: I also have yet to see kaisa and fizz this round
Haven't seen Kai'sa Hecarim or Irelia. saw an evelynn yesterday and it looked really fun.
: So many bugs (URF)
Yeah. the first few problems are definitely awful and should be fixed as soon as they can. Sona is meant to be disabled. as far as i am aware i believe right now 6 champions are disabled (Ryze Sona Hecarim Evelynn Kai'sa and Irelia.) all of which i haven't seen once. there might be a few others that im not aware of but these ones i know to some extent are not available.
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: Predator rune causes extreme lag
yes! this also cause massive FPS drop. it causes it whenever its used anywhere on the map..i had a game with two of them and i had less than 10 FPS
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: The ult looks a little bit different, and she also has her recall just like before. I also have the skin on live, and I didn't notice it being worse in any way on PBE today. What did she have before that she doesn't have now?
Not saying she is really missing anything but other than her ult changing to throwing poro snacks, it doesn't have much. i was thinking maybe the W Stacks can be more colorful and have a poro snack on the end.
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