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: You're casting E in the wrong direction.
Man what I am trying to say with that video is that you need to buff the shuriken range a bit. I mean Lee Sin, Vi and ohers can Q from that wall to the wolf. If not range buff to the actual shuriken then at least give the option to dash forward then throw by holding E down (like how Warwick will go behind the target of his Q if he holds it) You can read about it here:
: Let's split the player base into two groups in order to identify some motivations behind general engagement in champion select, and see exactly what the big issues might be. The first group being**players who want to participate in champion select ** These types of players are usually the ones most involved in drafting phase and are generally motivated by: - Desire to formulate a specific team comp - Desire to have a "good" team composition - Ultimate desire to have a competitive drafting phase for the sake of increasing odds of winning This player, who will be focused and involved, might need more time than the average player in order to decide a certain aspect of the draft. This is because they need time to gather and analyze as much information as they can within the time allotted; whether this is for priority picks, counter picks, champion match-ups, composition organization, etc. this type of player will put in more mental effort, and therefore require more appropriate time slots to make their effort seem worthwhile. _(Susceptibility to be stressed)_ **Primary Issue: Time needed to gather and analyze information, and then make decisions** (How can we make readily attainable resources available to active participants in a shorter time?) On the other hand, we have the **players who don't want to participate in champion select**, and will usually be alt-tabbed waiting for the client to be fore-fronted when it's their turn to pick. Reasons for this might be: - Player only cares about their specific match-up - Player only cares about playing a certain champion - Player just wants to get into a game - or ultimately, the player feels their potential involvement in draft would be futile (sort of a solo-q mentality). This player might only need a very little amount of time in champion select, and usually is the first to feel discouraged by dodges and overall "slow" drafting phases. _(Susceptibility to be bored)_ **Primary Issue: Player's perspective on their role in drafting phase, and/or player's lack of motivation to participate** (How can we encourage players to want to participate? How can we display the potential importance of all drafting phases?) Now to recap the problems and questions that need to be answered in order to layout a basis for solution. Players that want to participate need more time to gather and analyze information as well as make their final decisions. How can we make readily attainable resources available to these types of players in a shorter time? AND Player's need to be encouraged and/or stimulated enough to see the value of the drafting phase in every unique champion select. How can we encourage these players to want to participate? What can be added or changed to catalyze this encouragement? **1) Preferred Champion _Pools_ and Voting System** Idea: Either in lobby (where you pick roles), or during the "preferred pick" phase of the draft, allow players to select up to 2 additional champions they are willing/wanting to play. Then, as each player is picking, open a small vote system to allow the team to give each-other feedback on what they would like one another to play. Reasoning: This allows everyone in the lobby to have a reinforced idea of everyone's pick intentions (saving mental processing time) while at the same encouraging players to participate by sharing their opinion with a single mouse-click. **2) All-Champions Marker and Pick Order Swapping** Idea: Give players that own all champions an identifiable mark next to to their name, like a green check mark. Then, for players that do not own all of the champions, give them a hoverable icon that then displays which champions they don't own that are a part of their teammate's preferred picks or preferred pools. Finally, allow players to swap pick-order positions with their teammates, enabling the players that don't own priority picks to make way for the players that do. Reasoning: This would give extremely valuable information to interested players in an intuitive and timely manner, while also giving the team the resources they need to properly organize their team composition and overall drafting phase. Furthermore, this will also encourage players looking to play a contested or priority pick to work with their teammates in order to make that possible.
Riot needs to hire you! Solid idea a bit too many words but solid.
: It's been happening a lot with me too. This has to be a bug with the hit box detection at the outer ranges. Maybe it has something to do with the outer hit-box and how it collides with jungle monsters. Because happens with other places like red buff too
I do hope they fix it (or if it's not a bug they add at least 50 range to the E)
: Please read this and vote. Regarding Akali E. CertainlyT has done similar stuff before.
That is a lot of votes already a bit concerned with how nobody like option 1 :S
: Akali Gameplay Feedback Mega-Thread
Seriously... I can't tag wolf camp from behind the wall? CertainlyT dude common a bit of extra range won't hurt!
: A few things. - I enjoy the new akali. She seems to have a lot more outplay potential as well as a higher skill floor. - P. No complaints. I love the new passive. - Q. It doesn't feel good. I think the damage is fine, but the energy cost is so high. I understand what the intent was, but I think there are better executions. You could maybe use a charge system. 1.5 seconds between charges with maybe 5 seconds to gain a charge. Another idea that I think I would prefer would be to use a reset system. Maybe have a 7ish second cooldon but proccing akalis passive would reset the cooldown entirely. With both of these have the energy cost be maybe 40 or 50. Small enough to not run out instantly, but enough to not be able to use it 5 times in a trade. - W. I love the new w. It's fun, it looks way better than the old one. And the dive potential is very fun to play; however, when playing against akali it was very frustrating to play against. A tower should be a safety zone, and akali can pretty easily get 2 combos off under tower and kill you. - E. I really like the new e, but it feels dissatisfying. 2 things I would like: increase the projectile speed. the e is probably the most important spell to land to get a kill. It is so slow and for a spell that is as vital as it is, it shouldn't be so easy to dodge. Second, the backwards dash feels clunky. It gives the impression of a longer range (to me at least) than it actually has. If you miss your e while chasing, you are even farther from your target than you started and have pretty much no chance of catching them. My suggestion is to put the short dash back on the w. That way, you have to choose between using the dash to catch up and having your w for the fight. - R. The R is good, but it isn't akali. Akali's r was her defining trait pre-rework. The new r drastically changes her playstyle and I think a lot of akali mains are not happy with it. I think a better solution would be to have 2 or 3 dashes that do less damage on a 60 second ish cooldown. Move the damage from her r into her e and/or passive. The idea would be to use her r as a way to get passive procs. Dash past the circle and hit them, dash past again. Another welcome change would be to preserve the reset mechanic. Getting a kill adds a dash to your ult. I think the worst part of the new r is the cooldown between dashes. 3 seconds is too much. You have to waste your first dash to burst a target 100 to 0 without or they will likely kill you in those 3 seconds unless you are severely ahead. Keep in mind these are my opinions and ideas. I think this would make akali more fun to play, but you may not agree.
Check this out for changes to E:
: Akali Gameplay Feedback Mega-Thread > Dear CertainlyT (and voters), > > For the most part I like the rework except that the chasing potential is a bit lack luster. > Since CertainlyT doesn't seem interested in the least about changing CD on ult or giving it resets. > > I would like for Akali to get some extras on her E that will let her adapt to situations better. > > What I will propose here is very similar to what CertainlyT has done previously with Warwick's Q to make the ability much better without buffing it's numbers. > > The fact that his Bite can keep him on the target when they use a movement ability and lets him land behind them (and fear them away from safety) gave so much more depth to the ability than a simple "Press Q to do damage and heal". > > ## I want the same thing for Akali's Shuriken Flip! > > E is the same as live (I mean PBE...) except it has 3 additional effects: > > * If you hold the E button down during the first cast (throw) instead of jumping back akali will dash forward and then throw the Q (extends her engage range in a way that is counterplayable and involves risk since she is effectively dashing forward to potential kill/CC zone of tanks, carries and mages) > > * If you hold the E button down during 2nd cast of E (dashing part) Akali will instead land behind the target not infront. (For some outplay options) > > * Lastly I would like to have more uptime on E before lvl 13/18 and full CDR. > Something small like -2 sec CD per passive proc would be enough to get that extra shuriken flip. > > I feel like these changes would further increase her skill cap and make her much better at target selection and chasing. > > I don't mind some power going away from the ult in exchange for these 3 changes.
: Might wanna post it [here]( instead. Riot makes (sticky) threads for skin feedback, champion bugs and champion gameplay feedback just about every time.
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This is not a bug. Akali found the 7 chaos emeralds inside the zhonya hourglass and harnessed their power to go Super Sonic. This is Akali without the emeralds:
: Akali ctrl+4(laugh) bug
I want to report a bug with her Laugh as well. I think that when Riot recorded it there was some low frequency noise in the background that got on the recording and causes severe irritation in humans. What I mean is that when I hear it I fell like picking up my monitor and bashing my speakers with it. (Kind of the same thing I experience during Lux laughs) Riot can we do something about that?
: Her AP ratios feel extremely low. Currently, you're better off going pure AD, as it nets similar burst, but with better survivability, waveclear (with Hydra), and sustain. I don't know if the intent was for her to do more Hybrid builds, but as is, there's no point. Her initial burst ratio from AD with Hydra and only the auto that procs the passive is 5.05 x bonus AD + 2.0 x base AD. You can increase this further with Stormrazor for a guaranteed 60% total AD additional damage, and Trinity force for 200% more base AD damage. Most of this burst is also AOE. Her total burst with AP (which is also partially delayed due to the ult delay, whereas none of the damage from AD is delayed) with Lichbane is 2.0 - 2.6 x AP + 1.75 x base AD. Gunblade can add another 30% AP damage. With her combined AD ratios being over double her combined AP ratios in the best case scenaro, I don't see a point in ever building AP in the current iteration of Akali, as you don't get twice as much AP from items as you do AD. Not to mention the AD build path is more flexible and provides much needed waveclear (so you can max E first for a shorter combo CD and higher burst). It's also more difficult to itemize against, as she has good AD ratios on the magic damage from her Q and passive. I think she could really use a ~.35 AP ratio on her E at the least, as even if you're hitting and running with only passive autos, you're getting more damage building AD, especially in the early game, considering a significant portion of her AP damage is tied to the ult.
: About animations, I've noticed that Akali's hands elongate and grow during her dance and certain attacks. I think this is probably intended, but it looks weird and really noticeable to me. Maybe don't make the hands grow quite as much so it's not so noticeable? Example:
Akali ate gomu gomu fruit after leaving kinkou confirmed.
: Sustain was artificially low yesterday due to the Q bug. I find her health restore to be ample, though you have to make tradeoffs to achieve it: W allows a second healing Q and Gunblade + Ravenous Hunter are great options on her. The R cooldown mostly demands that you make the most of your resources. We haven't had trouble snowballing games when playing well (securing kills with R and making the most of the base kit). As to the pattern lacking mobility without R, E is designed to compensate heavily for that -- Akali retains her "modular" mobility that the player can use piecemeal or cash in all at once. Definitely get some more games on the champ without the bugs and let me know if you still feel the R cooldown is too high. I'm happy to lower it, but it would come at the expense of power elsewhere (likely R being shorter range and E being higher cooldown). You are definitely being heard. However, your expected response time is unrealistic. We literally can't react to feedback in <24 hours.
The other idea I can come up with (if no E resets) but how about her ult being on a charge/ammo system like corki rockets. What i mean is: # R - ~~Perfect Execution~~ Flawless Pursuit You may notice the namechange of the skill. It serves a purpose. **Please CertainlyT you must understand that it's the chase that gives us the high when we play Akali or as she would say herself "You better run, I want to savour this"** Executions are rarely perfect. They are usually messy and gory. To me a perfect execution is some anime iai sword draw that kills the oponent before they realise they were cleaved in two. Example: That is more samurai (shinigami) and less ninja. Not to mention it doesn't fit the current R at all as there is 3 sec delay until the execution takes place. Just picture it: 2 Anime samurais against each other at 100 Yards away. One of them instantly dashes 100 Yards and takes a hard swing at the other 2nd guy blocks it but is stunned by the force behind the hit as he recovers he sees that his oponent is eating ramen and is like "WTF!?" then the ramen eating samurai goes: " Hold on for 3 sec will ya I am gonna do an even stronger dash in a bit..." I am not a hater or a troll but this is how I view the current R 3 sec CD. # Back to topic R - Flawless pursuit Charge based. Can hold up to 2 charges. (1 charge = 1 dash) CD on charge - 30/25/20 sec (affected by CDR) (+1 charge on kill or assist and -4 sec CD for every triggered Passive proc AA against enemy champs) CD between dashes 3/2.25/1.5 sec (affected by CDR) So same dashes as current ones but half damage (or even less whatever is deemed balanced) and every 3rd dash (regardless of time between dashes) is the execution one (with missing HP and decent AP ratio) while the other 2 are mini stun physical DMG dashes. (Like corkis Big Rockets) Now before people say this will give her too much ESCAPE mobility I have a proposal for that as well. Dashes are full range when in 180° of nearby visible enemy champs and half range if not going towards the general direction of a visible enemy. (Opens counterplay if the enemy can deni you vision so you can't dash full lenght) Cause we all know that R is for going deeper (talking fountain deep) and not for escaping. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Champ reworks tend to be like that. Buying her and all her skins with RP is less than the 8000 you get pretty much daily if you play and test them out.
Dude I have new PBE account so I can test Akali VGU (been waiting for that since the 6.22 nightmare) but I can't test any of the skins (all of which I own on EUNE and EUW accounts) Cause Riot didn't make something simple like making everything 1BE (free) in the PBE client.
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