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: Yasuo - Wind wall - Wight wraith camp
Can confirm this happens as well.
: PBE Standards Need to be Higher
I'm glad to see that this has generated so much discussion, because it is an issue that needs to be addressed. Regardless of whether it is true right now or not, there is a prevalent perception amongst players on the PBE that what they do there does not matter. They believe they can be as toxic as they want, troll however they want, and get reported constantly, and they will face zero consequences. I just finished a game where one of my team-mates basically played like it was a bots game: wandered around farming, no communication, ignoring objectives to chase kills, etc. At the end screen, the only thing he had to say was "PBE. I. DONT. CARE." This is the clearest example of the problem I've come across. A place that should be treated as a privelege is instead used as an excuse for the very worst player behaviour. I don't use these words lightly, but: **Riot, please.** If there are currently no measures in place to ensure a quality play experience on the PBE, they need to be implemented as soon as possible. If there *are* measures in place, or soon to be in place, they need to have a greater impact. Toxic and exploitive players need to know that they can, and will, be punished for ruining things for everyone else. As I've stated before, the PBE should be a place where a selected group of players come together to test changes in order to help ensure the best experience possible for the community at lagre. Right now, it's not, and that has to change.
: About the latest nerfs to Janna, Lulu, Nami
I feel I must add my voice to the concern over the support nerfing. I'm not a 'numbers guy' and I tend to glaze over when people start reciting ratio equations and such, but I do know that in the intial wave of changes, I finally felt impactful as a support. Now? Not as much, especially with the caster-types (the tanky supports like Leona and Thresh still feel all right). I'm really concerned that, if things go to live in a similar state as they are right now, what several others have mentioned will come to pass and supports will be replaced with mages or bruisers. Rememer Riot, you're trying to make people want to play support champions in support roles... not play a burst-mage who just doesn't cs during the laning phase.
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: Post-game stats don't show up
Yea, this has been an issue for me since the last big patch for the PBE. It hangs out on the 'waiting for stats' screen, but never actually goes into end chat. My biggest concern about this is the inability to report problem behavior after the game. I just played a match where, because the jungler 'stole' a kill during a gank, our Vlad sold everything but boots and fed for the rest of the game. He turned a solid lead into a horrific loss all by himself, for spiteful, petty reasons. It's the very definition of the sort of behavior we're supposed to report, yet I'm powerless to do so until this issue is fixed. What worries me the most (besides that this sort of behaviour exists on the PBE at all) is that if lots of people are having this issue, then poopheads like that Vlad can keep ruining games with zero repercussions. If I could remember his damn Summoner name, I'd post it here, but I can't... IMHO, if someone on the PBE pulls stuff like that, they should be kicked out, end of story. It's bad enough that this happens in the Live server, but being a PBE member is a privilege, and should be treated as such. :/ I hope someone can fix this issue as soon as possible so we can try to screen out people like that Vlad from the PBE.
: (Feedback) The removal of Oracles.
I agree that something has to change to counter sealth champs, and the sweeping lens, while useful, isn't enough. The main problem (besides the high CD) is that it can't actually see stealthed champions until it's fully upgraded. Which mean, for the entire first half of the game, champions like the above have no counter-play for their stealth mechanics. Don't even get my started on how aggravating {{champion:17}} is to fight now with no reliable way to clear shrooms. I think lowering the CD on {{item:3341}} and letting it see stealthed champions from the get-go might be enough to balance out {{champion:107}} , {{champion:121}} , {{champion:7}} , {{champion:29}} , {{champion:84}} who like to sealth mid-fight but I'm not sure it'll be enough to make jungle {{champion:28}} and {{champion:35}} balanced again. Right now, if those two want to gank you, the first you're gonna hear about it is when sharp things are suddenly inserted violently into your kidneys.
: Great write up
*Gasp!* A red-post, and praise at that! ^_^ Thank you Xelnath!
: I think you can get Pebble if you want Shurelya's. It's okay. The HP sustain is pretty good, but I do think it is outclassed by Emblem's tankiness. AP supports also feel a lot better in general. Things that have damage scaling, but slightly less utility are good.
Thank you guys for some intelligent responses! As for the pebble, it may just be that I don't run any champions that it synergizes well with, ie: Taric.
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: Unable to see Endgame Stats affecting Reporting
Just adding my voice to the many that want to see this issue fixed. Highly disappointing to see toxic behavior in the PBE at all (You'd think people would clean up their act a little for the privilege of first play and nearly limitless RP/IP, but no...), even more so when there is no way to respond to it.


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