: Morgana Gameplay Feedback
Requesting Edits to Ghost Bride Morgana With the updates to GB Morgana, she lost much of her ghostly/ethereal imagery. The roses went from a bright, cyan blue to a deep, saturated blue. Her wings went from a medium dark-grey/black to a very deep-grey/black. The dress went from a ghostly white/cyan to a gradient blue. The designs on the dress are now very pale/opaque compared to the original. https://i.imgur.com/4KwSIxr.png[/img] https://i.imgur.com/Nn3mNWh.png[/img] Here we see much of the color difference. The updated model uses dark, saturated colors removing her ethereal/ghostly effect. I would very much like a return to the original colors, mostly for the flowers and the dress, the colors of the wings are not as important to me. Also, if we look at the updated splash art https://i.imgur.com/DK9glhz.jpg[/img] The colors match the original but not the updated model. The colors of the flowers on her head are a bright cyan, not a deep blue. The dress accents are a black and grey, which are also lost in the update. The dress is a light greenish-blue to create the ethereal illusion, but in the updated model that is not the case. Please change the updated GB Morgana to better match her original colors and the updated splash art.
: I think part of it is that she is lacking the transparent vale-like covering for the bottom of her dress, and the skin is just generally darker now, as opposed to ethereal and ghostly. Also, the blue used for the roses on her head piece are also noticeably darker--I really preferred the lighter blue ones, and the more ghostly aspect of the original skin. This version looks visually heavy in comparison.
Indeed, you are correct! That's what it is. The colors seem very 'loud' in the update, taking away from her ghostly/ethereal appearance. No only are the flowers a much deeper color, but the wings are as well. They have become a more saturated dark-grey/black and seem harsher. And you are correct with the dress. The dress now has much deeper blue tint instead of the ghostly cyan and white colors.
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