: [Archangel's Staff] - stacks always zero
: WW Champion bug
If you had it purple enchanted it doesn't give you cdr. If you had red or green that is odd. I'll check this out.
: Annie's Tibbers
I saw this with shacos clone
: Possible Relic shield bug!
Bugs of all types are good to report~ Alas I was unable to replicate it.
: [Shaco] Hullucinate Clone doesn't have items?
Irrelevant to the bug report but... fun fact with him. If you're enemies haven't had sight of you before level 6 you can ult and send your clone in. the clone will show up as whatever level you where when they last seen you. You could possibly fake people out into thinking its the real you.
: Kassadin's Nether Blade Activation Noise Procs With Every Autoattack
As someone who liked Kassadin after the rework and tried playing him a lot. It is specifically when you're hitting turrets. The nether blade will not take the damage of his w and since he still has time on it will continue to make an empowered attack. Also as the other person said. I like it :)
: Okay, So where is this "posted balance change" posted?! I'm always wondering what's new and different on PBE but I don't know where to go to find out...
I use http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/VPBE
: [Feral Flare] Unleashing Feral Flare Bug
??? It keeps track at hunters machete and since spirit stone gains no stacks you'd have to buy a completely new hunters machete, thus no more stacks. I'm confident this is intended.
: Shadows on the NEW Summoner's Rift
I got this too, I'm glad I'm not the only one who notices these things :)
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: Marksmen are a very different type of champion. They have to position themselves correctly and can still attack from range and can kite, there is a lot of interaction with marksmen poking and harassing. WW on the other hand basically can't do anything if he's not point-blank range and none of his abilities other than his ult or movement impairing items help him. His E is useless if there aren't nearby enemy champions that aren't half dead. 2 of his 4 abilities increase his stats, making him even more AA reliant. His R doesn't need to be a skillshot, it's the only gap closer he has, making it a skillshot will just make his only gap closer unreliable.
As cait said He's just unfun to play against. His e>r denies you escape His w is a massive as boost His q is phenomenal for magewick I have a build with him I shove him full of sustain/defenses Bloodthirster Botrk Feral Flare SpiritVisage Randuins and situational boots. He's too way tanky to burst, too much sustain to out dps him. But his downfall is his early game. No ganks pre 6 can seriously hurt your team. I really hope they do rework him nicely though because he's one of my more favorite junglers.
: Kog Bot Name Bug
: Lucian OP Bug
Lucian auto attacking doing the culling backwards
: Lucian OP Bug
(it won't let me add more than one attachment per comment) Culling active ghostblade not active EDIT: I just got it to replicate on champions to but its harder to tell since the damage ticks Nice catch on this bug this should most definitely be looked at
: Lucian OP Bug
This shows it perfectly As culling can't damage towers the red numbers mean auto attacks from lucian Culling activated and ghostblade active Also
: Shen's taunt gives a strange message in all chat. (Like quinn had with B.distance)
I've seen it for awhile even on live only with bot shens though i've seen alot of people posting about it too so it has a lot of attention
: [Viktor] Hex Core upgrades not undo-able
I've seen this too and my first though was what gale said
: One little remark. Sherwood Forest Ashe's hair on the splash is blond, but ingame it was still white. Now, we have this "Mass Texture Rebalancing" and you still kept it white. This would be the good opportunity to correct this coloring error. Please.
Lol Frejlord Ashe is white haired in her splash Blonde in game
: [Minor] Cassiopeia champion select icon
Lol It took me 3 minutes of staring at it to figure out what the issue is Yea that is weird
: Warwick Rework?
There's already plans on reworking him.
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: [Frozen Heart] - Aura still appears when champ dies
wow old discussion Is this an anyway going to get fixed? Nonetheless It wasn't negatively affecting my attack speed.
: new SR Nexus
I just posted about this after running a search and finding nothing. I scroll down in bugs and find this~ It only happened to me on the red side.
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: Soraka Rework Feedback Thread
I love her rework, it certainly makes her a better viable support than before. My main issue is with the E. It's easy to walk out of and as soon as they're out of the zone they aren't silenced anymore meaning they can use dashes to escape. The main thing I liked about soraka was that the e prevented them from using an escape. I love how the equinox works but maybe leave the silence up for .5 seconds after they leave. Great job on the rework guys :3
: I need some mass confimation here
I saw a post where someone was saying Rivens q wasn't registering minion hp bar loss.
: I think if the area was larger or it did not take as long for the stun to go in to effect it would be able to change the tides of battle and that would make her a truly valuable champion to play. It would be rewarding to be able to lock down 3+ champions in the area and get that root down so you can heal with a Q as well as let your teammates lay down a bunch of damage. Since right now it is fairly easy for enemies with high move speed (see someone with either Move Speed Quints and/or boots with a move speed item such as Phantom Dancer or Lich Bane) can run out and back across before the root takes place.
I DO like that the fact adc's can't use dashes to get out of there. Landing one at a good gank will be priceless Though currently the only characters I can imagine getting caught with the root is a miss fortune or a katarina during ult.
: Soraka Rework Discussion
The only thing I would really like is an increased area on the e Some other things could use some minor tweaking. The e is lovely though. Kinda like landing a good malzahar q <3 It would turn the tide of a fight.
: Why do you not hire silver for testers?
Bronze II on live and I got accepted~ It depends on who they play/are good at. What they're releasing. Also how many testers they need. Also I thought I saw somewhere that you need a clean no ban record for 2 months
: Ahri Charm Doesn't work
Could Vi have been in the middle of her ult?
: [Zyra]-Plant form can use trinket but then cannot shoot
: [Zyra]-Plant form can use trinket but then cannot shoot
: [Zyra]-Plant form can use trinket but then cannot shoot
: [Zyra]-Plant form can use trinket but then cannot shoot
This attachment thing won't let me add more than one attachment so here goes
: [Zyra]-Plant form can use trinket but then cannot shoot
Someone else posted this, I did some more testing, it's with ALL trinkets. I assume there upgrades too
: Basic Tutorial Super Broken
This~ I tried to replicate this once I hit level 30 but I couldn't, tutorial acted normal. It only happened when I was level 1 trying to get level 30 I made a post yesterday, also found a post from about 2 months back?? When I was level 1 This happened to me like 3 times before I gave up and did normal tutorials.
: Extremely slow pbe patch download speeds
I had like 256 or so, took like 45 minutes for mine to download. It takes awhile when it decides to patch too, i think its specific to PBE
: Yasuo shield passive not breaking
I've seen this too??? I was in ascension and purposefully trying to break it with Xerath spells. Shot all three of my spells at him and tried to auto attack him and nothing happened to the shield until it despawned. This was with Project: Yasuo
: Amumu CTR 3
That's his dance, I don't think he makes sound in his dance anyway.
: Strange messages in game
I get these practically every game~ Only in PBE though
: [Katarina] Legacy Skins Available to Unlock in Champion Select
Confirmed, but when i click it it says its unavailable Edit: forgot you said that in your post, derp
: D/C when tabbing out
I've had this too. It doesn't do it EVERY game, it also more frequently does it when I'm trying to tab out when I'm still connecting to the game. I myself haven't been able to recconect.
: Azir Passive Blue Bar
I've seen this as well, not sure if it's a bug or it it's a place holder of some kind. I believe you're supposed to take screen shots but I'm also new at this and don't know exactly what I'm doing.
: BUG !! If Zyra places a trinket ward during her passive her abilities go on a cooldown
I haven't been able to replicate it with actual wards but I have been able to with warding trinket scrying orb and oracles lens. I assume it does this with it's upgrades as well. both her using them and then her going on cooldown when she does. I tried to screenshot but I'm still trying to figure out how exactly to do that and find the pictures.
: BUG !! If Zyra places a trinket ward during her passive her abilities go on a cooldown
Should she even be able to place wards in her passive?? I thought I saw something around of Karthus being able to and it was a bug. I'll test this~
: [Azir] W Fountain Bug
I was just thinking about this. It seems like something that was not thought about before hand. I seen Azirs sand people sit in the fountain for the whole time and it seemed like something that was a bug but it apparently isn't. I would like to see this changed. I would loath to be trapped in my fountain taking damage when my nexus is being destroyed.
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