: Yeah this thing with boards will definitely not work, so i was thinking about a different solution. As Riot open PBE's doors for those who have Lvl 3 honor, I think that they should ban all of those who doesnt get LVL 4 honor + in a period of time, 3 months maybe (on pbe)
I feel that when you implement that, you also should be able to get honoured by rioters on the boards for giving constructive feedback, a well constructed bug report, .... Otherwise it might make it unfair for those who don't play like the best, don't talk a lot because of not knowing a language, ... While they still are trying to help RIOT in the best way they can. Hope I was clear enough about my thoughts :) DefenetlyNotABot out.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Ambitious Elf Jinx!
WHAT IF FISHBONES SPITS CHRISTMASBALLS OUT 1- It would fit the Christmas thematique 2- The aoe effect could be implemented trough these being so fragile and breaking upon impact 3-UUUUEEEHM HELLLOOO CHRISTMASBALLS TO THE FACEEE WHAT ELSE DO YOU NEED?!?! .{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: Riot's schedule doesn't revolve around you.
I am trying to say that they should or fix their live client or they should try to get more periods where not everyone is on vacation, faraway from their PC, or is studying at their desk. I know Riot's schedule doesn't revolve around me but I am not the only one having this opinion, which doesn't make it resolve around me, but around the community who is still at school studying. I think that it is rather reasonable to take this standpoint and have this opinion. Regards, DefenetlyNotABot
: Blonde? where? Elf Tristana has white hair '-' http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-ZBGDFuIin7w/VLWLVGhtrSI/AAAAAAAAhUo/0Y73uA2C62s/s1600/happyelftristfront.jpg
Rioter Comments
: Her Passive needs more Jingle bell SFX, Switcheroo needs more Jingle bell SFX, SHE NEEDS MORE JINGLESSSS!!! Poppy and her could really use the Slay Belle Kat treatment that she got post rework. Other than that the skin looks pretty cool. I was so happy when i saw the monkey from her music video on her E. Also, i'm not sure why people are complaining about the blonde hair. I think it looks really good actually. It compliments the color scheme nicely and gives Jinx a different approach. Changing it to darker or brown color would make her bland. Blonde totally fits the theme it's trying to bring and elfs are usually blonde anyways.
Ulti kills enemy -----> HOHOHOHOHO *santa intensifies*
: Hi LoveStrut :) I really love the new look for Jinx, it's fresh, it's cute, it's deadly, but I have two issues with her when it comes to particles. First is that her Fishbone's rocket looks like her normal, classic rocket (which is cool) wrapped in not-so-nice paper and that looks a bit off. I think that placing a nice snow chunk or maybe some kind of candy cane would be awesome. Second thing is that Draven and Poppy have stunning snowflake effects and I know that not all of them are designed to be full of snowflakes, but it's just so awesome that I think Jinx deserves some more too. I would add some of them to an explosion in Fishbone's attack. Thank you so much LoveStrut for those awesome holiday skins. Best wishes :) EDIT 1: Gift tag on Fishbones! Yes!
WHAT IF FISHBONES SPITS CHRISTMASBALLS OUT 1- It would fit the Christmas thematique 2- The aoe effect could be implemented trough these being so fragile and breaking upon impact 3-UUUUEEEHM HELLLOOO CHRISTMASBALLS TO THE FACEEE WHAT ELSE DO YOU NEED?!?!
: this looks so good :3 I think that her hair could be brown tho or at least less blonde. it would fit better with the outfit! :D ALSO TATTTOOOOOOOO YEEE
But elf Tristana has blonde hair so there isn't much room for adjustments :/
: Her **SFX** should be more _icy/snowy_. It sounds a lot like base skin. I loved her new skin! {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
As long as there is no Santa-like OHOHO sound when you hit an enemy with your ultimate will I not even consider buying this one. Similar to the demon-like laugh when someone steps over a shroom from lil devil teemo. Just kidding insta-buy apart from the blonde hair. Maybe make it more yellow and less white, since there isn't much room for adjustment because the elf Tristana skin also has blonde hair.
: Havent leveled up to 30
You not getting any BE is normal. The server got overrun when they allowed basically everyone to join the PBE so the shop didn't work properly due to to much transactions. So they changed RP to an 8000 daily reset, BE doesn't reset. The new BE system needed testing so you can only require BE by loot or by levelling up. This will probably stay this way since this system works just fine. Just wait a bit and you'll get your level 30 :) Regards, DefenetlyNotABot
: Loading back into games bugged
Are you a Mac user? If so, is your Mac from 2007 or earlier? Because this has been happening to every user who has a Mac from or before 2007...
: PROJECT//: Overcharge game mode - coming soon to PBE!
Hey guys, I dont have the best computer but everytime I spawn and my screen hovers over the fountain, my fps is fine. HOWEVER everytime I come even CLOSE to the main area with my screen my fps drops. With drops I mean like 02-04 fps. EVEN when I put all the settings to "very low" the fps doesnt change. AT ALL. So maybe you should change the very low setting for tye map to make make it more low-pc friendly :) Regards DefenetlyNotABot
: New PBE Account, didn't receive any BE.
This is completely normal because the server was overun! -RP *RESETS* daily to 8000 RP (this does not stack, it resets!). -BE does not get added daily! You can only receive BE by playing games and the loot system. If you have any more questions, just reply on this comment. Hope I could help! With Kind Regards, DefenetlyNotABot.


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