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: Taliyah feedback thread
If her ult could do some damage she would be good but right now she just dosent really pay off
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: Abusing Elise Q bug!!
people always tell i never play her with bugg but i saw them playing the sam egame versus me its not funny to do that you can try on bots bot on normal?its realynot cool
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Captain Fortune!
I personaly love this skin and i think that its pretty cool and all that stuff but i mean isnt 975 rp too much for that skin? I mean it has a recall animation but nothing much more except the new model. I think that she should only need a New E animation becouse that E dosent rly goes up with this skin... Everything else is perfect dosent need more changes. Hope someone says something about my suggestion. P.S : sry for my grammar :D
: LolPatcher stuck at 99%! (Lolpatcher and Lolpatcherux usage were 85-99% CPU when the process stuck)
i tried to kill process but dont work.then i retart the lol and it was 33 % and it was scanning 2000 files
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: Ekko Feedback Thread
He is perfect but his only problem is his ult and Q lets start with his Q: the damage is nice but its rly hard to get the second hit becouse at the end that dealy is rly high and in the ablilty prewiev it says that is small i woudnt say that maybe they coud reduce the dealy of the Q for a little bit easy hit becouse only a litttle more skilled players coud actually hit it and skilled enemies coud dodge it like its nothing so the sugestion is too reduce the dealy and increase just a bit the speed of the skill shoot. Next thing R its almost usless but if you hit it its rly good its a major plus to your teamfight so its to hard to hit so here is the thing that shoud be done with his ult. Reduce the time that need Ekko for his clone to start walking from 4 seconds back in time to 2 sec back in time or if not that at least make his colne invisibble becouse its so predictable at rly doged a lot. Oh yes and the final change his Wthe base shield value is a little bit high maybe reduce it for 30 not much and decrease the delay on the ability to land to 1.5 but to compensate that buff reduce the range of this W not the area of affect only the range you can cast it in or at least when Ekko select the are where he wants his W to land if he is fighting in that area he stuns them as he attacks in that moment but the stun duration is then reduced.I think this changes shoud help Ekko and make him less Complicated becouse right now he rly is hope somebody can say something about this. And sorry for bad grammar

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