: Hey gonna start my response with saying this: I'm **not** a Rioter. I'm a volunteer just like you and your neighbour's cat. I just have more experience compared to most because I've been here for a long time. Now first of all: > I have to log out from PBE to login to LAN, and vice versa You don't have to. Log out of both regions, have two browser tabs open, one with the PBE boards login screen, the other with the LAN login screen, then log into both regions at the same time. \o/ (Like, have your username and password all written out on both login browsers, then click login on one tab and immediately click login on the other tab too) About changing the PBE client homepage: technically the homepage itself is a webpage. You can change it yourself with the instructions [here](http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=4024949) (Look for a response by someone called If I Were Jesus. Open lol.properties with the notebook program). Honestly, though, as a PBE tester, you're *supposed* to engage on the boards. It really doesn't take much time to just open in and scroll through it just to see whats going on, what Riot specifically wants tested, what's bugged, etc etc. You can do it while you're patching or queueing; you don't even need to be logged in for it. Moobeat gets the information (probably) by running a script that looks for differences. Rioters sometimes help him out and Tweet him some (additional) info, but mostly he does it by himself and his team mostly. About skin sales; you gotta remember that skins are a big factor in Riot's income. Of course they try to pitch and sell it to as many people as possible. I'm not an expert on sales and all, but they probably changed the sale-system because: LoL had over 500 skins now, that number is only going to increase, as well as an increas in the overall quality of a skin. And of course Riot makes mistakes, every person does and so does every company. It happens. It's life. What matters is how you handle it, though. Riot listened to the community, introduced a (half-)yearly IP sale for it and significantly improved the quality of the chromas. > (…) Gonna post it here, hope it helps someone that experience the same as me ;) . Honestly, if you had looked a little bit through the forums, you would have seen more people posting about it and Riot already replying on it :')
Amy I see that you have replied to any post concerning PBE linked accounts so I wanted to ask you, was linking our live account with are PBE account the only thing we had to do??
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: PBE Updating SUPER Slow all of a sudden.
Patching speed actualy depends on how many stuffs are getting done but if it goes really slow, 1 hour for example, maybe there is a problem.
: Hey AlinaSunnsin, Thanks for the post! Minions are not actually considered "Monsters". The jungle creep are referred to as "Monsters" in tool tips I believe - so you could not use this item and get gold from a jungle camp. Let us know if you see otherwise! -Terra
Terra, I've got a question. Are Black Market's Items going to be on Normal Games when this Game Mode ends?
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: Bot's stopped using wards, but buy them, leaving them with only 4 items slots
They have also stopped using their flash and dodging as well as before :(
: Karthus' Leaves A Dark Shadow After His Passive Has Ended *Picture Included*
This is his dead body. I think that it disappears when karthus respawns.
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: Well each mecha skin had different motivations. Kha's is based on Killzone (from what I've seen). I have no clue about Malph's to be honest ._. and Aatrox's seemed to be based on Pacific Rim's 'Gypsy Danger' :3 Those are just my observations. I honestly like the way Mecha Kha works, being a Killzone fan i may be a little biased :P
Yes but they both look like transformers except Kha'zix and that's a bit strange because oftheir ssame name. Mecha {{champion:266}} + Mecha {{champion:54}} ≠ Mecha {{champion:121}} :P
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: Night Hunter Rengar
I want night hunter rengar back and why you create these {{item:3166}} {{item:3405}} {{item:3411}} Just this {{item:3417}}


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