: I think that is a great concept! However, if you want your system to be widely used (and why wouldn't you want that, everybody wins in this scenario), you need to allow gifting 10th or 5th fractions of the mystery skin. You can do a survey and ask how many people would be willing to gift 490 RP vs 49 or 98 RP - I think the amount of people in second group is much higher. Furthermore, it motivates people who already have 4 out of 5 "shards" of the mystery skin to behave nicer, since they are "almost there". And lower prices means higher availibility, which means more gifting, which in case helps to prevent the gifting system from being forgotten (like the Honor system). Of course you should be allowed to gift 5 of 5 skins shards instantly if you want, so no functionality lost here :-)
This is an amazing idea. Gifting pieces of a mystery skin not only would reward **constant** good behavior and hard carrying, it would also make more people use the system, since, like you said, there's more people willing to give 50 RP than 500 RP to a stranger.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Final Boss Veigar
While I'm not a Veigar player, I think you missed a perfect opportunity for a Portal reference in his b animation: make 1 of the portals blue, while the other keeps being greenish. You can even make it random every time he uses it, making either the entry or the exit blue while the other is green. Just my two cents about this skin.
: Your suggestion about the captain is great, but I have doubt, how do you decide the captain is kicking a player based on a third party site or based on his champ selection. (For E.g) If I'm a captain I won't be willing to accept a Mord jungle or an aatrox support which apparently happened to me today in the matchmaking. I don't say trying those things is wrong but as a captain I can decide for the team right.
If you see someone with a champion/role that you don't want trying to join your team, you can reject it. I did that early, when a Thresh jungle popped up in my jungle slot.
: Not only in team builder they won't work in any type of game.
Can confirm. Played 2 Team Builder games, one as a member and another as a leader, and had no announcer or champion sounds. Then I played a quick custom, and had no voices either.
: Ideas to make madred's razor and upgrades a better option.
Excellent, someone already made a discussion about this. I'm really concerned about this too. Lately I have been playing jungle {{champion:11}} in the live servers, and enjoyed a lot the "jungle carry" kind of champion. So when the new gold item for the junglers was announced, I got quite happy. But the new {{item:3154}} is just awful: 1) The increased gold gain is a really good concept, but in practice it just lacks a lot. Why? The price. If you want to take full advantage of the item, you HAVE to rush it. That means you have to use 1.8k gold just to get a passive that gives you gold when you kill a jungle monster. That means you have to farm a lot, without any help from the components of the item you are rushing, just to get an passive that makes you farm even more to make the gold expended worth it, since the stats from the item are just awful. An example from my experience is that with 1.8k gold I could build {{item:3006}} and {{item:1053}}, helping my clear times thanks to the extra MS/AS from the boots and the AD from scepter, that also gave me sustain thanks to the LS. And on the way to that I could either buy {{item:1001}}, {{item:1036}} or {{item:1042}}, and every one of them made my clear faster. 2) The early - mid game transition. While the new {{item:3154}} would make the early farming a breeze for "jungle carries", you don't get it early, unless you get fed with a couple of kills. When you barely finish it, the lanes already have an advantage over you (especially with the new gold distribution), and you have yet to make the passive worth it. That leaves you behind the rest of the team, even when you have probably been more dedicated to farming than them. Why is that? Again, because of the stats and the price. The armor, AS, and proc on jungle monster may be really useful in the jungle, and the ward is quite good for protecting your camps (or it would, if everyone else wouldn't be getting a free ward now thanks to the trinkets), but bringing those stats to a fight for say, dragon or ward control, will not help you at all. While everyone else has inverted those 1.8k gold in damage, mobility or defenses, you have them in a item that has half of its efficiency in jungle creeps. The worst part is the transition. You can survive the early fights and the counterganks thanks to your team. But after you get {{item:3154}}, what do you buy? You have to get at least tier 1 boots, since you can't catch or run from anyone without them, not even as {{champion:11}} . So that's at least 350 gold you have to spend to catch the rest of the players. And then what? AS? You already bought it in {{item:3154}}, and buying more without any damage will make you hit like a piece of paper without sustain. A really fast one, but a paper none the least. And every knows what to do with a paper-like champion: kill it in two seconds. Sustain? You already got some in {{item:3154}} too. It would be a shame if it only worked in jungle camps. Oh wait, it does. So if you buy more sustain, you will have sustain for the jungle AND sustain for everything else. And that sustain will probably be from LS, that scales from your damage, which you probably won't have. You have to rush AD. Everyone else already has some form of damage (or utility to compensate), so you have to catch up. Except that everything with AD also has either sustain or AS, making them less efficient. And while everyone already has a {{item:1038}}, {{item:3144}}, {{item:3044}}, {{item:3134}}, {{item:3136}} or {{item:1058}}, all of which are materials for big items and thus will make them finish their core item faster, you don't have any advance in your build. Overall, I feel like the new {{item:3154}} it's just like the old one: a noob trap, that promises a lot, but it only lets you down at the end.

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