I started playung 4 years ago, so it is hard to get used to new health bars
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: Game didn't start
: Why would anyone think this works omfg Its been said so many times and not worked so many times Seriously shut up and stop trying to help because you arent helping and it pisses everyone off when anyone says this
: Fuck anyone who thinks they’re helping by saying this. You aren’t, tons of people have said this and it doesn’t help help. Hasn’t helped anybody.
: jana kata ults too visually similar
Also Death sworn kata's blades on ARAM are almost invisible
: I Can´t create mastery pages
: masteries
https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-feedback/Lb8Jnf4Y-read-this-if-you-cant-save-your-mastery-page here you go
: Mastery Bugged...
https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-feedback/Lb8Jnf4Y-read-this-if-you-cant-save-your-mastery-page I explained it here
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: Can't save masteries!
it is not a bug, use only 30 points you leveed up so you have 31/32 mastery points use only 30{{champion:74}}
: Failed to save mastery pages due to network failure.
You leveled up, so you have 31/32 mastery points. Use only 30 of them and you will be able to save your page! {{champion:74}}
Buddy, you leveled up so you have 31/32 mastery points use only 30 and you will be able to save. Have a nice day ahead
: the rotating game mode for the next patch
Try to handle server overload when all of the people what enjoy playing that game modes rush on server, that could be a reason for "pushing them back"
: Can we make a ranked req to join pbe? Hear me out...
Some people don't play ranked, but know about game more than some plat players, like IT students....
: Ghost Poro available in ARAM
Deal with that, Bush on ARAM is used for defensive plays as well as aggressive having vision is making ARAM fights just like at the summoner's rift mid lane.
: Generally speaking riot does receive data from matches played regardless of feedback. This data proves to be useful when it comes to balance. I agree that the behavior and mindset for most players on the pbe isn't in line with "testing" in mind. I also consider this to be unacceptable.
You literally explained everything <3
: WHY I HAVE 3000 RP AND 5 BL??
Calm down guys, I bet that everything what you've bought will arrive soon. Patience is a key to knowledge
: I think TOO many people buy stuff in STORE causes the server laggy. Its not laggy anymore. Because they disabled the store and let it load for all the purchases.
Oh that could also be a problem, gj man!
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: ----UPDATE---- 1:30PM LOS ANGELES TIME --------- Hey everyone, we think we have a good short-term solution to get Store up for you today. I'll have an update for you within 2.5 hours, right around the time that PBE will come up from maintenance. Thanks so much for your patience.
Thank you for your update! and thank all of you for your hard work!
: heh , after you come from 1/20 yasuo in ranked in normal lol servers is hard not to flame (not in my case... I don't flame since I have PBE)
Oh, yasuo is an awesome champion, but yasuo mains? they are dicks to be honest haha {{champion:157}}
: Why is the PBE server so laggy
There is only one PBE server, so people from Europe,Russia, etc. Have high ping, even tho I am from Europe my ms is 120 and it is playable {{champion:74}}
It is a connection problem, I think because some players are playing from Europe,Russia,etc. {{champion:74}}
: [Katarina] E + W combo bug
For me it works well, it could be a lag result or you specs are set too high.{{champion:74}}
: Oh so it's normal, but last time i logged i didn't even get to loading screen my screen was just all black? Any reasons why?
Then just log in again, works for me! Have on mind that pbe is not live server so in game, loading screen and client bugs will happen more often then on live servers!
: I was wondering if you can help me im getting network errors all the time tho my internet fully works and i get disconnected from games and im starting to get worried and this only happens on PBE for me, any suggestions pls
Buddy, that happens on pbe when someone disconnects or even everyone disconnects. Game ends and all players are sent back to the home screen!
: I do agree about the time on champion select. With those new runes, you have to be 3x smarter and choose what the game really want and you really need. I think that in PBE i feel this rune edition sooo slow, i think thats the lag, maybe my note to. But they could do something like give more time to that, after everyone select their champions.
: Ошибка в описании рун
: A new client
Try LAN connection, ms is not a result of bad pc or laptop it is a result of bad connection!
: PBE is crap v2
You wanna have an exciting game? Go on normal server and have fun there, pbe is made for testing new stuffs, not for finishing the game or something like that this is a normal thing on pbe if we take care that server is located in Chicago, so give normal feedback, report a normal bug or just stop playing!
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: Le gasp, I versed you in game earlier my friend- Yes I can safely agree with you on that, It's distressing when people forget it's still a game.
We are here to help them to improve not to flame or open chests, even if you have a bad game there is no reason to flame!
: People are taking adventage of PBE
I know, that is painful. Some people don't understand that this is just a game, things get worse when they go afk on pbe I don't know what to say about that kind of people!
: Loot is back?
Loot is offline as well as the store, until they fix it. You have a post already here where everything is explained! Have a nice day ahead
: ******PLEASE READ THIS******** There is no timeline about when the store will be online again. It will be offline at least over the weekend. I am aiming for Monday, but we will have to check on health at that time. I'm very sorry about this.
That is not a problem sir. a lot of us are glad to be a part of pbe community it is not all about opening the chests till the end of time. We want to gelp to improve
: Can we get Rune performance in the end of Game stats?
That is a great idea! and in the future when preseason went on live servers, I think that in soloQ timer should be atleast 30-45 seconds longer, because people are not familiar with new runes, so it coud result with wrong runes in the first few weeks, since we can change runes in quee maybe extra time could be helpful. What do you think?

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