: but you can just pick up farsight orb instead...and keep your stronger summoner spells. I used CV on supports back in s2-3 before realizing, it is 99% of the time weaker than exhaust. adn this was before having the option of blue trinkets
Oh i will use it. I mean i have no choice now, since farsight orb will be all that's left. but like i said in my long comment, you view other summoner spells as stronger, and i don't, at least for my playstyle on one of my strongest champions (65% winratio over 71 games). So from my point of view, i'll just have to use the weaker summoner spells instead, and that feels bad.
: not so. your trinket slot can be swapped at will with only a minor downside, and will always be something related to vision. temporary vision at a distance is about equal to a ward. however, summoners cannot be swapped mid-game and clairvoyance is significantly less useful than other options. true damage and grievous wounds? health? a shield? removing all CC and ignites? all far superior to temporary vision.
I ended up writing what i think will be [CV's glorious epitaph](http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-feedback/OOdxLI4s-is-this-the-reason-why-cv-has-been-removed?comment=00000000) in response to another comment in this thread, so just read it for why you're vastly underestiamting CV. When you're done reading it, let me add that no, a shield, grievous wounds, etc, are not far superior to the ability to 3-man gank the enemy safely because you were able to show the position of pinks and incoming enemy champs to your whole team in a critical moment. Or give vision to your jungler for that flash-smite on baron in a T2-red-trinketed and pinked baron pit. The main difference between what i say and what 99% of people say, is that i've tried both CV and the other spells, in ranked no less, while you guys have not.
: I feel like there are many different things discussed here, so I'll split them as I see fit : > People only talked about the removal of Clarity I think the main reason is that the fact that you don't have acess to mana pots really limits the itemiation of champions as well as as what role they can play. For instance, I don't believe that I can play support Swain anymore unless I rush a tear early on, and you can't play Leblanc Top for instance because you don't have the mana play her withotu blue buff now that you can't just get a quick 100mana fix. Meanwhile, Clairvoyance didn't unlock anything, so people are mildly disappointed at worst. > Are we supposed to facecheck bushes that could be hiding Garen when we run out of wards now? You still have a trinket (either one with 100% uptime, or one with a 40s cd and visible wards), and you can still buy pink wards as well as sightstones. Also, you still have half the champions that have a way to more reliably facecheck. Personally, I don't feel like the current situation is any different from the old one in term of "brush of deaths". > are we supposed to only find out there was a pink ward along the way when we get ganked Pink wards are still visible, if you don't check brushes it's your own damn fault and having 100000 free wards wouldn't fix that. > Overall decision to remove Clairvoyance I think that something you fail to mention is how fucking terrible CV actually was... The reason that it got removed is people actually used it, and it wsn't a good spell.
Since you're actually trying to give a constructive answer, i'll do so aswell. Clarity unlocked those things you mentioned. That's nice, and i, for one, didn't even know about them. But i knew that somewhere, some people were probably using it like you did. I used to run Shard of true Ice in bot lane as supp. It was a very underappreciated item, and doesn't even exist in the wiki anymore (redirects to FQC). IIRC It gave a mana regen aura, and a Lulu-ult-aura active. That also unlocked things and the active would be very good at supporting, say, a Mordekaiser these days (letting him Q3 easily). When they removed it i had to move on to FQC, which is just another skillshot slow and some bonus damage really. So now i just destroy people with full AP zyra supp combos, no strategy required. My point is, just because most people don't know about the uses of an item, isn't a reason to remove it. So we shouldn't approve the removal of other people's niche strategic tools just because we never used them or saw them being used. **The reality is that most people never even checked the wiki, don't even know the full list of items currently in the game, and don't care:** * They will simply open up a guide for whatever champ they bought because he currently has a high winratio, apply that build to the letter, and go back to their everyday lives after that. I call them casuals. * At no point will they spend time theorycrafting anything. They will simply ask "How do i build X?" to their friends, or on reddit, and then follow what they've been told. If it works for them, then that's it. Everything else that exists i the game will remain unknown to them. * Whenever they will meet anything new, they will accuse that person of wanting to lose, start flaming, and call for reports. Just because nobody told them how the "new" thing works. Because they never asked or cared to know. As long as they know they can build BC on Darius and win, they're happy, start games, use that regardless of matchup, and only question their build when it starts failing horribly, at which point they ask for the next popular build and start using that one. **This is a theorycrafting marketing failure.** Something like Build of the Week in Path of Exile is needed to make them open up to new strategies. **So back to CV, how is all of this relevant?:** CV unlocks things that you aren't aware of, so you think it doesn't unlock things. Additionally, toxic trolls decided it was a good idea to make Disco Nunu a thing, so they built CV a bad reputation, just like they did to Revive before. Pretty simple. _If that worrying trend keeps going, they'll be intentionally feeding with TP/Ghost and distortion boots so that's the next thing Riot will remove. Don't you find this whole situation ridiculous?_ For your knowledge's sake, other than what i already listed in the OP, i'll tell you what CV unlocks until S6 hits. To my credit, i mained CV+Flash Talon mid during S5, and got the "warning, carry" icon when i play him on op.gg. Here we go: * CV is wide enough to **check multiple bushes at once** and then some. You can see enemy blue _and_ gromp (and probably wolves) at once, or blue side red buff _and_ dragon. That is the most brutally obvious reason why wards and farsight orb will never get even close to CV's power. That means no brush jukes in any of bot or top lane bushes for 5 seconds. The amount of bot lane roams i've secured with it is ridiculous, especially since enemies didn't expect it because they're so used to avoiding death just by walking into some grass. The other meaning of this is it's the only way (available to any champ) to spot bush pinks without putting yourself or a ward of your own (aka free gold for the enemy) inside the pink warded bush. As a stealth champ like my talon mid, that is easily the difference between a successful gank and getting Q'ed by Thresh or Sejuani through a wall. * CV is **global**. You can check enemy starting items, or deny brush jukes to an enemy who's fighting your top laner, no matter where you are on the map. With it gone, TP will be the only pseudo-global left until they remove it too (needs a ward/minion, so not truly global). * CV is **instant**. Ashe can create vision half the size of CV anywhere on the map, but by the time the bird reaches a far enough target, the enemy lee can 100-0 that red buff or the enemy team can finish that dragon, and your team won't get to Ashe/Jinx/Ez R any of them. * CV **sees through walls**, unlike any type of ward. Basically, since S5 adcs have learned to appreciate Scrying Orb's power, i'll end by saying that if Scrying Orb = Vamp Scepter {{item:1053}}, CV = BT {{item:3072}} . The difference in power is really that big. **TL;DR: People go for cookie cutter builds to save time, of course they don't care about niche builds. Your niche builds can be the next to be removed. Trolls killed Revive and CV, next are TP and Ghost probably. CV counterplays jukes, checks multiple brushes for pinks and ambushes, is global and instant, nothing comes close in terms of vision control.**
: nobody cares about CV because it was a stupid summoner to take. Clarity at least had use in ARAM and a couple niche champs
That's like saying Scrying orb was a stupid trinket to take.
: Please return and rework Scrying Orb instead of removing it
These are sad days for the vision game. It's going to be ward or facecheck.
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: Another QOL idea... Show how long the passive stacks stay on an enemy. I've played and just as about to get the last hit the passive falls off. If we could know how long the passive was gonna stay we could play around that as well as enemy champions with the stacks on them.
That would be valuable data.
: Great ideas, especially the coloration one!
I'm sure all the stat nerds like me will appreciate :) and i just realized it will help us testers find out when something's bugged easier too. Thanks for considering it!
: This is a pretty neat idea, though wouldn't this account to be a net nerf to Lee Sin's shield value? Though I don't really think the actual shielding minions/allied non-champion units really stands out as a game-changing mechanic, so overall I don't see a huge movement to change safeguard (with more NET shield), regardless.
My guess as to why they did this very specific nerf would be this: someone probably had fun shielding wards with Lee's W when enemies tried to destroy the wards. On something like a pink ward that you must attack 5 times, it would be very annoying i guess.
: Lee cant have heal. But his passive is little to strong in begins of the match. 40% attack speed is much, it should skale with lvl. Like start from 20% and goes to 60%
I meant the "share" mechanic, not the fact that Taric's Q is a heal. Clarified that in the OP.
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: Nunu is pretty outdated. Hopefully he gets new particles for Blood Boil (and other spells).
Speaking of which, if they made his channel cover the ground in ice progressively (fully covered if it reaches max channel) then suddenly towards the sky whenever it's released, that would be marvelous.
: The tornado does the exact damage of the Q. An enemy can only be hit by the Q3 once -- either tornado or sword but not both. On hit effects will be triggered on the first target hit by the spell.
Just tested this thoroughly and only the sword part is able to apply on-hits including lifesteal, while the tornado can only crit, you might wanna clarify that (i already updated the wiki with that data though). Repro: build statikk or wits end and charge tornado, then snipe something with it (with zero targets close to you). None of the onhits will proc.
: Hmmm... that shouldn't be possible. I'll look into it though. Only the base damage of the ability scales, not the AP ratio. Perhaps that is causing your confusion (in combination with different MR values on your targets)?
So it was true, only the base scales :-/ RIP APsuo
: Thanks for the feedback. I'll pass it onto the skins team. Currently what should be happening is that knocked up champions receive a whirlwind around them (even from other knockups) and Yasuo receives a self-only line particle extending from himself to the enemy. Is this not happening or is it insufficient?
Put short, some kind of Kha'zix-like crosshair would make it easier to see on which exact champ you're going to jump, especially in the very limited time window you have to cast R when an ally suprise-knocks-up an enemy (as opposed to any knockup you were eagerly waiting for).
: Hey, you traveled a very long distance. Is this not something you feel you could optimize as a Yasuo player? (e.g., strong teleport ganking, recalling to defend the base with a full shield up)
Yes, very much. Please don't remove. First champ to directly scale with movement after Hecarim, no need to dumb him down, plus it just fits perfectly with wind.
: [11/23/13] List of currently known Yasuo Bugs
The descriptions need to mention whether Q's tornado is suppsoed to apply on-hit effects (because it doesn't, it just crits. It doesn't even lifesteal), and for R, whether it's a stun or knockup or suppression in terms of CC type. That way we can test if Cleanse/QSS should break free from it or not.
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: The scaling would need to be pretty small. And the only "support" that already has an AS slow is Nunu. I would have loved to see some AP utility scaling on nunu (W and E). But I think Riot is aware how strong these AS slows are. Gragas and Anivia for example have a huge AOE AS slow that is spamable. Nasus and Nunu have only single target AS slows, but still strong ones. Darius also has an AS slow and i think it is the only melee range AS slow. Cripple and Ground Slam are other AOE AS slows. I think that now AS slow should go above 50% (I think only Lee Sins get to that value). So for some AS slow scalings, Rio would probably have to make some restrictions or giving it only up to 0.05 AP scaling and only to AS slows that are blow or equal 25%.
"But I think Riot is aware how strong these AS slows are. Gragas and Anivia for example have a huge AOE AS slow that is spamable." ^And here we are, back to mages having better utility than supports... Graggy even has a ranged janna ult, and i'm not even gonna start on anivia who has her own dedicated S4 support thread on this forum. Not that i won't enjoy playing suppnivia, but i still want reasons to pick (and empower my utility with AP on) core supports.
: Also tested the XP timing a bit. You get 10 XP every ~6.67 sec. I think they should reduce that to give 5 XP every ~3.33 sec. Also the range is a bit low. I walked behind my mate at around 800 range and i didn't get XP. A 1000-1200 range would be something i would use.
^Bad sign. I was afraid it had that kind of problems. Roit pls get your stuff together.
: Sorry if it came over to you like that. I was working and didn't have much time. I know a lot of people were involved back then and actually all the time till now. I agree that slow scaling should never be the main point, but even a weak slow scaling that is not too strong can make a huge difference when it comes to fights. It makes the support way more useful especially when melees get more MS or have some slows on their own. But it is a point that an Annie will never have. She has her burst, but what if that burst is not enough. If the bruiser goes through and your ADC is in danger? Then you don't need an Annie. You need a Sona, Janna, Lulu or other supports. And there, not only the new scalings but also their kits will be way more useful.
", but even a weak slow scaling that is not too strong can make a huge difference when it comes to fights." ^That actually makes me wonder how come they didn't give a support an AS slow that scales in strength. Now that would be something of very visible value for shutting down the enemy ADC or autoattack bruiser in teamfights, easily making teammates happy to see their support with a healthy chunk of AP.
: The idea behind the AP ratio (I know it, cause I suggested it actually for S3 already and Riot thought it was a nice idea) is to allow Supports to scale without them having to compete with AP champs in terms of roles when they are able to get gold. We saw the Soraka and Lulu mid supports that had nearly the same dmg as AP champs and better utility (we still have Lux and Orianna, and it seems Riot is preparing a nerf for Orianna). AP champs will have higher dmg potential. They will get more mobility (assassins). But they will never get the amount of CC and utility a support will have. A low AP utility scaling is only cause it seems like it. What is a 0.1 AP -> bonus AD scaling? How much value does it have? A 0.1 AP -> dmg scaling is worth around 0.75 dmg per AP with only 35 MR. A 0.1 shield scaling is worth 0.1 HP per AP. A 0.1 AP -> AD scaling is worth 0.1 AD per AP. 20 AP => A 0.7 shield AP ratio is worth 14 HP (37g). The 0.1 bonus AD on her shield is worth 2 AD (72g). The problem here is that the absorb can be used to it's full extend (but doesn't have to), while the AD can fall off and will not be there 100% of the time. But you don't need it in down times and the CD is not that high that it would make the AD worse than the shield. So her shield AP ratio of 0.7 is actually weaker than the 0.1 bonus AD scaling from AP as long as the shield as a 50% uptime in a fight or trade (what it normally has if you use it right). And the shield ratio of 0.7 is worth more than a 0.7 dmg ratio. Way harder to do with the slow scaling.
"The idea behind the AP ratio (I know it, cause I suggested it actually for S3 already and Riot thought it was a nice idea)" ^I was there too, and assuming there was only one thread about this, upvoted it (maybe participated too, can't remember), so now i want it to be done right instead of being just false hopes. As for the slow scaling, we're all sailing in new waters on this one, so i guess it's time for trial and error. I'm only convinced it should never be used as the main scaling feature for any support (not even a big balancing factor) due to how hard its effect is to appreciate from your teammate's point of view, who can't even see the slow% since it's exlusive to your tooltip (while they can technically tell exactly how much a heal restores them, and with the recent segmented HP bars, how much a shield gives approximately). Also the special rules for the stacking of slows further obfuscate its efficiency.
: A normal minion wave early on gives 270 XP to a solo lane (less per champ in the duo lane). **The old mastery** used 4 points for 5% bonus XP. That was a 13,5 XP boost on the first wave. Every 3 minutes the XP increases by around 22.5 (+1.125 XP through mastery). => After around 5 minutes into the game you got 15 extra XP per wave (solo) or 3 XP per mastery point. **That means 1 XP every 10 sec per point in a solo lane and only 0.5 XP every 10 sec in a duo lane.** The new one gives 15 XP every 10 sec maxed or 7.5 every 10 sec per mastery point. Now the support is a champ that is not always in lane, and tends to fall behind a little bit when warding, scouting or roaming. **We need an uptime of only 6.67% of the new mastery to get the same effect as the old one in a duo lane.** That is a 2 sec uptime per wave. Considering that the ADC gets lvl 2 somtimes 1-2 minions before the support, we will get that uptime already there. And if not, we will get it later. When the jungler ganks, when mid lane roams, when the support roams, ... This is not a big early game advantage, but mid game, it makes a good difference. It also helps roaming supports (we don't really have the roaming supports anymore cause of the XP problem). And the mastery is definitely better than the old one for roles that tend to fall behind in lvl. The old one was actually pretty useless alone. I think even for a jungler that ganks often, it would be better than the 5% mastery. The jungler nearly gets the XP of a solo lane, so we will need an uptime of 6-8 seconds per minute. But the jungler will often be behind 1 lvl when ganking (and with the new start in the jungle being at 1:35 while minions spawn at 1:00 he will be 10 sec slower than in S3). So gank once every minute and when you gank, you are normally close enough to your laner to get that boost for around 10 seconds or longer and it was worth it. Need only a bit of XP for a lvl up and you want to gank? Go to the lane and wait in the brush. Get the lane XP and the bonus XP and gank.
In the light of these numbers, i take back what i said about it being a nerf then. Assuming of course that it procs often as opposed to every 10 seconds, which i think is too silly for riot to do it so i'll just trust them on that front. So that means maybe the utility tree can actually be good for jungler who want high mobility and frequent ganks: 21st point gives the mobility to get to lanes fast, that XP mastery reduces the disadvantage of waiting in the bush (for XP only), and thing like LS+Vamp, the mana regen, and the potion enhancements would be there to make sure the jungler is healthy and has plenty of mana to perform his gank... Why not. Let's see how it turns out.
: (Masteries) Inspiration is Worthless & other Thoughts
I believe the change is meant to reduce snowballing. With the S3 one: * Support wins lane: gets extra XP from the death of the enemy champs. His ADC is gone buying, support can be still in lane getting extra XP from all the dying minions. * Support loses lane: he usually can't really stay in lane alone to reap XP or the enemy duo will just kill him. With the new one: * Support wins lane: doesnt get any instant extra XP from the death of enemy champs. Instead, and only If his ADC is higher level than him, he gets delayed extra XP while he catches up with the ADC who probably levelep up with the kill(s). * Support loses lane: is forced back to base to not die to the enemy duo, not mourning all the minion XP being wasted in the lane because now his XP bonus isn't tied to that anymore. I do believe it's a nerf, but i don't think it's for the wrong reasons. It does need a numbers buff if it's here to stay though, because 15 XP per 10 second is pretty low compared to the average of >2 minion deaths happening over that duration. One good thing is that now it will work while roaming during the midgame. Another bad thing is that it should work as long as the ally has higher **total XP** than you, not just level. Yet anothe rbad thing is that the wording suggests it "procs" every 10 seconds, which if true, is very suboptimal and needs more frequent ticks so as to not randomly miss XP if you happen to get just abit too far from your ally during poking/warding/clearing manoeuvers. That part of the utility tree could really use some love overall, i reckon it's pretty close to where the underwhelming Expanded Mind mastery is, aswell.
: 1. 0.7 AP ratio on her shield 2. Armor/MR. From Kennens 0.75 only around 0.55 dmg will get through (70-75%). 3. Base value. Like with AP scaling, a 235 dmg skill can never get through her 240 HP shield cause it will only deal around 170 dmg. 4. Kennen's Q is a skill shot. It has a pretty good AP ratio cause of that. 5. Why does the shield not give much AD anymore? the base AD is actually back to live values and it has the 0.1 AP scaling. So the AD she gives is always higher. I don't say everything is fine. But for your comparison, you need to use examples that are true and not compare raw values when it comes to dmg vs heal/absorb. Jannas full AP ratio: 0.65 + 0.5 + 0.7 + 1.4 = 3.25 AP ratio (**without the slow and AD on her shield**). While Kennen will deal only around 2.25 AP as dmg after the normal MR reduction, Janna will only lose a bit of the Q and W dmg parts and still stays at 3.0 AP ratio.
As said in my reply to your other post, yes the resistances matter. But the ratios on Janna's skills are misleading: * Keeping up with the Kennen comparison, Q is his only skillshot. He can guarantee a stun with primed W auto -> E hit -> W (stun procs), then he can free land Q and ult for full ratio of his whole kit. * Meanwhile, Janna must charge Q 3 seconds (when most good players can dodge many instant skillshots without even flashing) or else its ratio is nearly halved (0.35), the heal requires a 4 second channel or its ratio can be nearly nullified, and if the enemy simply doesn't damage the shielded enemy enough, not all of its ratio is put to use. Only Zephyr is guaranteed, and i just realized that using it nullifies the AP ratio on its own passive for the duration... that's counter-productive. Long story short, she has a harder time fully utilizing all the AP she builds, which should mean higher rewards right? But right now it really doesn't.
: It is true that Riot has to be careful with the AP ratios on supports. But you completely forgot to mention that supports also have dmg AP ratios. A shield with only 25 bonus AD is not too awesome (actually 29 with the +4 base value). But when you add another 175 HP shield, it doesn't seem to bad. Riot made a huge mistake with giving Janna nearly all the AP ratio on her E. They need to balance it between the Q, W and E. Also most AP ratios are around 2.5-2.8 overall. (0.7, 0.75, 0,7 and 0.2 per second where tibbers is close => 2.15 + 0.2 per second as a full single target combo). Annie support is played cause her AOE stun is great and she can deal good dmg. But take away the AOE stun, and she would be pretty weak in that role. Janna also still has a 0.35 + 0.1 AP ratio per second charged on her Q, 0.5 on her W, 0.7 on her E and 0.35 per second on her R. With a fully used R and a none charged Q that is a 2.95 AP ratio (without the slow and AD scaling on her W and E). And that is healing and a shield. A 0.7 AP ratio for dmg is weaker than a 0.7 AP ratio for a shield. The shield scales with armor/mr and other dmg reduction, while dmg gets reduced. So her healing and shield are normally worth more than 0.7 and 1.4. The problem that Riot actually faced with the old values was that Janna would go mid. I think the new values on her seem to be ok. Q still looks a bit weak in terms of scaling (0.35 -> 0.4) but overall she seems to have a great shield, a strong slow and a pretty awesome healing ult (more than 50% more healing with 250 AP).
Actually i talked about her other AP ratios as a reply earlier in this thread, but you do have valid points, like the shield scaling with resists. One problem with this specific point however, is that ADCs don't build MR, so they'll have 30-50 resists which won't matter that much (still in the theory that enemy support is a mage with equal AP to you). That makes the shield actually better on things like AD bruisers... not sure what to think about this. With the nerfs to Q's base damage, that ratio, especially for a charged spell, is very low. While her W slow scales, its efficiency also naturally goes down as people buy higher tier boots and tenacity. When playing her as a supp, the only flat out empowered (compared to S3) part of her kit is the ult, so if you build AP janna support, that's one part you must make count now. Unless you build AP-less utility of course. I really don't think she can go mid anymore in S4 with the now lacking waveclear. Don't be fooled by the mage AP ratios: many of them can build DFG or Lich Bane to pump them up, and many have low cooldowns (Karth Q) or bouncing/multiplying mechanisms (Ahri E, Brand R, Fiddle E) that make them **deceptively more damaging**, while shields can't be multiplied by anything but resistances, and heals get countered by commonplace Grievous Wounds. Both also typically have higher cooldowns and/or lower ratios than damaging spells. Which makes sense because in the end, someone needs to die if the game is supposed to end at some point. I don't have a problem with shields and heals having moderate ratios, but really *unique, niche, defining scaling utility* (like Janna E's AD, Soraka's W's armor and E mana restore, or Lulu's onhit proc) *need to be significant*. Else they may be considered unconsequential gimmicks.
: The extra 25 AD from Janna's E also comes with a great increase in durability. Remember, the bonus AD only remains in effect as long as the shield is up. Without AP, you're looking at a shield that can only withstand 240 damage. It's an amount can be easily cut through, thereby removing your bonus AD.
This needs to be looked at in parallel to the enemy support. Let's say both supports are stacking AP, but mine Janna and the other is Kennen (3.0 AP ratio) While Janna's shield will grow stronger by... (i think it's 0.6 right now?) per 1 AP, Kennen's Q will grow stronger by 0.75 damage. In short Kennen's damage scales harder than Janna's shield, so with the same amount of AP on both sides, Kennen will make the shield disappear faster as AP gets higher, while still having stuns and follow-up damage. * If Kennen is on cooldown, the shield lasts, which is no big deal since it doesn't give much AD anymore. The damage from Janna herself is ridiculously low for that much AP, especially with the new Q (AP ratio 0.35->0.65 if you wait 3 long seconds). She can slow strongly and heal strongly if given alot of channeling time (which hardly ever happens and does not guarantee a win). * If Janna is on cooldown, Kennen can deal a shitton of damage and stun all enemies around, removing the ADC (and possibly others) from the fight or from life, which is a bigger deal. If he doesn't kill it himself, his allies can. This kind of effect leads way easier to kills, and then following up on objectives. I think we will have a hard time arguing the legitimacy of taking Janna or any support with such ratios that will probably not impress the ADC much, over taking Kennen or any burst mage that everybody can clearly see how AP on them will definitely help the team, unless the support utility ratios are given enough **initial** oomph. And i say initial, because it needs to happen at release. When the S4 patch comes out, people will make their minds, and then it will be hard to change their opinion if support scalings get a buff afterwards. It will already be printed in their mind as *"supports suck, but mages give me kills".*
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: I agree that the post is probably too long. I'll try to be more concise in my next post. I just went back and snipped a few sentences and tried to improve the formatting. I would have done a tl;dr had I felt that I could have summarized the post in brief. Thank you for your response.
Looks much better now, here have my upvote.
: [Feedback/Suggestion] Relic Shield: Problems and Solutions
While this is very well written and i appreciate that, you might wanna shorten the content a little bit for your next post: there is alot of feedback from many players to read on these forums and making a single post that long can deter most people (maybe even rioters) from reading it at all.
: I have used Scrying Orb a couple of time effectively to spot a champion camping inside a bush.
I have used CV a billion times since S2 to do precisely that, and also check dragons and barons and warding supports and ganking junglers and missing mids, except efficiently. This trinket is extremely bad, not only in comparison to CV, but from an objective point of view aswell. Especially in a world where every other champ has an ability giving sight upon casting or via some trap-like effect on a much lower cooldown (Cait W & R, Nida trap, Lux E, Ashe E, J4 flag, Zed W, Corki Q, etc etc)
: Soraka - Little more utility?
The points about Raka's new passive being strongest when the enemy will be ignited or affected by Morellonomicon make alot of sense. Just gonna point out that if Exec's calling still exists in S4, it will also royally screw her if it ever becomes popular. She needs more utility than just a scaling 2-second armor buff and i really like the suggestion in that comment below about making her remove debuffs on allies, which gives her an actually interesting strategic niche.
: Mastery Changes Coming to PBE
Conjurer is my favorite new mastery by far. With all the pet-enhancing auras that got removed in season 3 (bulwark, the aegis 50% bonus, sivir R, old Shard of true ice..), it's good to finally see a buff. I like how you tied it to traps too, giving the mastery broader appeal. This new change to Perseverance finally also lets it scale into the game aswell. Along with alot of the new masteries giving some sort of regeneration, it seems like some playstyles will be able to be survive lategame even when they don't include big lifesteal/spellvamp or warmogs, especially versus poke (nida...).
: Banner of Command AP
: [Bug] Nami's Q
Wrong title, your report is actually about lux's R, which can't be interrupted except by death (like Ez's R). So nothing new here.
: [Slow] - Slowing a target for 110% snares them
I just tried it and i confirm. The movement speed floor seems to just give up. Enemies are able to use abilities that require not being snared (like Graves' E dash) but they keep trying to walk around, *playing the "walk" animation* without actually moving at all. Their movement speed according to the box in the top left is a clean 0 while under the effect of 110% slow zephyr. On a side note i was hoping the scaling would be better on the speedboost and weaker on the slow but i guess crippling slows are fun too.
: While I must admit that I have neither built nor have seen Eleisa's Miracle built on live before, I still believe that I have something to offer to this discussion. In my opinion, the primary reason why this item is not built on live is because of its lack of a clearly utile purpose in comparison to its opportunity cost. Supports (generally) exist for one main purpose: to provide much-needed utility to a team. As an item primarily directed towards supports, Eleisa's Miracle offers minimal utility on live: a reduction of the cooldowns of summoner spells that receive little use. The item's stats are focused on regeneration, something that is not incredibly useful in teamfights. Philosopher's Stone is a great item because it combines regeneration with additional gold income that allows for greater team-wide utility in the form of wards, while allowing the purchaser to still prepare to build into something that provides EVEN MORE utility such as Shurelya's Reverie or Mikael's Crucible. Even though its cost is minimal in comparison to these other items, the Philosopher's Stone is put to greater use by building into them. Removing Philosopher's Stone from the build path does not fix the opportunity cost problem in any way. In fact, it makes it worse, because the regen provided by this item can now be gained by the new Reverie, in addition to the +2 Gp10. I disagree with the OP in that I do not believe that it should keep the Season 3 passive because it is clear that Riot is performing another purge of summoner spells from Summoner's Rift. I believe that granting increased cast range and duration of vision items and adding a wider radius to the sweeper may lead to the item seeing some use. I would not even be adverse to Eleisa's miracle granting the scrying orb the ability to use Clairvoyance. tl;dr Eleisa's Miracle is underused because it provides little utility and has a moderate opportunity cost. Riot should create an interaction between the new vision system and Eleisa's Miracle to both provide it a better niche and increased utility.
How lovely, well-written and measured feedback. The fact that Miracle used to reduce CV cooldown makes it the "forgotten" vision-related item, and i'm glad you can see it being a good opportunity for a vision-boosting item in that s4 overhaul.
: [Varus] can't hold his Q at max range
: [Feedback] Will of Ancients PBE Changes
Thanks to the OP for opening my eyes about this: Riot, can you guys **stop trying to remove all the auras JUST when you finally give supports the money** to buy them? (WotA, Mana Manipulator, Bulwark, S3 beheaded Soul Shroud... how long until Zeke and Aegis get buried alive aswell?). If you plan on adding other aura items to make up for those losses then at least hint at it, but i'm afraid that might not be your plan. Where's the sense in that? EDIT: just remembered sivir R's AS aura is gone aswell. So much for removing "invisible power" :/ ? I find it very visible when my team attacks faster because of me, tyvm.
: 9 less items in Summoner's Rift in Season 4.
That thread would be alot better with the list of said items
: [Martyr's Call] - Quality of Life
There's a buff on your champ (that looks like the crit mastery) that says how many stacks are stored, so if it's above zero you can go lasthit that minion.
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: New Support Changes on the PBE (10/31/2013)
Not sure this is the best place to post this, but Banner of command ingame gives 40 AP instead of the 80 advertised (the CDR is correct). Also since every "gold income" item now displays the amount gained over the game, it would make sense if Banner kept track of all the gold you got from promoted superminions :)
: New Vision Changes on the PBE (10/31/2013)
What's the thought process behind Farsight trinket? {{summoner:2}} CV always used to be one of the lowest cooldown summoners, and since Farsight trinket is basically a mini-CV, with alot shorter range, that still doesn't reveal invisible units, and with awfully short duration if i trust the tooltip... how did it end up on a 150->120 seconds cooldown with a duration that didn't increase from a paid upgrade? If you guys do nothing about it, this trinket will very quickly become the one nobody picks and your teammates will ragequit while calling you a troll if you do... EDIT: just actually used it, and it is indeed extremely underwhelming. If i wanted to, say, scout a bush against a j4 gank, i'd almost be in range to get knocked up by his EQ combo. And i'd absolutely be in range if he adds flash or his ult, same for nautilus' grab etc.
: Team Builder Available on PBE!
Hello there, just tried the feature as jungle support Heimadonger, when we were all ready and the capt launched, there was an error and game didn't start. -Are game supposed to not start at this early stage or was this actually a bug? -I didn't get a chance to select "captain" mode, was that intended?


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