: To be fair there are people who get S about 50% of the time who also suck
That is true, but still require to not feed. You know feed 50 to get champ 5 mastery or something. Alteast you need to do average or above it to get an s, need kda, farm, kill participation, and damage, and whatever else is needed. Cant feed and get champ 6/7 which is what im fine with. Still too easy to get though
: Ranking shouldn't be correlating with mastery in the first place, so it's not surprising to see profiles like the ones you've provided. The whole mastery system was supposed to gauge your time spent with a champion, naturally the more time you spent playing the champ, the more _UNDERSTANDING_ you should be of the champs abilities and how they are supposed to perform inside the game space, this doesn't always mean that you're really skillfull or can pull some crazy shit with the champ, but rather that you enjoy playing the champion immensely and have a good feel for the strengths and weaknesses of that specific champion. As someone else mentioned, the whole system isn't really that difficult to rank up in, which is why I am severely disappointed that the only "solution" is just a forced time restraint until you can "gather" up the materials needed to unlock more mastery, rather than having some sort of incremental reward for playing the champ and maintaining good rankings over a long period of time. Sure, this helps people who have surplus shards on champs they are rank 5 in, but it only has so much of an impact. I just don't see a reason for this unnecessary tie in of two completely unrelated systems so they can try to fix each other rather than making separate improvements on the those systems themselves.
The whole reason champ mastery is a joke is because they catered to the lower elo and made getting to champ mastery 5 DEDICATION not MASTERY. So yes rank does matter somewhat. If you are really good with a champion you will go up. They NEEDED to make the higher champ mastery actually show that you are somewhat decent with the champion not that you fed and luckily got carried to get all the way to champ mastery 7. And having the use of the crafting is needed. We all know rito wont let us convert blue to orange so all that useless stuff is actually going to be used and even for people who dont own all champs it will be easy to get the champ shards with the coin. The whole problem is how easy it is to get the champ mastery 7 for people who are actually good, not the fact that it require a tiny bit of skill to get it. The whole point of the skill requirement is because you shouldnt be seeing someone playing the same amount as you actually be more skillful that you with a specific champion in a lower elo. If they were better, they would be climbing unless they dont do ranked.
: So how hard have you consired to unlock the mastery levels 6 and 7? Do you have an estimated time? Having the S on a Champ is not difficult at all but that crafting :x Im wondering because on live i've open about 20 chests, but havent recieved yet a Championship shard or blue essence. So by my stats on live it looks like unlcoking those mastaries will be hard. Thanks in advance, and sorry english is not my first lenguage
"To make it easier to unlock the level once you’ve earned your Mastery tokens, we’re adding a mystery coin that yields a random champ shards that’ll be available for your choice of IP or RP" You can get champ shards with ip so its easy
: Uhm. I'm sorry, what? In what way this is suppose to be tied up with champ mastery in any way? This is stupid, and i don't get this. So you are basucally insisting to use the craft system? Can I just play the game without stupid tokens and stuff and just get my emote? What about people with 500k mastery points on Rengars? They need to _get an s- blehh_. For real, Riot? Come on, you guys, this is dumb, just let it work the way it does now. The more you play the cooler the emote. I don't even care about chromas and stuff. Just give us the emotes without hextech crafting involvement.
Number of mastery points dont matter though if youre not good. There are people out there in bronze 5 with a ton of points. http://championmasterylookup-derpthemeus.rhcloud.com/?summoner=Poppyfate&region=BR http://www.lolking.net/summoner/br/14100823 Doesnt mean youre good for having a million points. So I agree with making a requirement, especially because if you are good you can get those s's easy, in fact its too easy for it to feel any rewarding at all.
: Testing Champ Mastery Levels 6 and 7
I find that to be too easy honestly. Got 6 S+ on aurelion sol already and barely champ master 3. That makes leveling up way too easy to get to 6 and 7.
: Interesting. I should test this later. Wouldn't the same work for Shyvanna's Dragon Q? I'm surprised I never heard of anyone mentioning about Spellblade procs for her Dragon Q.
I haven't tried it on shyvanna, that is an interesting thought though. I definitely something I should try though.
: Actually, I don't think AoE version of "Q" applies On-Hit Effects at all, or that's what the wiki says. Well, the first time I tried Yasuo it did applied On-Hit Effects (Just one splash for ravenous hydra though) but I think they fixed it.
It applies on most on hit effects. Sheen, tri and lich proc. Wits end and nashoors too. But hydra and iceborne is only on one target. Which is really good. If it didn't then the AoE would be too strong.
: The proc only hits the first unit affected.
Unless it was patched earlier, when I played last night, it did proc tri force on every unit I hit. I tried on multiple targets, with all of them having the same armor, they all get hit for the same damage.
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