: [Client Chat] Unable to type certain letters, capitalization
Same thing with me in the game I was just in. Pregame and numerous different letters and symbols would be unavailable (mostly the keys you specified) and it would be on and off for the most part with different keys each time.
: Nid Traps
Which wall on SR did you throw the trap into? I'll try to dupe with Cait and Nid.
: [Feedback] Surge(summoner spell)
I agree with you but I just think with all of the high priorities of barrier and cleanse and the numerous attack speed items for the ADC/Marksman role that it would just end up like Clairvoyance in the never used section unfortunately.
: [Bug] [Client] Summary of Client-Crashing Causes
Also buying a skin through the store by clicking on the champion and buying from the scroll (exact same as buying in game but in store if that makes sense).
: The Issue of Skins
I have had issues all around and waited at least 5 minutes to no avail on both directly buying and by locking in the champion. I'll try on some more skins to see if it isn't just the newer skins.

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