: Pyke ult still gets reset if enemy is invunerable (1k+ gold for kill potentially?)
Should also test if this happens with other ults like Taric, Kayle, and Trynd.
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: Overcharge is not healthy fun
I wish it was also explained how to play. I literally played the first game with no knowledge of what I was doing, and only managed to somehow figure it out after I died like 4 times when the enemy was Overcharged thinking I could kill them or that it was a boss character, not the enemy players. Just played another game where both my teammates asked "how do we play this" and "idk" two seconds into the game. I was late to the battle field trying to rapidly type out the basis "collect lighting bolts on map", once we we got overcharged "just kill them, ur invuln", enemy gets overcharged "just run, don't fight". Literally took me to last game to realize the hourglasses refreshed your cooldowns (or at least appeared to). At least with Invasion the intro to the easy mode trained your to revive your teammates and introduced what the new enemies were. This game mode literally just throws you in without explaining anything. Started another game during this post and got a tip in the loading screen saying "destroy charge bots for arguments fragments..." probably to overcharge but I don't remember. At the beginning of this game, I saw the quick text at the top saying "kill charge bots" or something and "kill enemy to secure this sector" or something like that. At least make the text stay around like the beginners tips did or when you play with DJ Sona how that text bubble sits forever it seems. I was looking at the map the first few times I (and other apparently) just missed those "tips" / "game play tutorial explanation" during my first 3 times.


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