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: Doom bots lvl 100 is too easy to overcome.
Roll ranged AP with Rylais as first or 2nd item and Doom Bots is trivial, doesn't matter what level you have it on.
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: That bug is so old... and just visual
What does this have to do with anything? A bug is a bug, I found it, I reported it. It should, by all means, have been fixed by now if it's so "old".
: I did not know that, but it would be more helpful for the runes than anything.
With Runes it's more difficult. If you had every single rune, scrolling through the list to make a new runepage would be a chore. It's easier to just grab what you need and be done with it entirely.
: That's not entirely true. While they don't usually take our suggestions, they usually at least acknowledge our feedback as a community with red posts and discussions. The fact that Shen never even had an official feedback post and that they've ignored us entirely is what's insulting. Shen is one of the oldest League of Legends champions and has a TON of fans. With as careful as they were with some of the other larger reworks, you'd think they would at least give us a Q&A.
I haven't seen a red post in a LONG time. Not for Jhin, not for Illaoi, not for Shen. If it's been that long, they truly have no intention of contacting the PBE community to see what can be fixed. They're releasing Jhin NEXT WEEK without even attempting to work on any of his bugs or major damage issues, and EVERYONE had a problem with Illaoi.
: So Riot has released the Shen spotlight and didn't even bother answer to our feedbacks ?
No shit. It's Riot. They don't listen to the PBE community's feedback unless it's game breaking.
There are bundles that allow you to purchase every champion except for 3 because they were accidentally not included. As for skins, go to your profile, Champions, and then click on each champion, buy a skin, close, click next champion. No need to wait for the entire shop to reload.
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: Actually, the new winter summoner icons will be able to be acquired by gifting friends. He merely asked if gifting works here. > no reason for it to be there, that's probably why it's not working for you. Your reasoning is flawed.
It's not flawed. the gifting button BEING there, sure, but the function being taken away? yes. There's no point. If a problem ever arises with it it would be top priority for Riot to fix it because if the gifting system goes down, they lose money. Therefore, it jumps directly to the top of their to-fix list.
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: Is it possible to gift on pbe?
Why are you even worried about the gifting system? It's perfectly functional on LIVE, it would make sense to disable it entirely on PBE because there's no reason for it to be there, that's probably why it's not working for you.
: Pretty sure they're all done, skinspotlights has done spotlights on them, and I've seen dyrus playing with lollypoppy. They're unavailible if you don't own them.
Then I guess they'll remain unavailable, won't they?
: Some like more competition, don't judge.
Trust me, I love competition, but you get just about as much competition in Ranked as you do in Normals.
: Why mistery skin are 490 RP ? We can get them at 1 ip ?
You're taking this a bit too seriously. It says 490 rp so you know the original price, it's for convenience. I'm honestly not sure why it even matters to you, if it's 1 ip then it's 1 ip, don't question why the RP ammount is still there.
Why would you play ranked on PBE...?
: Can we get access to all Poppy skins?
They'll release them when they're ready too. The skins probably arn't finished yet, aka decorating the new poppy model to match the skin. Riot works on a ton of different things at once and Poppy is still a while from being released, you HAVE to be patient.
: Is anyone else noticing how a lot of people in PBE act extremely rude and always leave the game?
This is new? You should realize Rito doesn't pay shit for attention to the forums and people's problems unless it absolutely blows up and everyone is going insane. They do, however, pay attention to reports sent in by the PBE client. They're paid attention to more than anything, so abuse it.
: Okay, first off, this isn't the place to cry and complain about YOUR internet being bad. There are new changes so more people than usual will be on. Also the PBE server isn't like the NA or EU servers since there is only one of location for the PBE and isn't made to run nearly as much people as the Live ones do. <----- chicago, where the new NA server is. <----- Los Angeles, where the PBE server is, and Riot Games HQ. Do your research before talking, shithead. My internet is perfectly fine. Also, I'm normally on when the servers die down more, aka late at night when most people arn't on. It has NEVER lagged as badly as it did today, a solid 200-500 ping spike every couplee seconds is insane. Expecting people to be able to properly test for bugs under conditions like that is obsurd, especially when half the PBE server is scrublings who only want to enjoy the free champs, skins, and easy matches with newly broken champions.
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: I actually think she's OK except for two things: 1) Her tentacles are too visually cluttering if she spawns more than 3 in the same spot (= always happens with her R, all you can see is a hentai fest and other champions feel insignificant) 2) Her E lasting 1 full minute is too much :/ Like, if I want to recall, I have to wait 30 seconds so I can kill (and dodge) 3 tentacles so THEN I can recall? -.-
Yes. I'm sure everybody can agree that her E is too much. WAY too much. Is it easy to dodge? Yes. Usually skills that are easy to dodge have a solid effect that will fuck you sideways if you don't dodge it. Illaoi's e does damage to you, slows you no matter what, and at the end of it you're followed by a cloud for a minute, or until x amount tentacles are slain. Meaning you can't back, you can't engage a fight, nothing. You have several Illaoi q's slamming you every few seconds and its rediculous, especially for champions that have absolutely no mobility, and if they do, it's on high cooldown.
: [Minions] - Anybody else noticing minions not loosing aggro at all?
I see the aggro residing mainly in cannon minions. They'll chase you until they either die, you die, or you get them close to your tower range circle. I'm not sure if this was intented to make poking a bit more of a hazard or not, but so far it seems broken for early levels, because cannon minions hit for a lot early level.
: just cause she has breasts doesn't mean riot is going for "sexuality". Women have breasts, and Tristana's really aren't that big compared to her other features. However if you are arguing that she does not fit her original style of character then you have a point. The thing I don't like about this skin is the face in the splash art, it looks very creepy, in particular the eyes and corners of the mouth. I find this artist doesn't understand well the concepts of perspective, angles, anatomy, and lighting. The eyes have a soft shine in the upper portion where there should be a shadow with a smaller and sharper reflected light point. The corners of the mouth are upturned too much, if you think about what she would look like from the front, her mouth corners would be upturned 90 degrees, which contributes to it looking so weird. If you compare this splash to the ingame, you will notice they don't look like they have similar facial structure, because the artist did not fully understand the anatomy of the characters face. (It's the same sort of story as with the new fiora splash, where if you were to observe her from a frontal view you would notice the horribly disfigured anatomy of a person who has eyes that are slanted 45 degrees downward) Whoever is doing this art is good with their tools and shading and textures, but has a poor grasp of anatomy and how to capture the characteristics of a previously created figure.
I personally think the Dragon Tamer Tristana skin was done around the fact that it was going to be animated for the log in screen. It looks a lot better as she's moving, but yes, otherwise, you are correct. It doesn't look that great.
: I haven't tested it with the recent changes to Gunblade but it was definitely pretty bad on him before. It's not the first time it was suggested and it really wasn't viable on him for higher ELO games. It was a luxury item with mediocre scaling and much better alternatives. There's a reason you never saw it in the builds of any Ezreal mains. The only time I saw it in serious games was when Runeglaive Ezreal was popular and even there, it wasn't a common item. You can't judge a build's strength based on G5 MMR games. Almost anything you're comfortable with would work in that ELO range assuming it had at least a few important stats. However, with the changes and nerfs to some other items, it seems more attractive than before. On the other hand, it seems more like a snowball item than core.
I don't see how it's a snowball item, to be honest. It provides great sustain and some bonus damage, but other than that, it doesn't provide anything that would help you snowball like the new starter item for AP casters (get's built into mejais)
: I will try your build for a dozen or so games and see how I like it. I don't really care about preseason rankings anyway. Also, I wasn't suggesting you played badly because of the build but if you aren't effective and carrying games it doesn't matter how you play and sometimes that can be the result of a bad build. What are your masteries like? Do you get the Lifesteal/Spellvamp and 2% more damage done/taken? You're also saying that 1 Q heals 25% HP on minions with Gunblade. Unless 15% of an Ezreal Q is 25% of your HP, I'm confused. Are you counting BoRK for this? From Gunblade: "Instantly heal for 15% of all damage dealt, including physical, magical and true damage." Anyway, I think I'll probably try Manamune->Gunblade for your build. The relevance of the AP on Gunblade falls off the longer the game goes since any MR will dramatically reduce magic damage without penetration. Gunblade seems like a mid-game item for him so I'd rather get it earlier. Also, IBG has no AD or AP so it's more for utility and Ezreal's damage is already not great. BTW: I wonder about going IBG and Black Cleaver on him (opening up other Boot upgrades).
Black Cleaver definitely doesn't sound bad on him since you're mostly poke, but if you were to launch an ultimate across the field, the Black Cleaver passive would be basically nothing unless it hits minions along the way, but even then, passively, the damage reduction on the ultimate itself would be too much for Black Cleaver to make up for. That seems to be the only problem I have with it. As for the 25%, my bad, it was just a "guesstimation". More of a joke than anything. I love the life you get back from landing a single q on a minion. Like I said, haven't really had problems with the build. I've carried plenty of games with it, so I think it's perfectly fine. Maybe not in higher elo's, sure, but for lower elo's it seems to be perfectly fine.
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: That's new to me; the bug I run into most often is when they're killed by a pop-up attack (like yasou's tornado, or chogath's rupture), the body jumps every-time they show up from fog of war. Kind of distracting when you're running through the jungle to see a corpse suddenly go airborne for no reason.
I remember that bug. I haven't seen it in a long time, but it was a scary one. Always thought someone saw me and was jumping at me.
: I never considered Hextech into my build... Maybe I'll start doing it now.
I swear it's good. The moment you get Hextech you can _**FEEL**_ the damage boost, ESPECIALLY early - mid game because nobody has that many resistance items. If they build armor against you, it's even better because you've got the AP from Hextech, and the armor penetration from the new last whisper. If they build MR...well...that would be worse for them since you're mostly AD.
: Would you build Gunblade before IBG? Anyway, I'll try your build but I can already tell that it has no late game compared to a normal ADC build. We don't have magic penetration for the 80 AP and the Gunblade active scales with AP (which we only get from the item itself). On paper, it seems like if this is the best build for Ezreal, he is in an even worse spot than I thought.
No. Tear, then sheen, and you can either go straight for manamune or IBG (I normally go IBG, but some other players go manamune first). After that I like to go with lucidity boots, and then either Last Whisper if I'm dominating lane or Hextech if I've been getting ganked for the sustain. Like I replied to you before, I've honestly never had a problem with him. Sure, I have a bad game every now and then, but never truely have I >played< badly because of the build. As for the magic pen for the 80 ap, it's a hybrid build. Having the new last whisper for armor pen is more important than the magic pen, the extra ap is more for "on the side" damage, kind of like Vayne's true damage, which everybody absolutely hates. That extra 80 ap could mean a lot, it makes w less useless, gives your ultimate, e, and q slightly more damage, and the bonus spell vamp applies with it. With Hextech, late game, 1 q heals at least 1/4th of my hp (on minions), so if you're kiting with Gauntlet, you're going to dominate any 1v1.
: Is this a mid or bot build? It just doesn't look like it scales well enough for bot lane. Also, what ELO are you having success with this in? If it's some Silver game then we can't draw any conclusions about a champion's balance or proper build. Ezreal Wright is actually a Diamond Ezreal main with hundreds of games so I trust his assessment.
I go bot with it. No you're not considered "adc", being "Attack Damage Carry", but you're nevertheless, a carry. Ezreal doesn't have enough waveclear for solo mid until he gets Gauntlet, minimum. I have success with this everywhere. I've played against gold to diamond in custom games, which isn't 100% serious matching, but it's still against higher ranked players who know more than me (I'm currently just under Gold, my MMR almost scraping gold 5). I've always and forever done just fine with Ezreal simple because I build him like this. Before I just gave him Essence Reaver over botrk because of the mana steal and extra life steal, PLUS more ad damage, so back before this latest patch is when I built him more ad carry.
: Removal or Nerf of Illaoi.
I haven't even played her yet, only against, her, and she's not even that strong. If there's 5-6 tentacles up, you need to learn how to get rid of them efficiently, not let them constantly spawn and then complain about it on the forum.
: AFKs
People have very serious lag problems on PBE. I had a game where I spiked to 2500-2900 ping, and then the next game was totally fine. Stop worrying about AFKers, anyways, it's pbe. You're here to test, not worry whether you're going to win the game or not.
: [minor bug] Trist dance
I'm pretty sure it's intended, since she only does the "Doo doo doo da doo da doo" a single time anyways, and not repeatedly, it makes sense for the dance not to be looped.
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: Seriously Riot at this point, giving back the AS slow on Ezreal's W isn't going to break him anymore
As said on the other thread: You're building him wrong, obviously. {{item:3158}} {{item:3004}} {{item:3146}} {{item:3025}} {{item:3036}} -or- {{item:3033}} {{item:3153}} I ALWAYS use this build on him. ALWAYS. I rarely lose with him. Sometimes I swap the {{item:3153}} with {{item:3026}} / {{item:3170}} / {{item:3512}}{{item:3157}}. You can't go flat AD ezreal anymore. It's not powerful enough compared to the new adcs, but with this build, you get supreme lifesteal AND spell vamp, have decent cdr, armor penetration, and depending on what you get, bonus armor and mr, AP, stasis, and others.
: Ezreal Feels Weaker Than Ever
You're building him wrong, obviously, same goes for you, Ezreal Wright. {{item:3158}} {{item:3004}} {{item:3146}} {{item:3025}} {{item:3036}} -or- {{item:3033}} {{item:3153}} I ALWAYS use this build on him. ALWAYS. I rarely lose with him. Sometimes I swap the {{item:3153}} with {{item:3026}} / {{item:3170}} / {{item:3512}}{{item:3157}}. You can't go flat AD ezreal anymore. It's not powerful enough compared to the new adcs, but with this build, you get supreme lifesteal AND spell vamp, have decent cdr, armor penetration, and depending on what you get, bonus armor and mr, AP, stasis, and others.
: You seem to forget that the pbe server is the only pbe server. It's not just NA; its everywhere clumped into one server. It can get stressed by the amount of people quite easily
That's understandable, but when I'm the only one in the game that is getting this lag? There's something wrong with that. It doesn't make any sense.
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: Is there any reason Runes aren't 1 IP like everything else?
Not....really. As long as each rune adds what it says it will, there's not much reason to test.
: Easter Eggs in the Champ Select
Good job you combined the ideas of 2 threads that already exist into one and claiming it as "your" suggestion.
: If you were using the print screen button, it only saves if it is in windowed mode, it wont save screen shots of anything in full screen.
Then what is an alternate solution to screencapping? I'd rather not have to window my game and fullscreen it again just for a screenshot, especially when it's something that might disappear in the next second or so.
: I really don't want to be forced to choose a secondary role...
Uhm...Because pro players have a team and they all know what their best roles are? This thread makes no sense. You should be required to pick a secondary role.
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