: Cant run PBE
i cant log in also. i got permabanned for no reason
: Posting here won't help you. Contact player support and cry there. You are not banned for one game, there were more reports than that.
player support url please?
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: Jhin End Screen Bug
This happens to Ekko, Pantheon and TF's ults :) if you time it right, you will be able to see yourself
: You do not need RP, all the champions are available for 1 IP.
and skins :)
: What do you think of Hextech crafting?
I dont even know what the Hextech Crafting feature is :D
: Anyone know why Spectate game fails so often? And profile viewing bugs
It happens for me everytime i try to spectate someone.
: When i click "Lunch" ,the client disappeared. Help me!!
I don't see a button called ''Lunch'' in the PBE client.. I just see ''Launch''. Did you ate the client?
: Unplayable
Same, i hate those PBE buggz
: Caitlyn's Lunar Revel Skin's Headshot Sound...
: The DeadEye Theory : What is Deadeye doing ??
: [Kindred] - Champions/Skins with no in-game minimap icons cannot be marked.
: [Champions] - Profile Champion Tab with Bugged Out Names
It is an issue with installing custom skins, did you installed any? I had installed over 40 custom skins on live server (EUNE) and i had COMPLETLY bugged champion page..
: Jhin (Deadeye), new champion confirmed?
I dont know what to expect but i will leave it alone and wait for the new champion if it will be.. Also you forget to add at the Zed's webpage there is Zed's shadow but colored behind him at the background splash art
: PBE Server in EU?
I am in Europe (Czech Republic in the capital city) and i have 160-180ms :) And when i have 180ms on live servers it lag like .. and here on PBE with 180ms it is 4x better than live
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: Lunar wraith caitlyn bugs
> [{quoted}](name=GC LeDude,realm=PBE,application-id=A4D2003433C8FCD715185A7264A9CC6FDFAD7FEF,discussion-id=MELiYnwy,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-12-20T11:09:11.174+0000) > > i found some bugs on the new skin > -champion face on the hud and the exp bar are gone > -killing an enemy doesnt show caitlyns face but the latest enemy killed > -the trap textures are missing > also wondering about that game mode added to the co-op vs ai and pvp > (i highly think its urf or doom bots) URFD Bots :) (iykwim)
: Im having the same problem when i joined i spent alot of my rp on skins and stuff and now i cant buy any mystery skins and chroma packs =/
yep, same dude :(
: If the coding of something is not changed, it cannot be bugged. Mystery gifting hasn't been changed for ages, so it can't be bugged~
I say that the legacy skins could be bugged! Not the mystery skin gifting bugs!
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: The things that cost RP do not need testing, thus you don't need to buy them. If you want to own that stuff, please support Riot and buy it on the normal servers.
Amy Sery you must really comment everything that has word RP in that! We need to test legacy skins also :)
: Leave Buster Help
yeah that happened to me too, i got 20 minute ban :) so this is for you, riot: How are we supposed to test with BANS?!!!!
: I love the Club tag idea, but I was a bit disappointed that the club tag I wanted was one letter too short! Is there a reason for the 5 letter cap specifically or readability or just a preference?
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: You don't need RP. All the content you need is available for 1 IP.
And gifting mystery skins (legacy skins if you have all purchaseable skins) does not needs to be tested ok? Are you serrious? What if they would have bug?!!!
: Running out of RP
riot cmon give us weekly rp back plzz atleast 2500rp per week :(
: >From December 23 through the end of Snowdown, whenever you grab a Legendary skin, you’ll unlock a free Mystery Box. If that Mystery Box contains a Legendary skin, you’ll get another Mystery Box, and if that one is packed with a Legendary, well… you get the idea. We’re calling it Legendary Snowball! Primetime Draven and Surprise Party Fiddlesticks are still counted as Legendary skins even though they have permanent price reduction. Are players going to receive a free Mystery Box when they buy one of these skins? {{champion:119}}
I think SP Fiddlesticks is Legendary Skin because of his Spells (E+R) have changed icons
: New Gamemode Idea
And also add new map to this gamemode like the old Magma Chamber :)
: You could've just pressed F12 to screenshot.
then, where to paste it ? :l
: Leblanc name fault in champion picture in the discussion
i have that bug too, i think she is getting reworked O_o
: Do you have a screenshot or a video? Anivia can't deal true damage with any of her abilities.
My Start on win10 doesnt work so i cant open any of those programms like paint etc.. It showed me 2000true damage
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: Can you go into your online graph and send us the link to your stats?
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: 180% mana regen is an odd and random number
OR maybe if you will go tryndamere jungle, you will be able to get 1.5x more fury in the jungle.. basically with all champions that have some kind of resource bar (flow, fury, heat, etc.)
: No RP for more than 2 months?
Please riot do it again that you get more RP every week please!
: Ekko Ultimate Bug
Have you tried to ''bug'' it also on SR/TT/CS ?
: We need more RP!
I agree with that 1000RP each patch! Cool idea! but i would change it on 2500RP per patch or 7500RP per week every monday like the old PBE :3 OR i would add a new feature to PBE to add as many RP and IP you want and every day you have one ''lotto'' like this :D
: Snowdown shop bug
how you got so many skins there? i got just two.. TPA Ezreal and Championship Shyvana
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: Why does PBE not refill the rp anymore?
Oh if Riot again allowed that :( Rest in peperonis, History of PBE!
: You got Chat restricted probably by following up Illaoi's Game, you should've muted her and moved on.
oh you are right but dont read the list.. read the things that are up...
it doesnt scales with enemys hp.. when i played him i was doing 234magic dmg at lvl 1 with the Q to everyone
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: No Hud
any screenshot ?
: Only until 26th? I thought bans are all permanent. O_o
Pwohhhh! PERMANENT? ''ow''
: Suspended account?
well i am rage player but on PBE i dont rage.. i am so glad that i got on PBE..
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