: You don't seem to understand that a tanky peeler is not what Poppy _is_.
you don't seem to understand that tanky peeler is what Riot wants her to be. I'd rather prefer they'd come for a compromise of making her a diving bruiser, not a tank and not an assasin
: That really isn't that much when your aa has a 1.0 ad scaling, 2.0 with crit, or 2.5 with crit and ie. Edit: Also you never hit both instances of q unless u wall slam.
what this comparison has to do with anything? ofc she's not going to do a damage of an adc because she isn't one, and I agree the damage on her kit is way too low, but you brought the worst example.
: > Her innate sticking power is less, damage is less, and tankiness is less. Basically she's weaker at everything except peel. Literally no one who plays Poppy on Live looks forward to having their champion's gameplay identity changed and pigeonholed into something different. I'm a one-trick pony Poppy main in Plat, and this is the one that has me disappointed so far. She's basically worse at everything the old Poppy does with the new ultimate as a compensation. New Poppy does no damage at all stages of the game. Even if she builds damage, she does little damage. Her scalings are just too low. I would say her lane phase is even worse unless you're facing someone that relies heavily on dashes. New Poppy is forced to build tank due to the way her scalings work. She has very good innate passive and W passive scalings. 15% max hp as a shield is nice. 24% bonus armor and MR is amazing when you're below 40% hp. Her offensive scalings on Q, E, and R are terrible at 65, 50, and 90% bonus AD respectively. Right now, she seems like any other top lane tank that builds Black Cleaver. I was hoping this rework would give her a kit that allowed build flexibility like that of Irelia, Fiora, and Jax.
> New Poppy is forced to build tank due to the way her scalings work. She has very good innate passive and W passive scalings. 15% max hp as a shield is nice. 24% bonus armor and MR is amazing when you're below 40% hp. Her offensive scalings on Q, E, and R are terrible at 65, 50, and 90% bonus AD respectively. well, her Q got 130% bonus ad scaling, if you land both instances. Same goes for her E, 100% bonus ad. But I have to agree, it feels too hard to pull her damage off. And I think the nerf to her stickiness is kinda crucial, 2.5 seconds of increased ms is too short to position yourself for a good E, not to mention the long cd of the ability. I understand that the aura is very poweful, but it takes too much of her power budget.
: Love Tap is a fantastic new passive! I see a lot of players on this thread complaining about not being able to deal consistent damage when focusing down one specific target. Riot stated that they wanted to make changes to champions that made us think about what other champions are in the game; if you see the enemy team choose an assassin mid that needs to be focused, maybe MF isn't the right adc to bring to that match.
what it has to do with mf herself ? this passive just drained up her kit to be useful in BEST CASE SCENARIO, which is nearly impossible to reach unless the enemy team completely ignores you and doesn't have anyway to get on top of you
: Miss Fortune PBE Feedback Thread
1)she's fine early, not too great late game since she just good for her ult, her dps is lower relatively to other marksmen since her q is pretty useless late game. 2) she feels fine in lane. I think her base damage and love tap damage isn't that high, but if you manage to, land 2nd hit of double up it feels very rewarding. 3) same point, base damage feels too low 4)ult bot, q nerfs dps significantly and feels extremely baf to use, even for an aa reset. 5)feels good at all stages of the game 6) doesn't feel rewarding early game at all, decent mid game, can't really be utilized late game and feels kinda bad because "I deal more damage on 1 auto attack" is kinda lame especially in duels
: Hey guys, there's been a lot of awesome feedback in the thread. So much that I don't have the capability of responding to you guys individually in this case So instead, I want to ask some generalized questions that will help guide us forward (try to keep answers brief and concise): **1. What is your assessment of her general power level on PBE? Does she feel overall strong or weak? 2. What is your assessment of her power level in lane? 3. Is last hitting minions difficult? 4. What is your assessment of her power level in late game? 5. What is your assessment of Bullet Time's power level at level 6? At Level 16? 6. Does Love Tap feel effective and rewarding when it can be utilized (note that the adjustments made to Love Tap on Friday have not hit PBE)?**
1)she's fine early, not too great late game since she just good for her ult, her dps is lower relatively to other marksmen since her q is pretty useless late game. 2) she feels fine in lane. I think her base damage and love tap damage isn't that high, but if you manage to, land 2nd hit of double up it feels very rewarding. 3) same point, base damage feels too low 4)ult bot, q nerfs dps significantly and feels extremely baf to use, even for an aa reset. 5)feels good at all stages of the game 6) doesn't feel rewarding early game at all, decent mid game, can't really be utilized late game and feels kinda bad because "I deal more damage on 1 auto attack" is kinda lame especially in duels
: Hey Matchuu, I think your idea is interesting but it's also extremely complex compared to the current mechanic. One of the great things about MF is that she's very simple and approachable, so although we do want to add more mastery and depth to her - we'd prefer to have that with as little complexity creep as possible.
so you keeping her this way just not to make her more complex and nuanced? what do you think about her double up late game ? it just feels like a trap to use it late game, even with trinity force it just doesn't do any damage
: Miss Fortune PBE Feedback Thread
I've played the new MF a few times on the PBE and I got a few problems with it: 1) The Love Tap mechanic, I get that you wanted her to be the premier AOE damage marksman, that increase her damage by switching targets, but it looks only good on paper! Either increase The Love Tap damage, or make it more consistent. 2) You nerfed her base damage! Which again, points out for her low damage with the passive, since it just neutralize the nerf. 3) AA>Q>AA combo supposed to feel bursty since she land her passive twice, but there's a delay before you can apply the passive for the 2nd time, and it feels really clunky 4) why her Q still doesn't scale with attack speed? I don't get why you left it the way it is, even tho it was a big problem with her pre rework. The ability just becomes useless late game and lowers her dps. At least make it a decent auto attack reset. 5) her attack speed steroid, again, looks good on paper, but doesn't make sense in game where it's only good for clearing minion waves, and it kinda neutralized by her Q because it doesn't scale with attack speed. Other than that her E and R feel great. So the changes I think MF needs are: 1) Either make Love Tap damage higher and/or increase her base damage 2) Double up animation should scale with attack speed/levels, for god sake, it's so counter intuitive for her kit especially for her W on 3) AA>Q>AA combo, fix the delay for the 2nd Love Tap application
: It doesn't stack. Think of her passive as a Jarvan passive, but the cooldown "resets" if you switch targets.
So aa>q>aa supposed to do alot of burst damage because the bounce gonna reset the passive on the first target?
: That was actually made by an official Rioter (Riot Zeronis) I'm extremely sad they didn't follow up with his idea and just changed the best part of the concept to what resulted in the pbe model...
well, it's not the concept art for the fiora skin, it's his personal art made for a friend
: Skarner PBE Changelist and Feedback Thread
umm... I'm not sure but it seems that the zone increase didn't made it through, curious to know why. You mentioned that skarner's strategic niche is best in class neutral objective control. So why didn't you take it farther and gave skarner a global bonus once he's capturing all the zones? It makes sense thematically, and actually gives skarner and the enemy team a reason to fight over those objectives, you can make it so only skarner can capture those zones to prevent abuse cases
Rioter Comments
: Sorry to correct you, but they DIDN'T give her her passive back. They removed the MS one or two patches ago AGAIN without any reason given. Also yes, 10 more dmg will make her CLEARING easier. But not the rest of her gameplay.
well her clearing is her main problem at the moment, since she can't really snowball because of her pathtic clearing. She would be fine if they'd return the passive to W and change her ult to fit her character more, but other than that she seem to be fine
: I myself don't like the cast time, but all in all, I would rather the circle that shows where it will be set to be gone. I can handle 0.75 seconds as it isn't even a second but when they *know* where it will be, then there will be a problem. They have the free 0.65 seconds (0.1 seconds to realize its there) to move. But, if it must stay, then it should be 0.5 seconds considering how it *shows* where it will land.
so how the hell the enemy supposed to react if there's no particle or anything that tells where it gonna appear?
: So in summary you are basically saying people like myself who love the theme of a true monster can never have such a champion without compromises that ruin the very theme and feeling of such a champion? I think thats more then a little unfair don't you agree?
so you saying gnar lacking character because he's speaking in a way no one understands ?
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Poro Rider Sejuani!
I really like the concept of the skin, but the lack of new particles and her outfit really bothering me. The colors of her outfit and the cloth itself really doesn't fit, it just looks like a training costume. And the lack of any new paticles....well.... feels lacking for a 975 skin.
: Soraka Rework Feedback Thread
I think the new soraka is no not far from a balanced state on her current it iteration on PBE(9/11). But there are few things that bothers me about her: - Her W range is way too low, way way too low, in comparison with her old W range this one feels just bad, I tried to heal my teammates and didn't understand why they weren't healed and it was because I was out of range, you literaly need to stand on top of them which makes it even messier in a teamfight + her passive mark pops on top of everyone and it's kinda hard to click on the right person. - Not sure if bugged or not, but her W heals not healing as much as it mentioned in the tooltip + ratio, if I had W maxed out + 300 from ap scaling shouldn't I heal for 540 flat every time I use my W? Same goes for her self heal from Q, it just felt it didn't heal as much as it should. - Her passive doesn't seem to be consistent, sometimes it shows the arrows towards wounded allies, even if the on the other side of the map, sometimes it doesn't, even tho the mark above them is showed, just feels wierd. Overally I think the rework is a success, it makes soraka a really unique and valuable champion to have on a team, she brings a very clear archetype to the game of an ultimate healer, and it forces the players to play differently around her. :)
: Central Feedback Thread for Viktor Gameplay Update
I want to start with saying that I'm not a Viktor main and didn't play him all that much but I still want to give my piece of feedback about the rework or the lack of it? Maybe it just me, but I just can't get the flow of his abilities, it seems like his entire kit got no synergy, I don't understand when kind of role he supposed to fullfill, what his most distinguishing feature that makes him unique, except of the hex core which just boost your stats and basically a syndra passive tied to each one of his abilities too. In the last patch rundown The designers were talking about making the champions more specified within their role so there will be a reason to pick each of them for their unique contribution to the team, I don't see this happening with Viktor, his entire kit still seem like being 4 abilties mashed together and tied with the "glorious hex core". I mean the only thing this rework solves is the hex core item slot efficiency, his abilities still don't synergize, his ult feels lackluster and he doesn't have a defining feature in his kit.
: Ziggs Nerf - Wrong Direction
zoning and sieging is one of ziggs' strengths and with Riot's new way of balancing champions they would prefer to nerf the weaknesses and buff the strengths so nerfing the minefield is unlikely since it what makes ziggs unique, on the other hand his ability to stall a game is abit over the top, and that's why they nerfing it. imo the nerfs are fine and in the right direction
: People asked for more buffs because sona was so hard to use now without dying and you responded: nerf heal, nerf spamming (mana costs), sona is to op. I guess you only calculate numbers and don't try to really play with her. You have outright nerfed her to the ground and i understood the whole rework was so Sona would be played MORE. If i was you, i'd just cancel this rework and simply buff Sona a little if you think she needs it. This rework is a train wreck from the beginning and it doesn't seem to get better. > How many games have you played on the Sona Update? On this update, one. > What sort of game was this? (Doom bots, Summoners Rift 5v5, Standard Bots, Howling Abyss, etc.) Summoners rift 5v5 > Did you find any bugs? no > How was laning phase? boring because i basically couldn't do anything aggressive and thankfully they didn't do much either, i couldn't have saved my carry if they did. Mana was 0 all the time even if i only healed after a poke from thresh/cait. Couldn't do any poking myself obviously. (mana, death). I was basically nothing, if carry had full health then i was literally pointless, i couldn't poke or even give any lane presence without dying. If they had poked us more then it would have been even worse since i didn't have enough mana for almost anything even tho i rush mana regen and have mana regen runes. When our jungle ganked, 1 time out of about 5 or 6 i could get a slow on someone and help with the gank, other times i was just pointlessly floating there. The cooldowns just killed early game since you can't basically do anything before you have at least 35% cdr. > How was mid and late game? didn't feel like a support at all, could mostly save only myself if things got bad. When we were fairly safe, i could heal allies without dying but only then. Speed buff was like i said 9/10 times only for myself even if i tried to give it to allies. When trying to help team to baron i had aggro about third of the time because i had to hug baron to give shield and q buff to all >How risky was tagging your allies with your auras? Q - if we were between enemies, then it was death to us anyways, so it didn't change anything, didn't help either. When we weren't surrounded, then it was doable if any1 didn't change target to me, they could have, always, and i would be dead or out of the fight leaving others alone. W - Safe when there was no fighting, in tf you could only hope that there is NO AOE from the other team or you are all dead anyway, you could NOT give everyone the shield if they did, and with no real aura you were pointless E - if you weren't hugging them on the right time as you had to use E then it was impossible. I tried: E -> try my best to get near an ally who was moving -> ally sees this and tries to come into the "aura" -> too late, aura gone, allies time wasted. > How often was the risk worth the reward not nearly often enough if you even accomplished to do so. > How did you feel about your impact on team fights? i didn't feel like a support, i felt sad. > What did you think of Sona's updated audio? only thing that i'm happy with. So much better than total silence. > What did you think of Sona' update art assets? The hula-hoop around her seemed out of place, it made possible to know what chord you have but it just looked silly. After inspecting it closely i could see that it was supposed to be some notes but it was really hard to see. It looked so out of character. Also i don't know if it's just me but the hair seemed a little funny and out of place, and not like hair especially the ends. (on live i play with muse sona skin so i might just be wrong) edit: You raped her! You murdered her! You nerfed her abilities!
all I see only salt and nothing more, it doesn't even seem like you played her but just made your opinion based on speculations and patch notes. > When trying to help team to baron i had aggro about third of the time because i had to hug baron to give shield and q buff to all just sounds silly since you only need to tag the allies with your aura, not to stand between them for the entire duration, and baron only aggro you if you'd stand on top of it, which is unlikely unless you tanked it on purpose. and it seem more like you don't know to position yourself in teamfights and lane as a supp, because even if you're playing other supports you standing pretty close to your ally anyway, so yeah, just salty for no reason. On a serious note now, FEEDBACK: as I mentioned before, it feels like really long windows when sona just doesn't do anything because of the high cooldowns of her abilities, especially in the laning phase, but even with 40% it doesn't feel satisfying. Her power chord, again related to the cooldowns, too much time to set up the right power chord, especially if you just used one and want to use the same one after this, it either consumes too much mana or the window is too long, she need something that allows her to charge her passive faster. Her E, it still doesn't feel satisfying since she doesn't have any passive effect, which kinda breaks her kit, I wish you could add something neat to make it feel more in line with her other basic abilities. And add the music back since it was really neat :3
: We all say that aura's range is too short and you improve it only by 50 units?? This must be a joke I really can't see what you gave her in exchange of so many things nerfed and this "We are discussing what shorter cooldowns would have to mean for Sona, and what she'd have to give up to have shorter cooldowns again." She already gave up lots of things!!!!! you really want to nerf her more just giving her back the CD she has on live?
so many things nerfed? she got better poke, better sustain and better mobility... how is this a nerf?
: We tried something like this. The main issues that we found were that Sona felt like much of her action was maintenance rather than impactful spell casts. It also meant that making a reactive cast outside of the build up pattern didn't feel like it could make a difference. That is also the main problem we're discussing when we talk about cooldowns. If we give Sona shorter cooldowns again, we have to trim her power per cast, because increasing her cast frequency brings her DPS, sustain and move speed up drastically, not to mention her power chord uptime. It's a matter of finding the right balance between satisfaction and impact per cast vs frequency of the cast.
but the high cd on her abilities feels like huge windows when sona doesn't have any impact, and her E doesn't feel all that meaningful tbh for such a long cd ability
: I'm not entirely sure about the change to Athene's. I mean I'm fine with the nerf of the MP5. In my opinion the balancing of Mana gained per kill is not even neccessary to compensate this. What causes problems is the reduction of MR. In fact there are three options for an AP-Carry to get magic resistance: Athene's Unholy Grail, Mercury's Treads and Abyssal Scepter. Now if you buy the boots you will lose a lot of your early game damage as you don't have the magic penetration from Sorcerer's Shoes. Buying this one may not be ideal, but possible. Abyssal Scepter can be a strong choice, but due to the short range of it's passive it only works for few mid-laners. So the only great option for all those long range midlaners such as Orianna, Syndra or Ziggs to have some MR is Athene's. My question is: how can AP-Carry's survive Deathfire Grasp rushing champions aka Ahri or LeBlanc. So all in all I don't fancy this change as it's a harsh nerf to most AP-Carry's survivability. You could probably just reduce the Mana Reg as you did, not increasing the Mana per kill/assist and therefore letting the MR at 40. Or you just increase the price by 100 or reduce the AP by 10 or maybe decrease the CDR to 15%, but what you did there is not the right direction for me.
all the classes struggling to get magic resist, not just the mid laners. Athene's is by far a superior choice for 1st item rush, it's overloaded, gives you mana sustain, cdr, damage and defense. Athene's never meant to be a defensive option to ap carries. at least we gonna see some fresh breath in the mid lane instead of ziggs, nidalee and orianna all day. leblanc is getting nerfed, ap assasins might become viable again now.
: Nidalee Gameplay Update Feedback/Bugs Thread!
**Are Pounce and Swipe behaving the way you’d expect?** yup, feels great, jumping over walls is much easier now **Are you having difficulty using her Hunt Pounce effectively?** not at all, it feels great, the massive movement speed into a long range pounce really gives a feel of a hunter **How has your laning pattern changed compared to Live (both as and against Nidalee)?** didn't play against a nidalee but as nidalee now you can follow up after landing a spear, her 1-6 feel much stronger **How do you feel in roaming cases using your modified brush passive?** pretty much the same **Did you notice any bugs on her?** nope **What items are you guys building on her to be successful?** standard ap build, her all in became much stronger, so going for rabadon's>lich bane early feels better, the unholy grail is more of an option when you falling behind, also now I actually max her W second if ahead, and E is a fallback option, feels pretty nice to choose what skill to level 2nd. ** How was your experience building mainly Ability Power items?** very strong, might be abit too strong at the moment **How was your experience building more bruiser items?** didn't try it yet, might try it now **Generally, where do you feel she is too strong/weak?** her takedown seem to be a little too strong at the moment, but I think you nailed this rework, she feel pretty damn fun to play, even too fun to play, the synergy between the two forms feels awesome, especially late game when you can transform every second back and forth, well done RiotRepertoir.


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