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The new splash art for Malzahar is really awesome, will he be getting a visual update in the future as well?
: [Master Shen EUW][Toplane] The most complete and explicative feedback about the recent Shen update.
Holy hell, I didn't read on the overall stat reduction on Shen that is just nasty.... I honestly say that the Spirit Sword mechanics feels a bit too forced, sounds strange I know but I honestly think it just doesn't feel right. What I honestly think is that they should totally change the fact that the spirit sword stays on the ground at all times, and change his first ability. So what it would do is, he'd be carrying his spirit sword around (which would be badass) and then his q would throw the sword to where he casted it. If you land it it doesn't do damage, but does the mark that would occur if he dragged it, maybe lower the AS buff early but slightly better late. Maybe even as well the marked targets will heal you when you deal damage to them. Shadow Dash is honestly always been a great skill, but wouldn't it be sort of cool if he could do a similar thing to j4, where he could dash much further towards his thrown spirit sword, another cool thing in my opinion! Hopefully Riot looks at your post, and gets some thoughts on it!
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: Customs still in "requires 3 players+" mode?
Yes, I would like to be able to test the champ by myself with some bots, makes things less stressful and you can play however you want to.
: Try leveling E first in lane. Spam it on minions to harass and you'll see it's much better than leveling Q. It also costs no mana (25 at max level is a joke).
I did try leveling up E as my first time playing him actually, I did it because it lowers the armor for the Q and it helped do more with the Q. I can see where you're coming from but I just don't see the ability being more useful later in the game against an entire team as it only is a single target ability on champions.
: Sion's Q. Decimating Smash. Is Terrible: here is why
It really sucks to see such a plethora of counters... I actually thought of an idea that makes it easier to cast, but is only similar to the damage of the current model by having your Soul furnace on whilst casting decimating smash. Making the q quicker, and halving it's current values and making it so that he really gets rewarded for being able to land the skill whilst having the shield on. The counter play here isn't that he gets stunned or easily CC'd. If you can do enough damage to him before the 1 second he charges up, you can either destroy the shield, or get out of the way. Instead of giving the person 2 seconds to think. Also, I think It would also help on the W if it wasn't percentage with a flat damage that has a low AP ratio, but has an AD ratio that increases just the maximum health for shield. Really cool that you elaborate more on the topic Debonair! ^_^
: I agree, this ability is too easy to evade/ interrupt / predict. It would be nice if it worked as Vi's Q, a channeled ability which greatly reduces his movement speed while charging it, not making him completely immobile.
I was thinking the same thing. If can't be like a Xerath Q or a Vi Q, then at least make it that he can change the direction of the Q. I guess there is still time for him to change of course.
: I have played against Sion every single game since his rework. I feel good about it because he basically has only 3 skills with Q being nearly worthless. I have only been hit by one Q from him this entire time and that's because I was held in place from an Amumu ultimate.
It seems he really needs to rely on other champion's CC. I mean, he does have a pretty decent slow. But the problem with the slow, is that if you want to hit an entire team with the slow you need a non-champion unit. That again seems really unreliable. While I do find it pretty cool that if you choose to hit a champion with it, it does lower the armor, it just seems like an unreliable CC. He'll have to rely on his other abilities being Q and R, his R should be his way to initiate, and his Q being too slow.
: I agree, Sion's Q is a staple of his main damage source and crowd control. It's just that it is very easy to counter-play and people can react on time just to stop his charging. I played Darius top against a Sion and obviously, I destroyed him because I always saved my E (the pull) whenever I see him use his Q. Sion is still a new champ, like literally a new champion, so Riot will definitely tune his stats and numbers in the future. Can't wait though! :3
I sure hope so, he really does need a few tweaks, but I do say I can see their reasons for making it a slow charge up...it's just so satisfying to smack people with it.
: Hi, I completely agree with you about Sion's Q as a risky ability if someone decides to charge it at least 1 second. It is not immune to CC and it can easily be countered by going behind Sion or simply walking away quickly enough. If Sion has the ability to turn around while charging his Q, it will be quite strong because the range is already quite good and you can just let go of the Q early to deal damage anyway. I feel that the best addition or buff for Sion's Q is whenever he gets interrupted, it will automatically go off at the charge he is hit. It is just a waste if he almost reached the peak and he got interrupted, then the Q just disappears. There are a quite amount of people here that wants the same thing for Sion, so hopefully we'll see something for him soon! Caleb
I'm glad to hear that a lot of people think the same way, it would be quite the quality of life improvement for him. That ability in itself is extremely important to be able to hit and if it can be just stopped by the most measly CCs...well then it really just makes him not as viable :(
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