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: when i log in to pbe it just says that i quit a game and i need to reconnect but i was not in a game
I Don't know but I get disconnected in my client and its weird to me cause it usually doesn't do that also gives me bad ping in game
: It's already been reported.
ok thanks for letting me know. But are they fixing it?
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: Obviously but the need to play akabae is rising and I don't wanna go on live. ;n; {{champion:84}} {{champion:84}} {{item:3070}}
: Sobs it's unavailable noooow. {{item:3070}}
good they need to fix it duh
: I just logged on. It's up I think
: Unable to login
Riot atleast close the server so we know you are working on it.
: riot plox i wants 2 play mlg lcs worthy project yi plox rito fix problem m8
I know i want too 2. {{item:3070}}
: I feel like Riot will see the many threads about this and will do something about it within the hour.
: I wanna use these {{item:3070}}
I know me too I was really looking forward to it.{{item:3070}}
: Same here, I didn't have any problems until the PBE went down again
I don't think anyone is in the PBE right now login still aint workin!
: Yeah, since the PBE went down I haven't been able to get back in (where it was fine beforehand) and it says 'did not receive response from the server' then retries three times and gives the same error. Ho hum.
Rito pls help us!!!!!!!!
: Unable to login
Im having the same problem they said they fixed it but they didn't
: Multiple ults: Lux and Nami
I have a game that I played I was annie mid lane and I played against a lux (You probably know what this is). I tried my best but she just spammed the bug and I hope she gets banned for abusing the bug the whole game. I have the summary here:
: Please fix this. It's being abused so much in games. You can literally sit near/in base and spam constantly.
Agreed this is being used too much. This bug shouldn't be used in live just not fair people don't enjoy they're games like this. This should only be used in custom games or in bots this is just ridiculous.
: i think u auto and have ur ult on quickcast then what you do is spam or something
I just aa + aa ult then spam
: You will not get banned for reporting bugs
I am only scared of being banned because I showed how to do it.
: I've had this bug happen to me before. It looks really funny though.
Yea but it is really op and super unfair. I just want this bug out so no more people get banned. People are saying they are "Testing" it but really they're not they're abusing it and just using it frequently. It has to go.
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: TLDR is we're working on implementing a new font system and this is the initial implementation. Nothing there is meant to be permanent. See Thanks, -Chager
Alright thanks for letting me know :D.
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: i think thats better well played :)
I agree its smart people will know have a quick way of getting their ward skin with no stress!
: The entire game crashes so you won't get reported or leaverbuster'd
: Hey guys! Sorry to hear you're experiencing this. :( What game modes are you getting this issue on?
Im getting this issue on every game mode this gets me very sad cause I really want to end the game and to afraid to get reported or get leaverbuster :( Pls save us rito


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