: Battle Principal YUUMI Feedback
I think so too. She just doesn't look weaboo enough!
Zed is really weak for an ad-assassin. Just learn to play against it and you'll stop feeding and being oneshot by him. It isn't that hard... and if there is a really good zed, he simply has the right to oneshot ppl because he knows his champ as well as his matchups. a feeding zed is useless and even a fed zed can be taken down easily if he fails at any given point
Why are threats like this with like 0% respect involved by the writer allowed to stay here? Picking on them making new skins and calling them dumb? You know that they have several people with different jobs there, some of them are creating skins, some are working on buffing and nerving content and some are there for bugfixes and new content. Not all of them work at one place so you have to understand that more than you want to happen is being worked on at the same time, and has to because otherwise the game would be stuck in alpha until this day. As well as everything (or at least most) of what they do is carefully thaught through and they simply didn't have our perspective as players when they actualy release something bad. It isn't their fault, this is normal and completely understandable for such a complex and constantly changing game. Think about it and please, learn to be more considerate and respectful for future posts.
: The current draft system was actually a request of the community. First, we had normal Draft, but since people banned the content that needed testing, community asked for Blind Pick and Riot delivered. People immediately requested Draft to be back though, because people did not respect pick/call order at all and it resulted in a lot of dodges/trolls/annoying games. Riot compromised for Draft without bans: only one person per game can test the newest champion, but at least people have assigned roles and tend to stick with them more often than not (or at least more often than in BP). The community at that time preferred that, because at least the games that did go through would be less trolly. It’s also easier to report people if they don’t respect the lane that was assigned to them. There's tons of other stuff that can still be tested, though. Having both up is not an option for it will increase the queue time for both as well.
That makes far too much sense, Havent thought about that myself.
: Yuumi is fun... But too low
Well she sucks until she and her adc got like 1 item then she starts getting out of hand slowly until lategame you make your adc invincible if you play her properly. I think she needs a little bit more early power but she isnt useless at all, she gets insane throughout the game and can be a huge winning factor when paired with any champion who has solo-carry potential.

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