: HELP!!!
You realize you didn't actually give anything for anyone to help you with right? You just posted an image of a very common issue, no logs, no information, no anything. The only advice I can give based on what you posted is that you re-open the client.
: ***
Posts on Forums "I don't care what you think" Well aren't you an edgy motherfucker.
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: PBE Disconencts
Seems like it. Thanks Riot.
: Zed can auto attack himself in a custom URF game
How quickly do you need to press W to replicate this? Because I've hit W multiple times before in rapid succession and never had that happen
: I agree with you, there is something wrong with this year's URF. I don't like it anymore
There is absolutely nothing different about the gamemode this year. There have been nerfs to champions who were deemed to strong to keep ingame cooldowns, but that is it.
: Tryharding in URF
The only thing more annoying than people who flame in URF, is people who complain about other people winning the game. Just because somebody is doing better than you, and they are beating you every time you try to fight them, doesn't mean they are tryharding. The PBE is for testing, not for you to come and whine about people "Trying to hard".
: A bunch of champs are gonna get disabled again anyways.
What? They didn't disable anyone last year. Where are you getting this information from?
: We do plan on doing PBE runs for all game modes that will show up in the queue. PBE time is important for our modes not only for gathering gameplay feedback and finding bugs but also to make sure champ mastery is doing ok on each mode. Gotta make sure it's not too easy(or hard) to get an S. :P
Can we expect to see a PBE test-run of each mode weekly?
: riot dont make U.R.F at least 15 april or something its too long make it 5 april or something pls!
Please do not bring posts like this to the PBE. This original post was no intended to beg for the gamemode on live servers.
Olá, eu tenho que assumir este post é de 100 % sobre o PBE , e não um problema de servidor ao vivo. Em primeiro lugar, eu gostaria de apoligize se isso é difícil de entender, eu estou escrevendo -lo usando Traduz Google . O limite runa é algo motim é muito ciente, postagens tem sido feito no passado , e para evitar gumbing -se os fóruns, Seria uma boa idéia para procurar um post sobre o problema no futuro. A PBE é um campo de testes para novos conteúdos e mudanças para o futuro da League of Legends , e desde runas raramente são atualizados , eu não imagino que está na lista de motins das grandes prioridades para introduzir uma mudança para uma runa - limite superior para o PBE . Se esta é uma questão sobre ao vivo, que deveria ter sido lançado para suas regiões de fóruns, ou enviadas para apoio, e eles poderiam ajudá-lo a resolver o problema. Além disso, no futuro, talvez seria no melhor intrest para incluir uma versão traduzida do Google do seu post para pessoas que não vêm com a idéia de fazer o que eu fiz, ele vai fazer responder a perguntas ou problemas que têm muito mais simples. Tenha um bom dia!
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: Read [this](http://www.surrenderat20.net/2016/03/red-post-collection-league-client.html#2) and you have your answer
What.. He wasn't asking if URF will be a thing.. He was asking if it'll be on the PBE, which is a no. It's been 3 years now, URF Hardly needs testing at this point.
: 1. This has nothing to do with PBE 2. It was said in the post it would go live after Hextech Crafting.
"This has nothing to do with PBE" How so? It'd be strange if Riot just did an internal test, and players never got to test it for bugs and such. Therefore, It has to do with the PBE. EDUCATE YASELF.
: ...how are you possibly running out of IP when literally everything but runes costs 1 ip.
Some people have been here a long time?
: Old prices cost 590?
The question is actually fairly obvious if you look at the chroma packs, the newer ones (Maybe all of them, I bought them all except headhunter Yi) Are now 590RP as opposed to the 1RP cost the had previously.
: CO-OP vs. AI is locked. I do not meet requirements?
Maybe a sign of doom bots coming back? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
: [Hud] Ctrl + f
More than likely a feature they meant to have stay, its easier for some people to just hit Ctrl+F and take a look at the text ping, as opposed to hovering over the icon.
: Irelia's akward right arm splash art
The arm looks thinner, because the wrist is slightly twisted on the right arm as opposed to the left.
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