: Did you even try it? It's way too overpowered. I take it on every champ and basically oneshot at start. And it works with abillities too.
did you even try it after the last change ? they removed the AD/AP scaling on stacks , late game it feels very weak compared to conqueror even against squishy teams
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: Aatrox Rework: Any changes?
I love the new Aatrox rework I think ad caster play style fits him really well, old aatrox was so boring in my opinion as usual a solid rework from riot , only complaint I have is the model it looks a bit bad but I think they are fixing it
: Unable to connect white screen
I have the same exact problem , starting a game is a coin flip I either connect or my loading screen stops responding , I just hope this doesn't transfer to the main game client one day
: Stormrazor
making it ranged only sounds fair , considering how they made sterak melee only
: That finally brings hope for bruisers who rely on AD ratios and not solely basic attacks / on-hit effects! I hope these new changes prove to be fun and interactive, and help make toplane less of an isolated role! One other change I would've like to see is a slight buff on Black Cleaver. Maybe a little more AD or a little more Armor penetration, or even change back the recipe to Warhammer instead of Kindlegem, which gave it a nice powerspike early on! All the changes that were meant to nerf Assassins ended up harming some Bruisers such as Illaoi or Wukong, but nerfing those that go for a single damage item before building 5 tanky items, such as Darius or Olaf. But of course, I understand these changes must be tested first on the live server before bringing any changes to an item as big as Black Cleaver. . . . . . buffBCmelee
> [{quoted}](name=Bolosseur2PBE,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=QzwOyzht,comment-id=002a,timestamp=2018-05-27T20:21:16.055+0000) > > That finally brings hope for bruisers who rely on AD ratios and not solely basic attacks / on-hit effects! I agree, they still need a sustained damage keystone that isn't reliant on basic attacks
: you would buy it because it gives you both Armor and MR on 1 item while also giving you AD GA for example only gives Armor and no MR and the revive passive from GA restores 50% BASE HP - so all the bonus HP you buy with your standard Bruiser build doesnt even make the GA passive better - so the GA passive isnt even ideal for Fighter (is better on stuff like ADCs / dmg dealer in general cause they dont buy bonus HP - so when they revive with GA they have pretty much the same HP as a fighter would after GA but they have way more dmg - so they can try to kill the enemy after reviving) _______________ and its a good thing u mentioned GA lets just compare Atmas with the other AD items that also give resistences: 1. {{item:3026}} Guardian Angel +40 AD +30 Armor P: Revive 2. {{item:3156}} Maw of Malmortius +50 AD +10% CDR +45 MR P: MR schild (after the ADC-patch a flat MR schild) +20AD, 10%spellvamp, 10%lifesteal when it proccs 3. {{item:3139}} Mercurial Scimitar +65 AD +10% lifesteal +35 MR P: remove cc __ all these 3 items give **only 1 resistance stat (Armor or MR)** so every item only helps you vs 1 type of dmg - none of these items help you vs both AD dmg and AP dmg **Atmas does give both AR AND MR**! 1 item to help vs both types of dmg and the resistance stat these items gives range from 30 to 45 Atmas gives +30 AR +30 MR so **Atmas gives way more total resistance (+60) compared to the other 3 items** **even if we take a look at only 1 of Atmas resistance stats its still +30 and thats about as much resistance these items give!** (again: they give *30* - 45 resistance - just like Atmas gives *30* to 1 stat) **so Atmas is the most tanky item from all these!** __ but you could say: they have another defensive Passive that might compensate for the fact that is has only 1 resistance stat (that not rly true but lets just assume that so we can go away from the resistance part and go to the AD) **even then all these items give from 40 up to 65 AD** **so why the hell should Atmas give +125 AD?! that twice or even three times as much AD compared to the other 3!** and thats when we say the Passive from these items compensate for the missing resistance stat but like i said you cant even rly do that - GA passive isn't even ideal for Fighter (and the passive doesnt make you tanky it just gives u another chance after you already died) - Mercurial just removes cc - that doesnt make you tanky at all - Maw gives you effective some bonus HP vs 1 type of dmg (at least that passive has something that makes you tanky) __ so in conclusion compared to these 3 AD+resistance items: Atmas is the most tanky item and the highest dmg item from all these ___ **imo the best item to compare Atmas to is {{item:3156}} Maw of Malmortius** the Maw passive also gives you some stats - and left that out because i wanna talk about that here: {{item:3156}} Maw gives you +50 AD up front and +45 MR + a passive that makes you more tanky here we might be able to say: the passive compensates for the missing Armor (its just vs 1 type of dmg but it might be compareable to the +60 resistance from Atams) **so lets say: +45 MR + Passive = +30 AR +30 MR** **now we take a look at the AD: +50 AD up front (Maw) vs +25 AD up front obviously Maw is stronger here** now we take at the passive that gives bonus stats: **Maw: +20 AD ( = 70 total AD) when you are low HP** **Atmas: every second you get AD based on HP** - **Maw is a harder to procc passive** its **tied to conditions you cant controll at all** - its based on how much dmg you take in that fight also **it only proccs with magic dmg** **Maw gives some other stats too (cdr, spellvamp, lifesteal)** - **Atmas is easier to procc** cause its **not tied to any condition other than beein in combat** every second you fight your passie gets stronger - **both passives dont give you the bonus AD right at the beginning of the fight - you get both passives later into the fight** so **Maw with a kinda weird-to-procc passive gives 70 AD** **Atmas passive is easier to procc but doesnt give the other bonus stats Maw does** (cdr, spellvamp, lifesteal) **so imo Atmas with max stack passive sould also be around 70AD!** (maybe just a little tiny more because - yes the passive is easier to get going but Maw gives some other stats in excange)
you are still ignoring the fact that atma requires 5 seconds in combat to give the full amount of ad , as a result it wouldn't make any sense for it to not give a considerably higher amount of ad than the other items .
: its not hard to stay in combat for 5s when you have 4k HP and you get 0,5% HP as AD every second and with the right itembuild thats **+20AD every second** and thats op af >if they lower the ad there will be no point building this item instead of other bruiser items which give you the full amount of ad upfront well thats the point of Atmas its not supposed to be a dmg item (like you said: bruiser items that give you the full amount of ad upfront thats not whats it supposed to do its supposed to be a **tanky** item that gives you **some offensive power** to be a threat cause **right now most fighter build pure tank items** after their core (Trinity/Titanic) thats why i givey both Armor and MR - but not as much as a full tank item! so when you buy this you still still get tanky and you didnt have to buy a pure tank item but you cant make a tanky item that gives as much AD - or easily even more AD then the highest AD items in the game ________________ thats like saying (a over-the-top example): we have the item {{item:3143}} Randuins Omen +60 AR +400 HP -20% crit dmg cold steel but we dont want Fighters to buy pure tank items! they are supposed to be a threat by having some offensive power! so lets make a Randuins for Fighter: {{item:3143}} 2.0 : it only gives +40 AR +200 HP -10% crit dmg cold steel but because we want to give them some offensive power it also gives: +80 AD like why would you ever go for the first randuins? the second one also gives you a bunch of suvivability (less then the first one) and it also gives you as much AD as the highest dmg items in the game you just get both: good suvivability AND huge dmg on 1 item
again if the ad on atma was lower, why would anyone build it instead of something like GA for example ? atma has to give a huge amount of ad because of the unique way it works which takes 5 seconds in combat otherwise it would be a pointless item
: here are my thoughts about the items i hope it helps and i would love to see some feedback also there is a TL;DR at the end if you dont wanna read everything xP _______________ _______________ **Atma's Reckoning**: i know these aren't the final nubers and they can still change something about the item but imo **Atmas is way to strong atm**! the passive rly needs to be nerfed! >Heavier fighters are generally forced to stop scaling their offense to build survivability. This item will help them remain a big threat throughout the whole game, trading off some survivability to do so. so Atmas is supposed to make the figher a threat **by trading off some survivability** so basically this item is still supposed to be a tanky item that give survivability (AR & MR) but not as much as a pure tank item - and i think it does a good job in that regard i gives 30 AR and 30 MR compared to other tank/tanky items that give AR&MR ( like Gargoyle and Zz'Rot ) give about 40-60 AR&MR so you lose out on some ressis to get the offensive boost - and thats how its supposed to be: "**trading off some survivability**" **but the problem is the amount of offensive power that you get from the passive! its insane!** a Fighter with no bonus HP has about 2000HP at lvl 18 if he buy Atmas he gets: 25AD from the item **and up to 50 AD from the passive!!! thats 75AD!!!** that is actually absurd - 75AD without buying any bonus HP if we compare it with other full AD items / the items with the highest AD: its Bloodthirster and Deaths Dance with 80 AD so this this item - an item that is still supposed to be a kinda tanky item - gives almost as much AD as a full AD item without buying any bonus HP! sure DD makes it harder to get oneshot and BT gives a shield when at full hp but Atmas offers better survivability by given AR&MR and it still gives such a huge amount of AD and when you buy HP (+ AD) items Atmas gets absolutely ridiculous for example: {{item:3071}} {{item:3748}} {{item:3053}} {{item:3748}} gives you another 2000 HP **so in this case Atmas gives up to 125 total AD** like hooooooly shiiiiiiit thats absurd that about as much AD as a {{item:3072}} and {{item:3156}} combined on 1 item .____. **this would give Atmas a gold value of 5815g!!!** i think the **amount of AD the passive needs to be hlaved** **or make the passive scale with bonus HP** not total HP __________________________ **Spear of Shojin:** seems totaly fine to me it does what it should: be a dmg item and offer some survivability its a AD item and the passive gives you a chance to survive a teamfight what Riot LOWBO wrote loooks fine to me: > Generally, without Dragon Heart, the item gives the equivalent of 15-20 Armor/MR, and while Dragon Heart is active it's more like 40-50. 15-20 AR/MR isnt much at all ( for example = 1 Cloth Armor ) - but Spear of Shojin isnt supposed to give a huge amount of survivability cause its still a dmg item so its fine with the (sometimes hard to procc) passive it gives 40-50 which also sounds fine to me - its a bit more then the AR from Guardian Angel ( + same for MR) you can also kinda compared it with Hourglass when Dragon Heart is active Hourglass also gives 45 AR while beeing a dmg item ( 75AP and also 10%cdr) Shojin gives you both ~45 AR **AND** MR but Hourglass also has its active (makes you invulnerable) and Shojins increased dmg reduction is tied to a condition and by making it scale with **BONUS** AD it cant be abused to easily and it makes a nice addition to the itempool for full AD / high AD itembuilds the AD it gives is really nice the CRD is really nice to have the HP is fine i guess the only problem i have with this item is: **it's NOT melee only!** everyone already knows ADCs will abuse this atm ADCs (and i bet even after the ADC changes) and supports are so strong that it doesnt even matter if 3 ppl are on top of the ADC - the ADC wont die anyways and will kill everyone before they have a change to kill him so i rly hope this gets changed to be melee only! ____________________ ____________________ **CONCLUSION / TL;DR:** - Atmas Passive seems way to strong: it gives way to much AD -> ~halve the power of the passive or change it to scale with bonus HP - Shojin seems fine and is a nice addition to the game - Shojin should be melee only so ADCs cant abuse it - Shojin does a way better job at what its supposed to do compared to Atmas! - Shojin is a AD item that gives some survivability so you might be able to survive a teamfight but its main focus is clear: **its a dmg item and not a tanky item** (by given good offensive stats with a nice amount of AD and CDR and by scaling with *Bonus* AD) well done riot! - Atmas is supposed to be a kinda tanky item but you trade some survivability for offensive power the amount of defensive power seems good - some AR AND MR but not as much ressis as a tank item the problem is that **the amount of AD is so big that Atmas ends up to be a HIGH DMG ITEM while also giving a good amount of resistences** **with the right build Atmas gives 45 - 125AD + 30AR + 30MR - thats kinda ridiculous! this would give Atmas a gold value of 5815g!**
atma only gives 25 ad , in order to get the rest you need to remain in combat for 5 seconds , if they lower the ad there will be no point building this item instead of other bruiser items which give you the full amount of ad upfront atma is perfectly balanced right now in my opinion , any nerf to it would turn it into a garbage item
: What can you say about jhin with Spear of Shojin? With full slot he has 150/450 dmg reduction from that passive. It means he has immune for all on-hit mechanics and all AS champs. Looks broken.
no adc can be in 500 range of 3 enemy champs without dying , so no it doesn't look broken in my opinion
: I like this Stormrazer
yup , definitely way better than the last version , very nice item I like it
: Stormrazor Attack Speed Scaling Version is the Best One
the attack speed version was garbage in my opinion and made 0 sense , the new version is perfect
: Marksman and AD Itemization Changes coming to PBE shortly
ok so the last change to stormrazor , just ruined the whole item for jhin and it changed it from core item on him to garbage , now jhin is at a very terrible state with the new changes since he already lost one of his core items ER , I hope you consider reverting the change to stormrazor and maybe lower the ad and increase the AS on it so that fighters and assasins dont abuse it
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: My thoughts on Conqueror - (Spoiler: True Damage OP)
how are they able to proc it when you are playing safe under tower ? they need to auto attack you to activate it
: Zoe E
I think the duration is fine since its hard to land but the extra damage is a bit insane
: Blind Pick
no its not better if all 5 members want to go mid and then 2 troll and one afk coz they called mid first
: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: PROJECT: Jhin!
I love everything about this skin , the color looks nice on jhin and fits him , the design is amazing , also the music that plays at the start of the game and on his ult is so nice cant wait to buy it on live server
: Hexaflash Could Use Some Love
hexflash has so many uses , most useful on champs like thresh and blitz in lane while hiding in brush I cant wait to see pro players make use of this rune
: Toxicity with no punishment.
both live and pbe servers reports work and I always get feedback messages on people I reported who got punished , people who spread rumors about reports not working make it harder to punish toxic players since less people will use the report system
: My club and I were talking about what we missed. I wrote a longer review but this is the condensed version. My club consists of almost exclusively Diamond to Masters players on the Oceanic server. > * 10 CDR: one utility CDR item. 20 @ 12 CDR: a major combat CDR item... Runes helping you hit certain breakpoints (like 40 CDR). (Runes for build versatility.) > > * Giving up magic resistance for A.S. - or AD for Armor - were also common, meaningful choices. (Runes geared for certain trading stances.) > > * %HP or Gold Runes, lastly, were (perhaps) the most extreme: gearing for mid-late-game fights as a tank or utility mage. (Runes geared for scaling.) > > * A Rioter mentioned 19.48 magic penetration Zyra/Brand. Don't you think those are interesting, personally? Trading everything for an extra drop of power? What you have provided is 'additional minigames.' Where are these? Where are the massive changes to stats that let you play champions differently? Is a 1-5% usage rate insufficient? I didn't mention niche runes. Please consider this.
I actually hated the old rune system , was boring , new runes are much more fun and diverse
: Report doesn't work, sadly
it does and today I got a message saying someone I reported got punished
: > [{quoted}](name=Death Ray IV,realm=PBE,application-id=cMKtzQHY,discussion-id=mdaUmM9B,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-11-01T23:51:59.914+0000) > > they need to implement auotofill protection , for someone that doesnt enjoy supp I am gonna dodge everytime I get supp unless I know next two games I can play different roles Correct me if I'm wrong but Isnt autofill enabled on PBE? First game possibly get autofilled in a long queue. If you were autofilled then your next game you will always be given 1 of your selected preferred roles? In any case this is PBE so wouldn't it be useful to test out the new runes for a role you might not necessarily play often but at times will have to
autofill is enabled but it doesnt give u your preferred roles the next game , thats the problem for me
: Add dodge punishment (or increase it)
they need to implement auotofill protection , for someone that doesnt enjoy supp I am gonna dodge everytime I get supp unless I know next two games I can play different roles
I am still getting the cant connect to server error before loading screen , just got it now , reconnecting does nothing
: We're launching an experimental, PBE-only, modified version of Draft Pick!
please bring this to live servers , it sucks not being able to play new champs in normal draft due to bans , and blind pick is just horrible
: can't connect to server bug
same thing has been happening for 2 weeks , nothing changed , every game I have to pray that I get lucky and not face this bug it is a 50/50 chance
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: Maybe cus you are bronze and you don't know what Guardian angel{{item:3026}} or Ninja tabis{{item:3047}} do to an assasin! Riot addet 600 gold Zhonia for you, that builds into a GA{{item:3026}}
lol ok mr challenger , GA has a CD and cant be rushed , and ninja tabi does nothing to adc against rengar ,
: I hope we're revoking PBE access for players with who often AFK
agreed , it sucks , one game we played 4 v 5 our top laner rage quit because we didnt surrender even though we were ahead and he was the only one behind and we almost won 3 v5 was a fun game though
: Rengar's Base AD stat (currently as much as Janna)
you are asking for a rengar buff ? played against him as an adc a couple of games and lets just say it wasnt very fun being 1 shot in 0.2 secs
: Can't connect to the game
having the same issue every now and then , its annoying as hell , it happens when loading screen is launching
: Gathering Storm seems busted
I disagree ,actually it feels weak compared to other runes , this rune doesnt give you any meaningful stats until 30 mins into the game , which gives others using different runes an advantage for 30 mins at least
: Runes Reforged PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread
Hello , I have a strange bug to report , last game my ravenous hunter rune bugged and was showing that I had 5 out of 0 stacks and current healing is 0 I am not sure if it was like that since the beginning of the game , or something weird caused it to get bugged mid game
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: Cheap Shot not interacting with some abilities that impair movement? Inconsistent as hell.
: Blind pick was a mistake please revert it
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