot clearly intended for Ezreal to be an adc, so they quickly nerfed his jungling potential
: Essense reaver sounds pretty good on {{champion:96}}
Just in general sounds good on most spellcaster adcs, glad to see them get a bit of love. Was that the intent with the new essence reaver? Considering spellcaster adcs are falling short (besides {{champion:81}} ) Not to mention {{champion:145}} sounds broken with essence reaver, considering her r blends insanely well with this item, but she's already in a strong position as it is.
: I think you should watch out for the unwanted in-class power changes. For example, this does not seem very beneficial to {{champion:67}} , because she uses more than 1 attack speed item. On the other hand, ADCs like {{champion:119}} might come out bigger, and if we consider that you also want to nerf sustain, I think {{champion:67}} will be definitely bullied out of every lane to a point where she is unplayable. If you lower her strengths, why not lower her weaknesses too with some base stat changes (her hp and armor are currently among the lowest, adding some wouldn't hurt)?
I believe the point of these changes are intended to nerf the survivability of hyper carries through the laning phase. Its pretty upsetting to stomp a {{champion:67}} in lane as {{champion:119}} , but auto lose the game if {{champion:67}} manages to get a couple items before {{champion:119}} can close out the game. These changes force teams to have to build a protective comp around a hypercarry, if ofc their adc plans on picking a hypercarry, rather than the team being able to pick whatever they want, knowing their adc will be extremely powerful regardless.
: Marksman and AD Itemization Changes coming to PBE shortly
Essense reaver sounds pretty good on {{champion:96}}
: Mana changes coming to PBE today
With the recent nerf (I believe its a nerf) to manaflow band, it is already a noticeably difficult transition for mages. I play a lot of Anivia, and she is one of the only champs that has always been tear reliant, besides Ryze or maybe Karthus. I feel like this is a huge unnecessary hit to mana reliant mages. Not to mention, Ryze and Anivia build tear, Roa, not lost chapter. Lost chapter champions like ahri or orianna already have a much easier time managing mana, on top of the obnoxious lost chapter passive. I get that seraphs has become popular among other mages as well, and you're probably trying to tone down on its strength, but some champions are just going to get KILLED. Can I please get more context on this decision? Thanks
: Can't log in....
Thanks for your comments guys :) I'm currently at 64th in q (still waiting) It counts me down from 18 seconds but at 5 seconds left it goes right back to 18 seconds again :( Ughhh I hope I can get on soon....
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: Can't login to PBE
I'm still having this issue... So far it's approaching an hour... My position in q eventually stands still. Any help with this? Is this normal?


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