: Bug(?) Regarding Quick Cast + Self Cast
There seems to be several problems with Quick+Self Cast right now, I don't know if they fixed the last one but some spells you couldn't cast at all (See Lucian and Cass). But yes it shouldn't be doing this. +1
: It's not only Cassiopeia :']
Thanks for confirming this on other champs. Hopefully they fix it because I love quick+self cast.
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: Server down on PBE
It is down because they are performing maintenance. If we are lucky they are putting in New SR.
: Cannot invite to lobby.
Experiencing this same issue as well.
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: Caitlyn E + Q bug
This is not a bug and is working as intended. That's how people do caitlyn poke and are able to escape as well. It is a well known trick.
: Kayle icons missing
No. This is a server side bug, everybody sees the blue square and the missing skill icons.
: Kayle minimap bug
I can confirm. I was playing unmasked kayle (unlocked through mystery gift) and my icon was blue. Also, all skills were blank including her passive.
: Is There an AUTO PAUSE feature currently live??
You can take screenshots of league but you have to have it on windowed mode for it to work. You can temporarily have it on windowed mode, take the screenshot, and then return to fullscreen. (For future reference)
: Vel'Koz
Vel'Koz has not been confirmed as an upcoming champion, and until then you should treat all information about him as speculation/rumour.
: [Suggestion] Xerath current Ultimate
I feel like the current iteration of Xerath's R has a very Dota 2 feel. I can't place my finger on why but it doesn't seem right on Xerath nor on league imo. What you're suggesting I feel however is extremely similar to the Heimerdinger rework, and as much as I like the ults that improve base skills I feel like the Karma and Heim reworks cover this idea well. The one thing I miss the most on Xerath is the high magic pen from Locus of Power and I know there were previous iterations of him with insane % magic pen that felt a little too strong. However if I recall correctly it was stated that from asking current Xerath players they liked the high magic pen as well, so I'm not sure why Riot has decided to move away from it. The new W is interesting as it adds a second form of CC and coupled with a Rylai's and good aim you can get a 95% slow for 1.5 seconds which is super strong. However I feel like there is little counterplay for this mechanic other than trying not to get hit by the center and cleanse/other cc removal/reduction, and is unfun for enemies. Q and E seem fine as they are with the added counterplay and decision making of trying to burst from max range by hitting a max range e and whether or not to charge q fully. My main thoughts are this: Q and E are in good spots but W needs an adjustment, & R needs major rethinking. Perhaps move back towards a more high damage burst mage that eats through magic resist and away from the the utility/sustained poke kit. Just my quick thoughts after playtesting him a bit over the past week and writing it up at 1 AM. -Dat
: So do I have to use all my IP to get RP? Because in FAQ was stated I have to have less than 4 000 RP and/or less that 10 000 IP to get injection.
Read the riot comments above you. Here is a quick quote: "Sorry, let me clarify, new members will still be getting a large sum of RP when they sign up which they can use to buy old skins whenever they want. But instead of giving everyone an additional 4k RP every week to test new skins, we're just going to offer the new skins for 1 IP." Sorry if this sounds kinda mean but I'm tired and don't intend it that way ;P
: I know who the butcher is
Thanks op! Was trying to figure out who it was. Kappa
: RiotAether was true to his word and I think its a great idea. I'd be happy to have more players on PBE testing Unlock's gifting features in the store. Thanks DatXFire!
You're welcome! Just trying to make PBE a better place, and welcoming friends to PBE with a gift is perfect. Thanks for the responses, -Dat
: This is an interesting point. I'll pass it along to our ecommerce and Release teams and see if we can get the system changed.
Thanks for the quick response! Sorry for the late reply, glad to see you keeping watch! -Dat
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: [Bug] Particles/recall lights/turret shots not displaying?
I am experiencing this is as well. Tried repair and it didn't fix. I can post logs if necessary.
: infernal nasus splash in the ahri default splash (minor)
Related post. You can see the ahri skins in infernal Nasus' splash. Image: http://i.imgur.com/7vcWXfe.jpg
: Summoner icons dissapear
I can confirm as well. The velocity Icon I am currently using is viewable but does not show up if I click to view my summoner icons. SGU, Pulsefire Ez, and all purchased team icons are MIA as well. One of my Harrowing 2013 icons (The vilemaw one specifically) is not there either. I should have: the Ultimate Skin Icons, all of the s3 team icons and 3/5 of the Harrowing 2013 icons (Vilemaw and Ghost Girl are missing [Never received the ghost girl icon even though I have purchased all harrowing content available.]). Edit: After going into the store to check to see if the summoner icons were still available to me they were. I checked my purchase history and it is clearly shown here that I purchased them all: http://i.imgur.com/wRDouDd.png However, scrolling through my icons they are nowhere to be found: http://i.imgur.com/CzvnMu9.png , http://i.imgur.com/u6S69zt.png , & http://i.imgur.com/bu6NFhd.png If necessary I can provide screenshots of purchase history for harrowing content as well as both ultimate skins. Thanks, -Dat
: Rumors about Free ip/rp
We all had this question when we were noobs. The stipends are given out manually iirc so naturally it takes a long time to give out the stipends. They are usually handed out between Sunday and Wednesday and it is possible to get skipped. If you do get skipped you will receive your stipend the next week as usual.
: There are so many voice chat programs out there and u asking one to riot? come on..
The Korean Client has a voice chat. Mostly because their typing takes longer, but still.
: Hello, here is my feedback! 1. Maybe some shortcut that would work same as typing "/r ". And i was thinking about something like Shift + 1 = reply to first person who wrote to you, shift + 2 = reply to second person... etc. Because sometimes there are more people that are typing to You. 2. Enable chat in spectating mode... Sometimes i watch my girlfriend matches, and sometimes i want to tell her that she has a bad build :P. There is 3 min delay, so don't worry, there is even no way to help by typing in some other way. 3. Increase maximum length of messages... Sometimes i copy&paste something, ant it's cut. And i get mad! I think that's all.
There is a way to enable chat in spectate mode. It's the little eye in the bottom left. Click on it and enable chat. You will see messages sent through whispers and messages from [All] chat in game.
: Why not CTRL + Mouse wheel up/down ?
Because not everybody plays with a mouse.


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