: Hey Bess! I did try to add wings to her W/RW through VFX, but it ended up doing weird things since her jump is fast and can be at drastically different lengths. Also looked kinda weird over her cape, bleh. I tried to make up for no wings on her model by giving her an ambient black feather effect coming off of her cape at all times ><
I would also like to add that I adore the skin! But I think it could be a lot better/more differentiated from the others by giving her her black eye streaks back. and personally I would love if her hair was more like Kai'Sa's, this just looks weird and frizzy. Maybe the player asked for that though but I just wanted to add that would make it a lot more perfect!
: Fix to outdated store bug ( no newer than Taliyah skin)
: not a bug in any way, it's just your team's fault for dying right before the event started.
well, i didnt die but just backed right before the event started to regain some health- should that also be punishable by death? i couldnt know that i wasnt gonna be able to outrun the barrier
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: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Program LeBlanc!
hi! so i'm a 270k LeBlanc main almost since I started playing & I absolutely love the champion and have all her skins. I'm also generally disappointed in the choice of skin line- LeBlanc is supposed to be this mysterious sorceress that we don't really know if she's like 500 years old or if her title is given over through generations, she leads this mysterious group the Black Rose and is basically tugging a lot of strings under the Noxian government. It's such a supercool concept!! and then the Program line just feels like it has absolutely zero personality to it at all. she just gets replaced by this robot version that has like no story or feelings -- I would've personally preferred something like Blood Moon, looking at all the other supercool assassins that got it I really feel like it would fit her theme and look a lot better. and then another personal preference, I would've loved a Star Guardian LeBlanc, just because I absolutely adore that skinline. - it's just generally disappointing that we've been waiting 2 and a half years for a new skin, and looking around I'm seeing the supercool new K/DA skin line with all these awesome coloured effects, and the music sounds when shooting abilities are so cool. why is Ahri in that when she already has a popstar skin? why couldn't LeBlanc have been in there? :( also looking at the new Halloween skins, they're all just so much cooler and more thought out than this one imo. The colour scheme isn't nice at all- the green and orange is very unflattering imo. I also prefer the blue chroma like another commenter. Her face has no personality, again. It's just a green blob with straight hair. compare it to Elderwood and Ravenborn- it's like it's a whole different champion. the crown would definitely add a lot! I'm not sure that I'm going to be buying this skin. I've been yelling on reddit to give us a new LB skin for a long time and that I would instabuy it, but the skin like it is now is way too underwhelming. I might buy it + a chroma but I'm super disappointed.
: Akali Bug Thread
so, if you're Akali and you e someone, they then teleport away while you activate your e, you run across the map at an insane speed towards them. it looks absolutely crazy and i can't imagine that's a feature that's meant to be there hahah

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