: I'm curious, do you guys feel like his passive with attack speed will really be used much? Seems like he can get more AD through standard AD items so the only real bonus from an attack speed item would be something like the Rapid Fire Cannon which adds range and gives him some extra AD and movement speed from his passive. Was it intended he mainly build pure AD and his passive is there in case RFC or an attack speed item was something he wanted to pick up?
From my experience building Jhin, you definitely want to be focusing on AD over attack speed. You nailed it though -- the ratio should help to not decentivize you from building a traditional multiplier like RFC or Shiv! My personal core build looks like --- Essence Reaver, RFC, IE, Mercurial. The rest is up in the air depending on how the game is going.
: I have to disagree, I think it was way worse compared to other marksmen. Needing to reload means that we lose (estimate you know better) 2-3 autoattacks compared to others, and the AD scaling doesn't really make up for the loss of attack speed when going for towers. It's like going for turrets with a mage such as Annie, as you've said. I would probably argue that in the case of him being treated as an AD mage he would be overall a failure in the goal of making another marksman for us marksman mains to enjoy. At least in my eyes. I honestly feel that being good at pushing towers is a requirement, a necessity to have in a bot lane ADC. If you guys decide to move Jhin towards a midlane AD caster playstyle (which I would be in full support of since that's what he felt like to me) that's fine with me, but I'd have to request that another marksman be added onto your new champion "to do" list in turn.
Right --- I've definitely suspected that Jhin will eventually trend to an AD caster role rather than being a traditional sustained damage marksman. Whether or not he goes mid or bottom I feel is purely optimization, as I think he functions perfectly well in either. I agree that he may not fully deliver from a pure marksman-like playstyle --- but he more than makes up for these weaknesses through his fallback pattern of setting up picks through smart usage of his W and ultimate. I think overtime players will find that Jhin is a more unique marksman experience that delivers more on the initiation and catch play-pattern (think Ashe), than the traditional sustained DPS, tower busting identity that most marksman have. That's not to say Jhin can't do these things --- he just feels much more specialized to me.
: I feel as though Jhin needs some way of pushing towers better. Pushing towers is one of the big reasons why marksmen exist in every game, since they do it best. His current ability to push towers and minions is incredibly lacking to the point where I somehow managed to lose a game 1v5ing beginner bots while pushing mid.
Agreed here -- I generally struggled to push towers but I didn't feel like it was way worse compared to competing marksman. That being said I feel that he more plays like a mage than a marksman, (or some weird combination of both). This could possibly lead us to seeing him Mid more often than bot. The question would be do we feel like Jhin being a bit worse at pushing towers is a necessary weakness, given the strength and scaling of the rest of his kit?
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