: Yasuo E-Q Bug
: Yasuo Wind Wall and Aurelion Sol Q
i THINK that its because the whole Q (the stun area too) is one projectile, so like this A = Aurelion Sol Y = Yasuo S = Stargurge | = Wind Wall ( ) = stun area A --------(-|--S---)Y (will dissapear) A ---------|-(---S---)Y (wont dissapear Hope u understood :3
: Hextech Crafting system; Are all skin's available and what about getting skins you already own?
This sounds rly wierd actually, personlly i havent had time to test them that much but you can disenchat the merged skin? Or maybe its just a bug (its PBE afterall)
: Blind Pick Ranked
Have the same. No matter where i go its says "Ranked" and "party" Poro king? ranked, dominion? Ranked
: Offline client for League of Legends / Mobile acces to accounts
**Offline client:** If you make your masteries offline then how were u thnking that u would have them on the server later? then you would need a file saved in your computer that laers uploads to a server which would cause more delay on the server and also would make it easier for hackers to acces your comp with the upload road (if a hacker find that connection which would be easy) **Phone APP:** > Regarding your second thing: we're getting that, Riot has announced it. ;> Only the chatting part though, it seems. The rest will probably take a lot of internet and it's probably not very security proof.. -AMY SERY
: It is usually a internet related problem. I experienced it myself a few days ago and noticed that i had an unstable wifi connection. Once I changed to cable or got a stronger signal it downloaded okay. Maybe you should try one of those.
yeah, i took the laptop to my otherplace and i could download it without any problem, but ofc when im back to my first place and going to play some PBE its a new patch so i cant {{item:3070}} {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
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: Can't cancel Queue
: http://www.surrenderat20.net/ Is one of the more popular ones. You can also ask the people in the 'Public Beta' Chat Room to see what's new!
Thanks, and about the chat room, i cant find it :/
: [PATCHER] "Update Failed"
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: Play Co-op. The queues are almost instant, and nobody cares what the team comp is, so you can play whatever the heck you want. It's good enough for doing the same sort of initial exploring with a champ or items that you would be trying in custom games.
True, thanks for the tip, honestly didnt think about it xD
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: new to pbe and would like some help
: new to pbe and would like some help
I had to run as administrator first time, then it downloaded and i never had to again {{champion:36}} Try start as admin and then restart the PBE client and comeback with update :D
: Board Bug
I just changed from chrome to firefox and it worked, but thanks then i can hopefully use chrome again xDD


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