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: honestly I run eve as a tank and grab a devourer. its the only way ive gotten her to work for a while.
I tried that but you don't get enoth autos off for devourer to be useful, anyone with any kind of gap closer just jumps away from you. It also adds nothing to your skills which is eve's main source of damage.
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: Riot, why Dragon's attacks can no longer be blocked ?
Because it stupid that when panth is on the other team you have to hover around it 24/7 so he doesn't take it at level 2+.
: My take on the Debonair Vi palette changes
I hate this skin tbh, there are so many better possibilities for vi, nurse or underworld for example and yet they make this ugly man like skin, i understand she is butch/tomboyish and all but just wtf, neon strike and officer are so good and then this, i don't see why anyone would pick it over them except for the fact of just being able to say they own it. Vi is one of my most play champion so i guess im just a little sad that i won't be able to join in on the new skin hype. In relation to the thread, i think if maybe the gold trim on the original was changed to dingy pick (kinda like the blue on #2 but pink) to match the hair and shoulder pads it might look pretty decent.
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: [Suggetsion] Default Trinkets - start games with a trinket already in your inventory
Seems like needless work for something that's not really needed to me, sorry.


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