: actually the exact same xD I think the movement speed could also be on the e as a purely defensive/all in tool
Yeah having a chilling smite effect on her e would nice try to either try and run away or catch up depending on the situation.
: 6/30 pbe patch Diana Changes
With these changes she won't be having mana issues in lane anymore. Getting the mana back on hitting q plus the mana cost decrease her all she needs to not have to worry about mana as long as you aren't spaming abilities right when they're up. The set mana cost on q is something that's always been there and no need to change as 55 is a very nice amount. The cost reduction on the w is way more than I expected especially with getting the mana back aspect though it is welcomed. The mana cost on e doesn't need to change as its usage is situational and not often and the mana cost on ult is low already. I would rather Riot stick with the old passive of Diana. Always having that 20% attack speed compared to only having it sometimes made her passive feel clunky when I test it out so I'll have to try the new one but changing the 20% from always to occasionally just seems super clunky in theory as well. Keeping the attack speed increase on the e is a good idea to keep as it does give a little more incentive to rank up her e now but it's probably still better to go w-q-q rather than w-q-e. I would rather riot do this instead. keep the regular 20% base attack speed but also keep the passive attack speed increase amount per rank of e. Not a crazy increase per rank though. like only 10% increase per rank or a 20% increase at rank 1 then 10% after that. I feel like this change would make her passive more streamline, consistent, and more reliable than getting the increase only after an ability. So it'd be like this. Passive: Grants Diana 20% attack. (along with cleave) E: Passive: Increases Diana's passive attack speed by x% (10% or so). I think this change would make her more consistent with her passive and not super ability reliant for it. This also wouldn't be a crazy buff or anything as by the time you're putting more than 1 point into your e you're later mid-late game and in fights you don't always have the ability to auto attack anyways. I would like to see a moonlight interaction with her other abilities but we'll probably have wait until riot looks into her kit more in depth. After I've played with the changes I'll make a separate post on with my feedback from playing with them and other possible changes. {{champion:131}} Bot
: Yup yup, I've already put out a comment on it (and probably annoyed poor Rickless xD). Seems like we're being heard! although I still think she'll need a little more (and possibly lower damage if she gets any of these changes). Any idea when patch goes live? Same here, I've actually caught myself trying to run faster with w xD would be close to how katarina does things. https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-feedback/q5EtiUYL-630-pbe-patch-diana-changes
Totally forgot katarina gets movespeed buff on her w. would be very similar.
: Diana changes I would like to see.
Thanks for the mention. I would really like to see Diana's passive untouched as laning without that 20% base attack speed feels very clunky and awkward for Diana early. Her mana costs aren't too bad as the static cost of the q at 55 is good though having to use w a lot in lane to mitigate damage or push the lane out does use a lot of mana. I would really like to see at least a little bit of gank escape or a little more mobility in her kit as she is very susceptible to ganks where as other assassins or divers usually have some potential to get out. Examples. Zed can shadow out, Talon can ult out or jump out over walls. etc... Having a burst of movement speed that decays over time I think would be Diana's best option for some extra mobility at the moment, or alternatively have it so that her e steals the move speed of enemies (similar to malp q). Though out of the two I'd rather have the burst of move speed on the w because that would be more consistent overall. There's some new updates coming to pbe later today that I'll try out and make a full post about them.
: Thoughts on the Diana pbe changes
While I agree with most of what you say her q hitting turrets would be very strange and out of place, just in the game in general. No mages and just spells on turrets unless their like and empowered auto (even kassadin can't w turrets and anymore, only auto reset them). But that's where her passive comes in. Having the cleave and passive attack speed she is one of if not the best AP turret taker in the game, especially if she has nashors as her cleave damage onto turrets allows her to take them insanely fast, even at low levels. Moonlight acting as essentially a lich bane on her next auto would be a very interesting dynamic (acting as an empowered auto against moonlight targets) and would help her cs-ing early potentially as she could get easier last hits in. I like the idea of her w giving her some movement speed when activated. Maybe something like a burst of movement speed that decays overtime as sometimes I'm just out of range with my q or r and need a little extra move speed to get in range or having that extra move speed would be really nice for dodging poke or getting out of a gank without having to use flash. For her e if she is already getting move speed on her w then it wouldn't be necessary on her e but having a moonlight interacting as I said in my other post would be nice. a visual update on her would be nice as the effects right now are a bit lack luster. Overall I think Diana, right now atleast. The enemies should be afraid of getting hit by q. Not just as it is right now like oh she's just gonna r me and do damage. But oh I got hit by her q what is she going to do to me, give her options instead of being so linear with her kit or her moonlight debuff. Also giving her a moonlight interaction on her e would give her a lot more gank assist especially pre-6 where she is weak in lane and having that interaction early would give her a better chance the jungler helping her.
: Sounds like we're of a similar thought on this. mana costs down/pool up, and more interactions with moonlight. I think if they go this route I'd like to see extra damage on targets inflicted with moonlight. I would also like to see movement speed on her w while it's active, and I was thinking maybe a slow after pulling things with e, but I actually like your idea a little better. Would also like to see her ult look more intense graphically, maybe she breaks the ground when she dashes to someone. I'll agree it's really lackluster compared to the character they paint in the lore though. Should be something badass that allows her to charge in and wail on people. I'm thinking sort of an ap incarnation of shyvana when she ults lol. https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-feedback/m4E676KI-thoughts-on-the-diana-pbe-changes That's the post I threw up, would be interested to know your thoughts on it.
Riot has said that will be looking at her kit to do sort of a mini rework on her I believe which is why right now I'd rather seem them just buff Diana or add a little something extra rather than Change how she plays right now. I would definitely like to see more interactions with moonlight on her other abilities as right now getting the moonlight debuff with her q is an essential part of her kit and what she has to play around mostly. I've found that Diana, once she gets some items, damage is something that she doesn't lack so the extra damage on targets afflicted by moonlight is probably unnecessary. Movement speed on her w would be really nice small buff for it try make up for a least a little but of her low general mobility. With her e, it actually already slows after pulling things in, but having some type of interaction with moonlight would be interesting and add some more diversity to her kit rather than keeping it so static right now. Her ultimate. nothing can really be done to that right now, which kinda sucks but one thing that small but would be really nice is that the ult dash can not be interrupted. There's been many times where I go to ult someone, I get something like thresh flayed out of it and because I didn't actually hit the target I didn't get the moonlight reset and the ult goes on cd which is very annoying. So that change would be very nice. Graphically it's a bit lame but it's from 2012 so if they do actually rework her ult at all they'll improve the graphics of it greatly (I hope).
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