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: poor treatment of the recent additions to the Immortal Journey skin line
I don't think the immortal journey champions from last year got emotes either. :/
: suggestion for animation ctrl 5 nunu bot
: damn, let me see if I can drive this one in before her release, it may have to wait til 8.18 though.
i love to see that you guys are considering this!
: > [{quoted}](name=Kumiho,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=wiyG4NEJ,comment-id=0013,timestamp=2018-08-16T22:38:43.870+0000) > > Chroma skins are currently unable to work, though they were working just fine yesterday. Help! {{champion:39}} ^ Chromas aren't working since yesterday. Additionally, I'm not sure if it's just user error, but after equipping the Divine Sword Irelia Icon, the border doesn't show in the loading screen. Border doesn't show in norms, practice, or custom games.
How do I fix this? I've been wanting to test the chromas as well as the default skin
: The toggle-able face masks would be amazing.
And being able to toggle the head mask on the blood moon skin! {{sticker:sg-lux}}
: Old irelia was a true duelist she could beat 80% of opponents she went against New irelia wins about 20% to people who played the old irelia and actually fucking loved her the way she was the reworked version was so out of touch with old irelia like she was just an entirely different champion with irelia slapped on old players couldn't play her, like how the hell do you go from being a relatively simple champion to this champion who needs a PHD to play...and expect the old fans of irelia like me to say oh yeah i can still play irelia, like the players with thousands to million mastery points on her (like me) to still love and know how to play her like the old irelia was the reason why the reason i played league in the first place and that's the truth for so many players during any rework you lose some of your player base because what do they have to hold onto? they did have a champion to say at least i have you irelia at least i play you so well and i love playing you oh you're getting a rework and you're so hard to play that i cant play you anymore well i'm out see ya riot games! and they said "we want her to be like old irelia" like since when??? i sure as hell cant play her and i knew from the moment they said rework and irelia i was going to have to look for a new main...
See, here's the thing. New irelia takes skill to play. Old irelia won "80%" of matchups because it honestly was not that hard to wait for your opponent to damage you first so you could **point and click stun** them.
: Headhunter Akali chroma animation coloring
You mean the particles? Generally, the vfx on a skin stay the same no matter what chroma you choose.
: Change Akali's Blood Moon Recall
Most (if not all) newer 975 skins have new recalls. I feel like they **will** add a recall at some point. When irelia was reworked, her 975 skins didn't get new recalls until about a week after they were released on the pbe. Hopefully silverfang, blood moon, and nurse will all get new recalls (and maybe vfx?) We just need to be patient. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Lobby and Champion Select Music Overlapping
This happens to me even in live servers. It's really annoying and I hope they'll look into it soon.
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: Riot doesnt listen to any of us lmao, no matter what we say or how angry we get
They obviously listen to us _sometimes_, and a great example of this is the frostblade irelia skin. After overwhelmingly negative opinions about the collar fur, it was finally removed in an update (which I'm personally not too happy about :c).
: AFK users
Dodging isn't as severe of a violation as afking, and i don't think it deserves such a harsh punishment.
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: Frostblade Irelia - Latest PBE Update 3/23
Yes, a back view! This is beautiful, thanks for the work!
: Yeah, I'd say nightblade, infiltrator (and perhaps eventualyl aviator) turned out to be the best ones (for me at least). Frostblade is still one or the other depending on where it will land.
Turned out the best in terms of what? Hair? lol The best hair obviously goes to nightblade{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Yeah no doubt, it was to balance the negative space. Apart from size from behind the way it was rendered made the skin less sharp and more disney princess like. For example if you check the woad scout quinn she has similar collar, sure it's huge (though it fits nicely) it has visible edges in texture of how fur is folded and combed in one direction which gives it sharper look. There are certainly ways to tweak it to suit the skin. Although I wonder what would it feel if it were smaller, wouldn't it be just a boring elment? Perhaps addinng some little things hanging from it downwards would make it more interesting as long as it doesn't hinder too much of a view of the character silhouette. I pray they revert the current one though. I'd rather have the collar if purple comes back than what is out there now. :0
Now that I see how perfectly implemented the collar fur was on woad scout quinn, I want it even more now ;~; If they can do it once, surely they can do it again?
: I updated the post with images. Would love to get your take on it!
: Yeah, I have to say that the hair is the most disappointing thing about the whole vgu. It s a miracle level rework but that hair looks like a weird blanket, especially the base model. I wonder if they are going to add some dynamics to it while it's on pbe or if this is the end result. I sure hope they'll do something about it. It would be such a shame for such a high quality work :-).
It's wispy and beautiful in the splash but flat af ingame. I'm really impressed with how nightblade's hair came out, and I hope that the default skin will come to resemble that wavy-ness.
: I'm wondering if they tried an iteration when she had some kind of flowy more muffler like kind of furry thing around her neck. I understand the change they made, they decided to go in a different direction I just wish they stood behind it more thoroughly than how they keep changing it now. I'd start with making the collar smaller from her arm/shoulders to blade bones around her back and then up to the other shoulder and arm.
If you take a look at firecracker/mafia jinx, her hair was significantly shortened and her pigtails were removed. In place of the pigtails however, were long ribbons let helped make up for the lack of her flowing pigtails. Frostblade irelia's hair was shortened to the point that it didn't flow in the wind like the hair in the other skins. Maybe they could try something similar to firecracker jinx, adding like ribbons instead of fur? From what I understand, the fur was added to make up for the shortness of her hair, but maybe they could replace it with a headpiece or something? Just an idea :P
: Exactly. It was a great touch to the overall design. THe fur I'd say it like this, unlike Taric Irelia is not a Disney princess so the technique how the fur was made does not suit a warrior concept. It's jsut too smooth out of Disney wonder karma world rather than Irelia's frosty worrior. If anything going with sharper edges, darker shadows (as they started tweaking it with the first reiteration) and so on to make it less obtrusive. Though I'm not saying it would look perfect but it would be better than what we have now. If anything I acutally like the fur collar from the front I think the biggest issue was how it looks from the behind of the charcater (which is a major part of the view you will get in game). If that was tweaked it would turne great. Sure way different than original frostbutt skin but hey they already decided to go a way different road so it doesn't matter anymore in that regard. I wonder if irelia will get a new skin as well after the release (same as swain got ;0).
I feel like the fur was added to make up for the shortness of the hair and how exposed her back area was. The fur could still help both of these things even if it were adjusted so it didn't ruin the view of her back
: Now is much better, not only the colors are like the original, by removing the collar u can actually see the full skin. I dont think she is like the old skin anymore. She has no mechanical pieces and the suit is not the same. I dont really like any fur but if u remove it the entire skin changes so i like it this way. Now its great.
I think that all the fur needs is to be shrunken down quite a bit.
: Yeah, I really hope they eventually return to initial color palette. The last iteration is so bland that it hurts. I think they should have stayed more on their own with the color balance that's something what majority of players has no idea, knowledge and/or education unlike professionals working on the skin. With tweaks to fur collar it was pretty nice. Now it's a lacklsuter how uninteresting it is. :(
The hair was fine, the purple added such a nice touch to the rest of the outfit. The fur was a whole new problem though.. I'm not against it being there, but I think it's so bulky and slightly distracting.
: Ahri Q speed passive.
Her Q wasn't meant to reflect her fox-like character. Her ult dashes are what give her the mobility of a fox. The Q changes were made to make hitting the E and Q together seem more rewarding, which improves gameplay AND damage.
: > [{quoted}](name=ecotone,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=ssmOI8pY,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-03-24T03:19:01.506+0000) > > She has so many ap ratios now, and is really bursty. I feel like she could be played in the midlane as an assassin more than a bruiser. I started thinking the same thing and it made me sad. She's legit not even Irelia anymore. She's a mage with mediocre range, a nice stun and damage reduction. Unless you build her like Master Yi, she's completely useless as an AD champion.
I felt the same way at first. I've mained Irelia for a long time, and it'll always feel strange to me rushing a lich bane instead of trinity force. But if this is the only way she's going to do good damage, I'm all for it.
There's lots of AP top laners too. Since the majority of irelia's abilities scale in AP, I think it's more effective to build her as hybrid or even full AP for now. She's incredibly mobile and could be useful in the midlane as an AP assassin like {{champion:245}} or {{champion:131}}. Building her as a typical bruiser is basically ignoring the amazing damage and utility from her E, W, and R.
: Frostblade Irelia - Latest PBE Update 3/23
The problem with the fur is that it's too bulky.. I really wish It could stay, but be shrunk to a more reasonable size.
: Frostblade Irelia, give me your opnions...
I wish the hair could be a bit longer. I wouldn't say remove the fur around her neck entirely, maybe make it smaller so it doesn't draw away from the rest of the skin. The plasticy material on the blades is what is making them seem dull in my opinion.
: AP Irelia is SICK
She has so many ap ratios now, and is really bursty. I feel like she could be played in the midlane as an assassin more than a bruiser.
: Irelia's VGU skins feel rushed/low priority. What do you think?
I don't like how huge the fur currently is. The largeness of it takes away a lot of the rest of the skin. I feel if it were shrunk, it could still add subtle detail without being overwhelmingly distracting
: Frostblade Irelia looks like Winter Wonder Karma
The problem of the fur on her shoulders is that it's simply too big. I don't think removing it entirely would fix the problem. It adds a lot of detail and personality to the skin, it's just overwhelming and could be toned down by a lot.
: Irelia's Ultimate VFX suggestion.
For the Infiltrator skin, I was thinking about adding crackling electricity in between the blades of the wall. It would be similar or even identical to the electric effects used when she reaches max stacks on her passive. I'm not too sure what the theme if the Infiltrator skin is, but I just thought the idea seemed cool.
: Vorschläge zur Verbesserung für Nightblade Irelia
The in-game model and textures are nice, especially the blades and hair, but I'm not really digging the mask and splash art.
: Honestly the fur collar could be optional as is ashe's mask for her ultimate skin, and other things with other skins. :0 I also liked the original color palette more with a difference that the blades could be somewhere more in the middle of where they are now and where they were originally. note: by original I mean when the rework came out.
> [{quoted}](name=murmur,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=Zk8HsyhE,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-03-22T16:22:31.218+0000) > > Honestly the fur collar could be optional as is ashe's mask for her ultimate skin, and other things with other skins. :0 > > I also liked the original color palette more with a difference that the blades could be somewhere more in the middle of where they are now and where they were originally. > > note: by original I mean when the rework came out. This is such a good idea! There seems to be a good amount of people who don't dislike the fur collar (myself included) and it would allow you personalize the skin in a way. I really hope the fur collar stays, even if altered a bit so it didn't overpower the rest of the skin.
: Why Does Irelia Feel So Weak?
For now, I feel like you can best utilize her damage by building her hybrid (Lich bane, Gunblade, etc)

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