: [Assassins] Artistic Feedback Thread
I really like the new vfx for all the Champs! Nice job
This skin is pretty awesome. My favorite parts have to be the Avarosa drone for her E and joke, the dance, and the q animation that turns the bow into a little machine gun. However, there are some quality issues with the skin from what I've seen so far playing on the PBE. 1. The cape looks longer while moving than when idle. It looks fine while moving, but the shortness of it while Ashe is idle creates an awkward look that begs the question "Why is the cape even here if its so short?" 2. The two segments poking out from the top of the cape look almost like wings when viewing Ashe from the front. Faerie ice princess is not really the look you want for an augmented super-soldier. 3. The light on her bow when her q is ready to activate really isn't very bright and is hard for players to see. On regular Ashe, the arrows on her back glow very bright, but this skin doesn't have that. Perhaps adding an extra glow to the cape when you have four stacks of focus will help. Also, while it is nice that Ashe has special quotes while firing her q, one of the quotes sounds exactly like "I gotta pee!" While hilarious, this doesn't exactly fit with the skin. Other than that I love the skin. Great work!
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Pool Party Miss Fortune!
I'm loving this skin and I've actually been hoping Riot would make Pool Party MF for a while now, the concept is just too perfect. Anyway, my main criticisms are with her passive and W. Love tap on this skin just doesn't feel as impact full as the base and Arcade skins. Love Tap on those skins glows a different color and has a louder, more booming sound effect. On this skin that just isn't present and the spell ends up feeling much less powerful. Maybe add a more present splash or riptide to it? The W is a different problem altogether: it changes literally nothing. This is underwhelming for a 1350rp skin and I think Firefighter Tristana's Q effect is a good example of how the spell should look. Other than that I think the skin is freaking awesome! Nice job, Rito.

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