: Looks like Riot is restricting Kled from being a jungle champion.
At the very least on buffs and reduce the build from turrets a tad
: I played her and after about 3 tries it felt very comfortable. Once you get used to it, it makes sense.
I feel yea, eventually, Ill get it but why, its not particularly enjoyable, it doesnt add any more gameplay or interactivity to her kit, its just a small barrier to entry that serves no mechanical purpose when it could be easier for enemies and allies to understand if the click was more consistantly doing what the player wanted using time proven intuitive mechanics
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: meh old passive was trash at best. Zyra is a pretty safe champion if you position well so unless you were bad you probably weren't using your passive much at all. I've had 5 or 6 deathless games on zyra and I rarely go over 2 deaths.
What if her ult spawned her old passive plant if placed on a seed, letting you fire the bolt with a second activation, or autotarget like heimer turrets
: MYMU - Zyra discussion
I personally feel these changes havent added any extra interest to Zyra... If I were to have done a zyra update I would had done a few things differently For example... Make the passive more reliable by only spawning one seed but the seed will spawn either directly under you or at your cursor... I would think it would be cool if you could choose to spawn a plant at a seed or amplify a spell with a seed by casting the spell at the seed origin. For example, casting Q near a seed does what it does now, but if you click directly on a seed and cast Q it will consume the seed and create a thorn bush the slows and damages enemies who pass through it while it persits for a few seconds, adding a zone control element. The ult has to be cast directly on a seed and it spawns a mega thornspitter like her old death passive that fires a true damage bolt when you reactivate the ult, the ult would still knock up and damage but for less damage.
: The new passive on Rampant Growth doesn't functionally do anything.
Or strangle throrns only being castable on her seeds, and then have it spawn a unique plant like her old death passive the shoots a targetable true damage bolt... maybe add a timer to her seed spawn passive and have it spawn at your cursor (or as close as possible), right now its pretty much illaois passive... give it a bit more functionality
: I think the ideas behind change are reasonable, but they're way too far of a shift towards theoretical power instead of practical power. A lot of damage was shifted out of his Q. His E's upfront power was pulled back for **very** unreliable delayed increase. Chaos storm being refocused to be more of a damage over time threat is likely to be very satisfying, but 2 second intervals aren't going to work. That particular trait is just an awful change. I don't fully agree with you on the Q change being good. I haven't run the math so I may be wrong, but the major benefit would be in the shield, which doesn't seem like the sort of trade off Viktor should be making with his current skills. The logic seems to be that late game lichbane makes him hit too hard with it, but I feel like the impact of that is a little overstated. I fully agree with you on the E changes being too big of a delay, which will only serve to make certain matchups more punishing. I also agree with the ult, although I worry that grounding might be too strong at the current speed at which the ult can travel. I do think, however, there is substantial value in tailoring the ult to apply grounding. I feel like this could be final push to a truly unique identity for him, focusing on a debilitation zoning team fight presence. Either way, the 2 second interval has to change. It doesn't even fight the particle thematically, let alone function well.
I agree with the grounding, it would add a lot of synergy with his W, preventing people from avoiding a stun and E with explosion... especially when you get the W augment allowing you to blast away a large group of people
: Down to a minimum of 50% damage over 6 hits, I'm actually super excited for the changes to kennen ult. Slightly less damage if you only hit them 3 times but if you can keep them in it it's amazing.
When I played him it still only hit 3 times idk why
: I actually really like playing as Shen (on live, soon to be "Old Shen") and frankly the rework seems like a rework just for the sake of one. His kit's pretty awesome, he's not OP, but changing it seems to be a mistake. Also, the lack of damage reduction on the E is just absolutely ridiculous. Sometimes, its best not to fix what isn't broken as the old expression goes.
the only thing I didnt like about shen before was the point and click on an energy ability, all they had to do was change his Q, I liked the interaction with vorpal strike or what ever his passive was
: If you two don't mind sharing what OS you're running and your computer's specs? I'd appreciate it. Thanks! RockMan EXE, specifically when you encounter this bug when attempting to purchase skins, does pressing the escape key do anything?
Yep same bug, Its just as Meepo said, it happens when ever you open a screen over the champ select
: Easy: get rid of the enemy front line so your team can destroy their backline.
: A Poppy Mains Feedback
As a old poppy main back in seasons 1-3 Im absolutely in love with the new poppy, it is a little frusting what they did with her personality but new poppy is just as likeable... Q is great IMO, maybe a slightly better scaling ratio, a 1 for 1 would be great but maybe to strong since its mainly just an AA reset. W is also great, maybe more visual clarity E just as beautiful as before And I love the new ult so muchmore than old ult, it has so many different uses, it could use some QoL buffs but still, it is intended to be used in a variety of ways, peeling, evening 2v5 fights, long range finisher, short range aoe knock up. Only thing Id say is make it true damage.
: [Champion Rework] Poppy
I can concede to many of your points, I feel they made her kit have more variability while sacrificing her build having more variability... though Ive had a few games on her and she does pleanty of damage and late game acts as an amazing team buffer, her early and mid game she is an assassin, late game she is the team guardian. Second Q isnt hard to land with an iceborn also the CD of her ult is halved when she doesnt second cast, its just a visual bug showing otherwise
: Poppy QoL changes
I think the Zac blob like buckler is intended, its not really meant to be caught automatically, you have to deliberately pick it up which may not be possible all the time... if you want a garenteed shield before engaging then last hit a minion with it instead. Other wise it is just like zac blobs... step on it and it will deny poppy from a really effective shield, pretty good counterplay Sheen works great on her, especially iceborn, use the Q as an AA reset and it combos insanely well... so you go W, Passive AA (with Iceborn & Deadmans Plate), E, AA (with Iceborn), Q, AA (with Iceborn), (Q deals explosion damage), Titanic Hydra, AA, Q she can do a really strong burst and survive pretty well Also regarding her ult, its meant to be a decision on whether you should Charge it or not, in combative situations yes the no charge ult is great and works like malph or ali, but a charged ult can mean you blast everyone out of baron pit and smite it yourself... or if there is one too many enemies around you can blast a few a way and make the fight in your teams favor... also when trying to run away... ulting them as far away as possible will pretty much mean you are a safe yordle.
: Poppy Passive Thoughts
or maybe have the CD reduced once she picks it up, so if she kills a unit with it the CD is halved or something so that you get a shield toss every few seconds... but then the HP shield becomes pretty op if it is constantly refreshed. OR make it so that when you kill a unit with it you can toss it again but you wont get a shield and you can do this until you eventually dont kill a target with the shield. Idk I think its good as is but its fun to brainstorm! :D
: Poppy Rework Impression
Her Q is a range INCREASE from her old Q, her new Q has the same cast time as old Q and works as an AA reset, if you think of it as an empowered directional AA it seems pretty good imo much stronger and serves the same functionality as old Q, shares the same CD too... its not meant to be like a Mega Gnar W, it is just another hammer attack.
: Blacksmith poppy hammer [Request]
if the hammer fizzled and flamed after using her Q maybe but not all the time
: Poppy's Current State (Rework)
Think of the new Q as the same as the old Q, old Q had a damage cap of 375 new Q does not, but both work as a quick AA reset and have the exact same cast time (tested). So in that vain it is a range buff from her old Q it just requires short range aiming as well as potential to deal 12% Max Hp damage if you do land a perfect combo or just get the second Q blast off... max rank the Q has only a slightly longer cooldown than live. Her W is similar in functionality but offers so much more it is great, it doesnt stay up very long early which makes it used kinda like a riposte which is fun and feels skillful Her passive is awkward at first but definately offers a lot of versitility in lane and in the jungle, the shield is obviously great for both (probably better in the jungle) while the range can help you farm and last hit against a lane bully or it can set up a ranged AA that procs melee item effects like Frozen mallet Iceborn and most important Dead mans plate, making it a potent ranged slow for mid game ganking Her E is just as amazing as always and Her ult... so much more engaging than her old ult, and honestly has so many uses and so much versitility that it veers on the edge of broken. Since the damage doesnt increase with the charge only the range does, it makes it useful to use a quick tap cast ult for just a knock up and some damage (E into the team pushing a front liner into a back liner and ult knocking them both up and dealing heavy damage and setting up a team fight malphite style) Her fully charged Ult pretty much makes it impossible to take objectives which is kinda op tbh, just blast their jungler away and smite the epic monster yourself, and if say its lee sin who tries to ward jump or Q back into the pit then just W and stop that too... XD she has a lot of situational power and seems to be very high skill cap to unlock all her potential though I feel she wont be that hard to be successful with (low skill floor high skill ceiling) PS Old poppy may be able to kill new poppy merely because of the old poppy ult, as of right now the new poppy has a lot more damage and utility, also new poppy can stick on a target slightly better. This rework to me is just a new ult where as all the other skills just got bonus effects and buffs
: For the same reason Sion kicks enemies with his right boot. It's a funny crit animation on a champion which doesn't normally build a lot of crit.
> [{quoted}](name=NullAshton,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=NNZnpkwV,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-11-25T06:28:33.360+0000) > > For the same reason Sion kicks enemies with his right boot. > > It's a funny crit animation on a champion which doesn't normally build a lot of crit. But her old crit animation was her doing a full spin, at max Crit it was hilarious to see her as a little hammer tornado
Rioter Comments
: Poppy Titanic Hydra bug
Yea Its supposed to be melee, it just procs the effect weird, as for titanic it just blasts the area in front of poppy and not behind the target. But it synergizes insanely well with glacial shroud and dead mans plate for the ranged slow and really good initial poke damage before going in
: No love for Talon?
they mentioned new AD assassin itemization, which would help talon just as much as the others, but they also said they are leaning towards an assassin overhaul next so I would assume talon would get some minor changes
: Just tested on PBE and couldn't repro. Are you sure you didn't get the decree on the 2nd hit because of your W proc? Enhanced AAs count double.
I tried it again and Its still not working for me. If it is working then it has no visual effects, cd timer or sounds
: Not gonna lie - both of them look like they have an equal amount of delay on the fog actually updating. The only difference is that the smokescreen itself has a fog-like particle effect whereas Quinn's just has the circle - but the actual vision outside the circles seem to be behaving identically in both.
but graves last longer so its easier for clarity sake, the fact that Quinns blind is over by the time the fog of war is finished closing in it feels weird, the fog animation just needs to be faster to compensate for the duration of the blind
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: Why not make Quinn's "blind" the actual behavior of Blind?
I love this for a multitude of reasons, first it just makes sense, if you are blinded why can you still hit abilities but not AA's, second its much more dynamic to play against, you arent stuck, you are limited in any way you just have to make the decision if its safe to get closer or not. Third is that it is a cc that can be balanced via two varibles, duration and strength (kinda like slows), while one person may have a very long blind another may have a strong blind where as the vision radius is reduced much greater. As for teemo I wouldnt say it would its more net neutral if not more of a buff, yes it opens him up to be more vunerable to melee targets but it makes him stronger against his previous rival, mages or heavy ability users. Also allows more strategic plays and disorients the ccd enemy more, reduce an enemies vision and then set shrooms in their path that they would have seen and avoided otherwise... also the vision reduction radius could decrease as you leveled the skill.
: I agree, blind has always been one of the dumbest mechanics in the game. It's clunky, frustrating to deal with and worst it's heavily dependent on match-ups in a rock paper scissors fashion. Very few abilities in the entire game go from amazing to utterly worthless depending on who you're facing, and blind abilities are one of them. Sight reduction certainly doesn't affect everyone evenly, but it affects everyone in some way. There's interesting ways to play around it both for the caster and the target, allow players to juke and predict each other. Loss of sight also means having a mechanic that is a lot less buggy with predictable interactions.
I actually love this new definition for blind, kinda how they reworked fear when heca came out to force the target directly away... also the blind cc would be really interesting coupled with other skills... only issue is the frame rate drops that tend to happen with sudden changes in the fog of war, but if it became more popular Im sure it would become optimized
: Illaoi Feedback Thread
I feel she is really strong but has some great counterplay, she opens up unique avenues to play with and against her, however I feel there are a few clarity issues. I think that having a range indicator on how far away one tentacle must be from another would be helpful, as well as their max attack range so you know if your W will command a tentacle or not. As well mirror match ups are really difficult to evaluate since in the heat of combat the slight color variations on illaoi's telegraphs are not very noticeable. perhaps make the entire tentacle red if there happens to be a mirror match up {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: This is an interesting idea, but tying Packages as rewards for objectives would be extremely snowball-y (not inherently a bad thing), and Corki is already (as intended) a pretty snowball-y Marksman. Open to the idea as a possible direction in the future if this current model doesn't pan out, but we like the current cadence of The Package.
Perhaps have objective kills (like high bounty kills, turrets, and epic monsters) reduce the cool down of special delivery? I feel it would make it more rewarding to use the special delivery and actually make successful plays... Atm on live I see a fair bit of defensive use of the special delivery, holding it and using it as a MS boost until they need to get away. Which is not a bad thing I guess, makes for more choices when playing but I just feel it was intended to offer some more offensive capabilities.
: My friend edited a different version of Dragon Trainer Trist
I do like the red, it pops more imo, I love the original but the colors seem dull and the purple hair and purple skin really lack contrast
: Corki PBE Feedback Thread
I really like corkis update and the mobility he gets with special delivery is awesome, however it feels rather limiting and engaging to have the package spawn at a static 4 minute interval... and also I feel bad using special delivery because it gimps his overall fun speed and flame exhausts (lol) BUT still I would rather just hold on to special delivery since Ill have to wait for another to spawn, and if I dont pick it up right away then it wont go on cooldown. I wish corki had some bombing missions or something to give him a package instead of timed intervals, like blowing up a tower gives a special delivery, or completing some mission gives him a special bomb... but either way corki is a lot of fun, but only when he has his package every 4 minutes.
: This response will not begin to cover all of the feedback you have posted. Please know that I read it, and that I have been reading all of the feedback in this thread, but have been very low on time to respond. Regarding Q, I have actually put in a number of feel things without posting about them to see how people react to the changes in-game without any biasing. I increased the range on the arrows fired at the end of it to make it easier to use and more useful for kiting (within reason) and increased the movement speed on it in the late-game so that you can reposition faster to get back to dpsing. These changes are subtle. Why? Because it is important not to buff all the weaknesses out of a character for the sake of ease-of-use. Using the Q SHOULD stop you from putting out optimal DPS, it is a very low cooldown mobility tool. A core fundamental of most AD Carries is that the more time you can be autoattacking over other things the more damage you will do. For a character that is hybridized between two roles, I want to keep a lot of the fundamentals true. Regarding base stats (AD/MS etc), they are VERY low for a reason. Kindred NEEDS to stack the passive to be successful, that is the goal. You have a lot of tools that make you very powerful when you get the combat stats to fight people, and as a result you have to work for those combat stats. This isn't a character where staying in the jungle and farming safely should be an option, it isn't a character where farming safely in a lane should be much of an option. You need to be proactively making plays, doing risky things, and collecting passive stacks to access your damage. In general, you have enough mobility (even with average marksman movespeed) due to the Q, that you can invade the enemy jungle pretty safely. You can't fight them heads up if they catch you, but it is highly likely you get away. Thank you very much for commenting, I really do appreciate you taking the time to write out how you felt learning the character.
so you want her to be more focused on AA's? thats a bit disappointing, we already have so many AA focused carries it was cool to have a ADC/Jungler who actually had to be active in moving around with he Q to be optimal, weaving around, not just kitting or finding a safe position and AA while your team peels. If I wanted that id play an actual ADC who has better scaling. And her mobility is only decent with in wolfs territory which is static and means you cant well enough chase your prey or flee from them... when we have champions like riven who have near infinite low Cd dashes that have reliable damage or utility. Kindred has less movementspeed than vayne or lucian and Id say her playstyle fights closer to the likes of those 2 and each of them have low CD mobility skills. I just feel like their kit feels extremely rushed and not thought through to achieve maximum enjoyment from the character, I mean yes she is viable but she isnt as fun as she could be (now when I say fun I dont mean powerful, fun means that your kit is difficult and it actually feels satisfying when you play optimally, you've achieved something my doing well) ANYWAYS I do still love kindred
: Kendrid's E should be a knockback instead of a small duration slow and here's why.
If anything I would say a fear, we have no marksmen with a fear and it would fit thematically, also it wouldnt be as Abrupt as a hard knockback... after 3 stacks it fears... the only thing is a really long ranged fear would be weird since fears are supposed to fear away from the caster and set the enemy a set distance away... Also fears are slightly softer than knockbacks since you can still use zhoynas and flash etc while feared. I had been thinking of something like this too so Im glad to see other people with similar thoughts, giving kindred some 1v1 potenial in her ult makes since, they could make everyone in the game invunerable but still focus out 1 individual to take out of a teamfight. that way her ult isnt just a teamfight freeze and reset.
: The problem is that no one knows her biggest counter. {{champion:80}} shits on her early because of his passive so just play him when you see her.
I dont like the idea of balancing a character because they have counters, honestly hard counters are lame... I dont want to play Pantheon (a champ I dont enjoy) just because someone went and chose Fiora (a champ they may enjoy). Yea I might win the lane but Im still forced to play something I didnt really want to.
Rioter Comments
: It was capped at 8 stacks when I tested it. Also, after so many stacks, I noticed wolf didn't get hungry again.
wolf will stop hunting at 6 the lamb passive should be infinite, Ive noticed the UI disapears sometimes.
: As far as gameplay I only have a couple things I would want changed. In general, slightly increasing her base AD and AS per level. Kindred gains a lot of passive damage after hunting down some stacks. Before you get any however, when you have to clear the jungle and potentially duel other invaders, having such a low base AD is pretty rough. Her clear is fine though, mostly because of sustain with W and machete. The AS per level is more because it's assuming kindred is going to go a specific build (Devourer/Bortk). But going a more typical ADC build which a lot of people will want to go wouldn't be as effective because of base stats. Q- Overall a great ability. Helps with clearing and kiting. However, the targeting really should have some sort of priority to what it hits. IMO it should be Champions>Low health targets>closest thing to you. So you know that at least one arrow will hit a champion when you Q near them even when they're in a minion(which will happen a lot when ganking). W- Only gripe on this one is wolfs pathing around walls. Definitely bugs out a bit. E- The cast time is awkwardly long making you stand still for the duration of 1-2 autos (with some AS). IMO the cast time should be lowered a bit and have the ability to cancel the animation with Q. On the third hit of E wolfs missle speed is simply too low. I get the effect of impending doom with a slow travel time..but it needs to ramp up significantly. Start out the animation slow (wolf rising up) then strike quickly. Right now you can get the last proc of E and you can auto 2-3 more times before it even goes off. The ability should hit before your next auto attack. R- no gripes, it's an incredibly strong ultimate that has a lot of uses. Can negatively impact a team fight as much as a bard ult, and I kind of like it. Chaos will ensue after those 3 seconds are up. For art I just have one comment. Personally I would like to see the hue of lamb change from blue to more of an off white/yellowish hue(more like arclight). I get that lamb is an etheral being or w/e but she is also the representation of life, yes? I think a more angelic tone would be appropriate (like the splash art...).
As for the E the animation goes off much faster when you Use it during your Q
: I like Kindred a lot, but I dont like Wolf's portion of the passive. Either a) Kindred should be ablt to get stacks from the jungle forever, or b) Kindred should also get stacks from securing objectives such as scuttlers, dragon, baron, turret, and inhib. That will prevent Kindred players from afk farming while waiting in between stacks and actually help the team out. To balance this and prevent them from becoming super op, cut the amount of dmg per stack in half OR increase the amount of waiting before Lamb's mark is available, On a side note, I suggest removing Trinity from their reccomended items as they do not synergize with the item well (excpet for rage ofc).
Im fine with Lamb having the %hp damage on passive, but Wolfs passive is just advertly complex and feels like a lackluster fill in to force a certain playstyle, I reallyloath the randomness of it since Ive had her passive pop up on the camp that was currently being tackled by the enemy jungler so it disappeared and went on cd again (randomness isnt fun)... Honestly I feel that they could buff lambs passive a bit (or keep it the same and put power somewhere else in their kit) while Wolfs passive grant bonus AD for every large jungle creep killed (still encouraging counter jungling) and even more AD for taking Epic monsters. I mean its cool either way.
: I am not sure, as I wasn't giving it my full attention, but I believe the healing stacks won't go off if you are at 100% hp.
I think it still goes off, but even still it will go off after you take as little as 1 damage so it kinda wastes the full heal, Im suprised how strong it is
: @RiotWrekz Concerning the 9/17 Kindred PBE Changes
Im just begging for some reds to come in with their explainations and oppinions, we gave them our oppinions like they asked now dont just leave us high and dry.
: While chasing you can cast Q&E at the same time to reduce cast time (Intended?)
another more obvious thing to remember when jungling is that you should wait to lvl the W till you actually get to the first camp (which should be suggested anyways) but its important so you dont waste you healing attack when you have full hp, build stacks of her W passive as you kite, taking some damage, then its up to heal you and it just helps.
: The best place to take power away from Kindred to make room for a more cohesive kit would be, IMO, to increase the ult CD. If that's not enough, though, I feel that changing the AD ratios to be bonus AD instead of total AD would also give a nice bit of room for more quality-of-life power. And, of course, the 5% max HP damage on E should be replaced. And, in lane, reducing the heal from W on minions would also be fair. But, it seems that it doesn't matter what we think of such things; looks like Kindred's staying the way that they are. The only things that have been hit are the passive marking cooldown (90->65->70 I think), maybe a slight buff to Q attack range (I don't know if it was just me learning the champ better, but I had more success kiting with Q today), and some base survivability stat increases.
its really sad that this is all we've seen so far, but Im sure she will be in testing for a while, highly doubt she will come out this week and not next week with the worlds and all, probably a few days after worlds to keep interests peaked, I just wish we could have some rioters dedicated to communicating with us on the PBE forums directly and non formally (tired of the 1 post to say it all type things that are so formal and dont give us the anwsers we want and that are raised by their conclusions) People on these forums are generally coming to the same concensus about kindred and its not the greatest, why not address it now before it hits live and is rather difficult to change... if they only care about viability then yes current Kindred could be shipped live with a few tweaks and be viable, would she be fun, would they fill a cool fantasy? not so much and overall leave a lot of people unsatisfied. Its just they released to champ reveal which formally states what kindreds kit is going to do and be like, so they cant redact that without admitting they messed up a bit.
: Hi, i noticed that wolf gets blocked by obstacles, most obviously when you jump into krugs camp with the Q from the red buff brush and when wolf tries to follow he gets stuck on the wall corner and wanders from left to right
Same here, its frustrating when you activate W to reduce CD on Q to jump over the all to wolves and wolf cant follow lamb
: I find it kind of funny. Her bow is a recurve bow, and standardly recurve bows have less range than longbows like ashe or varus. But I feel like she's more than just a hunter. I see her as more of a scout, having to go behind enemy lines and such. Or a sniper who sets up their targets.
Yea I mean she is more of a scout class of marksman, as marksmen go I would put them into 1 of 2 catagories, artillery marksmen who primarily kite around the back lines and just AA, usually slower, less mobility, longer range and good poke and maybe some other appeal to them that differenciates them, examples are; Ashe Jinx Kog Cait MF Varus Urgot Sometimes Trist (she can be played as both) then there are the scout type marksmen who have shorter range, higher speed, more utility and tend to have some really strong repositioning and higher burst damage. like Graves Vayne Lucian Ezreal Corki Sivir Kalista Draven and Sometimes Twitch (he is weird as he can fill a semi assasin role) Kindred fits the Scout class much better than the artillery because her shorter range and acess to really decent mobility, she is just hindered by a few stats and skill functions that are more artillery like, like the lower MS, the lower burst, and the bizzare survivability.
: Build on-hit attack speed - use your spells for utility--- go something like blade, hurricane, and bt - the jungle items are clunky and weird for a marksman; so this build is for duo-lane marksman Lamb and Wolf - jungle is something like warrior, blade, hurricane or warrior, hurricane, blade but she is a traditional marksman and a simplified champion, which is what i liked about league back in early season 1 when i joined league, i don't like how the complex champions that cannot be balanced they released lately- plus you have to think so much different which i don't like, where as Lamb and Wolf is very nice to play as **** vayne's theme is chasing people relentlessly, and kalista is the same as this - Lamb and Wolf is about taking down their prey, not about chasing relentlessly - plus you dont think of archers as being fast (ashe, varus) since she has a short bow rather than a long bow she can do stunts like flips as she does a triple shot **** but yea, she is a traditional right click marksman, which i like going back to those roots
Shes not meant to be a traditional right click marksman according to the riot post about her, she is supposed to be a nimble scrapper... unfortunately the way her kit is now its just better to play her has a right click adc. She could use some tweaks to fit more to her fantasy as a fawn type nimble hunter. Right now she has so many unneeded numbers in her kit that they take up so much power budget they all balance out to be meanial so standard AA's are the best way to go. According to riot lamb and wolf are supposed to really make you think differently unfortunately since she was solely designed to be a marksman jungler and they are really pushing her into a weird role right now... dont know what to make of it since they arent really interacting with the community much.
Rioter Comments
: Kindred not what I expected
remember how old karma used to be Ying and yang, her abilties all interacted to bring destruction or peace, or that was the logic behind it, of course at the time there werent any kits that could buff enemies like kindred heal or bards stasis so it ended up being a little one sided but still the idea was there, cone heal or cone damage, speed up leash or slow down leash, Shield or AoE damage burst.
: Solid ideas, I had a similar one which was that you could use Alt click to control Wolf during the W. I think these would compliment each other.
That would be interesting! Now are you suggesting that Atl click move his hunting grounds? or just reassign the target he is attacking inside his preset hunting grounds? because right now Wolf will changes targets depending on who lamb attacks while W is active.
: Is azir being looked at? He's in a rather poor spot at the moment for the majority of the playerbase
I for the most part mastered Azir early on and he always was a bit strong, even when people thought he was useless, so I understand when he got changed, but gutting two major aspects of his kit hurt him really bad and the other nerfs where pretty significant. The AS with CDR was core to how he built, it wasnt about nuking with his Q tbh his Q damage should have just been removed or something since that was the least vital part of his old play style his Q was for the repositioning and slow... I mean the poke damage was awesome but if anything was to be nerfed it should had been that because his current state just makes him feel more like a burst mage like xerath who just waits for his Q to deal the majority of damage, and even still they nerfed the stacking damage it could apply. And the idea to remove a hard CC from his kit is really really huge, any hard CC is a major thing since it can mean canceling key spells from the enemies and making clutch plays... the knock back wasnt much but it disrupted the enemy enough for azir to react and to prevent taking instant harass if he used it, also it gave clarity to the skill, since right now I cant tell if it dealt damage or not since azir still has a slight self cc when he casts it and hits an enemy he is locked out of moving while he is pushed away slightly after collision. Azir doesnt need damage back he is absolutely fine on damage, he just lost lots of his uniqueness and play potenial, he has become way more of a 1 trick pony now which is super sad since he was so very versitile before.
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